Neighbors’ noise complaints have Cosmic Charlie’s looking for new home

Cosmic Charlie’s, which opened at 723 National Avenue in late 2016, is leaving after the neighborhoods nearby complained about the noise.
Cosmic Charlie’s, which opened at 723 National Avenue in late 2016, is leaving after the neighborhoods nearby complained about the noise.

Cosmic Charlie’s, which opened on National Avenue in late 2016, is leaving after just over a year in that location.

The bar had been in jeopardy of losing its liquor license after multiple noise complaints over the venue’s live music shows.

Recently the bar posted a message on Facebook explaining the move to fans, saying, “No, we are not closing due to sound complaints from some of our new neighbors. Yes, we are relocating to an area more suited to our business model.”

Chad Walker of Walker Properties, which owns the building, said that the business had attempted to mitigate the noise issues for more than a year “and it just isn’t going to work out.”

After initial complaints, additional insulation was added to dampen down the noise, he said. “We thought the problem was fixed,” he said.

But apparently it wasn’t, and homeowners from the Kenwick and Mentelle neighborhoods nearby signed a petition asking Cosmic Charlie’s to leave.

“I hate to see them go, I really do, but it wasn’t the right fit for the neighborhood,” Walker said.

A letter has been sent to the city and to the state Alcohol Beverage Control board, which licenses bars, notifying them that Cosmic Charlie’s will vacate the building on June 30. The last performance will be June 15.

All the shows currently listed on the bar’s Facebook page will be played, the bar said.

“It’s not as fast as the neighborhood would like, but faster than Cosmic Charlie would like,” Walker said.

He said discussions are under way with potential new tenants, including Mirror Twin Brewing, which has the building next door.

Mirror Twin co-owner Mike Sobolak confirmed Monday that the brewery plans to meet with the Walkers.

“If it pans out, price wise, we’re going to jump and move forward. But nothing’s set in stone,” Sobolak said. The brewery opened in September 2016.

Mark Evans, co-owner of Cosmic Charlie’s, said that the bar is still looking for the right space to relocate. Before National Avenue, Cosmic Charlie’s was in University Plaza on Woodland Avenue from 2009 to 2016.

“We just couldn’t really find a resolution between us and a couple of the neighbors … we didn’t want to keep battling them,” Evans said. “We’ll make it work somewhere else. It’s a chance to start from scratch and try to improve our venue. ... We’re looking for a space that can accommodate the shows we like to throw so that we won’t be disturbing anybody’s life.”

Co-owner John Tresaloni said that the business is looking at couple spots downtown.

“We hope to get something knocked out in the next few weeks and be reopened by late summer,” he said.

While some on Facebook welcomed the news, others expressed sadness at the loss of a neighborhood watering hole.

One commenter asked, “Where is Cairo supposed to get a drink?”

Neighborhood cat Cairo became “Internet famous” last fall after a photo of the orange tabby sitting at the bar went viral.