Childproof your outdoor spaces

If you are concerned about your child's safety outside, there are some steps you can take to calm your worries and perhaps prevent a costly trip to the emergency room.

From, consider these four tips for childproofing the outdoors:

Stay vigilant about lawn and garden equipment. Keep them well maintained. If your child is old enough to help with chores, be sure to provide adequate supervision.

Safeguard porch or deck railings. Make sure that the space between balusters on a porch or deck measure less than 3 inches. Anything wider than that may be an open invitation for an accident of some form. If the spaces are wider than 3 inches, consider installing a mesh or plastic railing guard.

Make sure the terrain under the swing set is soft. Cover up the grass, which can cause all sorts of injuries in a hard landing, and replace it with cushier materials. You can put down a layer of ground cover, like mulch. Extend it 6 feet from the equipment in all directions. This will lower the risk of cuts, scrapes and broken bones.

Marshall Loeb, MarketWatch