Indiana Toyota workers now at Georgetown

By the end of the month, 110 Toyota workers from the company's Princeton, Ind., plant will be on the assembly line in Georgetown.

The workers are coming because their plant is losing the Tundra pickup as part of a consolidation of that model in Texas, and new production of the Highlander SUV won't start until next year. The plant also produces the Sienna van and Sequoia SUV, which has ceased production until at least November because of high inventory.

Toyota has pledged to keep all the workers on the payroll and is sending some to Georgetown and potentially others to a Subaru plant in Indiana that makes Camrys (Toyota owns a stake in Subaru's parent company). Others are undergoing training.

Several hundred volunteered to come to Georgetown, said Toyota spokesman Mike Goss. Thirty-nine started Monday.

Goss said no temporary or full-time workers at Toyota would be affected.

"These folks will be backfilling where we've had attrition," he said. "We don't have any plans to release anybody."

The group will be housed in four apartment complexes in Lexington and an apartment community in Georgetown, said spokesman Rick Hesterberg.