Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt.

More detailed information about Kentucky's Eastern Division bankruptcies can be obtained for a fee by visiting, clicking on the electronic case file icon and following the instructions for setting up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Ashland Division

William Randall Crisp, Flatwoods. 08-10451.

Stephen Keith Wells and Shari Lynn Wells, 6339 State Route 5. 08-10452.

Alex C. Smith, 1501 Cypress Street. 08-10453.

Wilma Lois Bailey, Grayson. 08-10455.

Justin Todd Prater, Russell. 08-10456.

William H. Thomas, Flatwoods. 08-10457.

John Charles Ramey, Greenup. 08-10458.

Jacqueline O. Claxon, Raceland. 08-10459.

Benita L. Little, Morehead. 08-10461.

Danny E. Pyles Jr. and Melinda K. Pyles fka Melinda K. Mathis fka Melinda K. Williams, Morehead. 08-10462.

Kendall Ray Jessie and Melissa Lea Jessie, Grayson. 08-10463.

Pamela Lynn Gamble, Flatwoods. 08-10464.

John R. Mullins and Ashley L. Mullins, 2412 Shopes Creek Road. 08-10465.

Kelli L. Dodson, Catlettsburg. 08-10466.

Teddy Richard Brown, Greenup. 08-10468.

James P. Rice and Patricia M. Rice, 205 Providence Hill Drive, No. 52. 08-10469.

Robert Gonzales fdba The Bayou LLC and Robin Leigh Blankenship aka Robin Leigh Gonzales, Morehead. 08-10470.

Frankfort Division

James Lewellyn and Christel Lewellyn, Ghent. 08-30581.

Diane S. Lane, Waddy. 08-30582.

Enoch Smith Sr. and Lisa Ann Smith, Lawrenceburg. 08-50583.

Bobby Miller and Mildred H. Miller, 212 Lyons Drive. 08-30584.

Earl W. Gresham, 1335 Dry Ridge Road. 08-30585.

Wanda J. Wagers, Owenton. 08-30586.

John Stratton, Lawrenceburg. 08-30587.

James Ferguson and Thelma Ferguson, Lawrenceburg. 08-30588.

Joseph W. Bartley Jr. and Willetta Bartley, 118 Butler Street. 08-30591.

Joseph Eric Teasley aka Teasley Properties LLC fka Torian Properties LLC dba Forever Flowers and Jennifer Leigh Teasley aka Jennifer Fint, 309 Forest Ridge Drive. 08-30592.

Melvin E. Lundbloom, 108 Alexander Street. 08-30593.

Jennifer Lynn Hockensmith, 505 Logan Street, No. 1. 08-30594.

Robert M. Blackburn and Tina W. Blackburn, Campbellsburg. 08-30596.

Danny Joe Dempsey, Pleasureville. 08-30597.

Nancy L. McKane, Eminence. 08-30598.

William Thomas and Catherine Rose Thomas, Shelbyville. 08-30599.

Lexington Division

Linda S. Lawrence, 3351 Cove Lake Way, No. 90. 08-52161.

Paul A. Mendel fdba Mendels Hot Rods and Norma L. Prince Mendel aka Lucy Mendel, Georgetown. 08-52164.

Dave B. Pitts fdba Pitts Auto Transport Inc. and Amber B. Pitts, Paris. 08-52165.

Roger Douglas Stamper and Kimberly Sue Stamper aka Kimberly Sue Tennant, Beattyville. 08-52166.

Frederick Washington and Tanya D. Washington, 231 East Sixth Street. 08-52167.

William Dullen and Jamie Dullen aka Jamie Wallace, Wilmore. 08-52169.

Letisha M. Dordier, Stanford. 08-52171.

Emma J. Center, Paris. 08-52172.

Michael D. Strickland and Michelle A. Strickland fka Shelly Mitchell fka Michelle Mitchell, Georgetown. 08-52173.

Torance A. Mulder and Luedna A. Mulder, Georgetown. 08-52174.

Paul Anthony Huffman, Harrodsburg. 08-52175.

Walter V. McFarland, Versailles. 08-52177.

Matthew Stewart Kidwell and Anne Marie Kidwell fka Anne Marie Roberts, Mount Sterling. 08-52178.

Shaun David Day and Kristy LeAnne Day aka Kristy LeAnne Witt, Richmond. 08-52180.

Gary R. Blevins Jr. and Dora K. Blevins fka Dora Kay Casey fka Dora Kay Lemaster, Mount Sterling. 08-52181.

Christine Fisher, 1013 Fiddler Creek Way. 08-52182.

Claude Blackburn and Amy Blackburn, Nicholasville. 08-52183.

Christopher James Pendygraft, Parksville. 08-52184.

David Anthony Marcus and Shawn Lawon Marcus, Richmond. 08-52185.

BBDM Inc. dba The Good Feet Store, Richmond. 08-52186.

Julia Smith, Versailles. 08-52187.

Ethan W. Lemons and Stacy Lemons aka Stacy Brogli, Cynthiana. 08-52188.

Naomi L. Halcomb, Campton. 08-52190.

Shelli Renee Knipp aka Shelli Baldridge and Jeffrey V. Emmons, Salt Lick. 08-52191.

William R. Moore, Beattyville. 08-52192.

Susan A. Zdanowicz, Nicholasville. 08-52194.

Rachel E. May, 440 Squires Road, No. 51. 08-52195.

Jerry A. Hall, Winchester. 08-52196.

Carolyn Sue Hurst fka Carolyn Sue Trent fka Carolyn Sue Sparks, Winchester. 08-52197.

Craig L. Gilliam, Mount Sterling. 08-52200.

Daniel Allen Krause, 1365 Grafton Drive. 08-52201.

Daily Sandlin and Daisy May Sandlin, Richmond. 08-52202.

James Wayne Coffman and Shelly Sue Coffman, 6443 Jacks Creek Road. 08-52204.

Effie Kathryn Wiglesworth and Leslie Wiglesworth, Berry. 08-52206.

Peggy J. Blankenship, 460 Lakeshore Drive, Unit A. 08-52207.

Robin C. Hisle fka Robin Stone, 3640 Bold Bidder Drive. 08-52208.

Dwight A. Trent and Daphane R. Trent fka Daphane R. Cress, Clay City. 08-52209.

Timothy D. Williams and Rebecca L. Williams, Mount Sterling. 08-52210.

Larry W. Stephens and Elizabeth H. Stephens, Mount Sterling. 08-52211.

Thomas G. Lowe and Jimmie L. Lowe aka Jimmie Boone, Winchester. 08-52212.

Christopher W. Amburgey, 1573 Alexandria Drive, No. 2. 08-52214.

Mary J. Wyatt, Nicholasville. 08-52215.

Jennifer Sharleen Miller, Salvisa. 08-52217.

Matthew Thomas Nosko fdba Trifecta Lawns and Katherine Marie Nosko fka Katherine Marie Krueger, Anoka, Minn. 08-52218.

Edward Roland and Mary Rowland, Hustonville. 08-52219.

Douglas Eugene Power and Carrie Nicole Power aka Niki Power, Cynthiana. 08-52220.

William T. Simpson and Patsy A. Simpson, Harrodsburg. 08-52221.

Michael P. McFarland, Nicholasville. 08-52222.

Anthony Stephen Barnett and Yvonne Lezlie Barnett, Irvine. 08-52223.

Dennis W. McCarty aka Wayne McCarty and Peggy J. McCarty, Sharpsburg. 08-52224.

Arthur David Hollans dba Double D. Home Improvement and Design LLC dba D&M Enterprises LLC aka David A. Hollans, Nicholasville. 08-52225.

Jean M. May, Berea. 08-52226.

June M. Thompson, 503 Wanstead Way. 08-52227.

Teresa R. Price, 576 Elk Lake Drive. 08-52228.

Howard Smith and Christine Smith, Nicholasville. 08-52229.

Charles E. Shinnick and Delores E. Shinnick, 421 Redding Road, No. 93. 08-52230.

Raymond Glen Hager, 541 Southridge. 08-52236.

Connie Sue Corbin, 154 York Street. 08-52237.

Carlos Harris, Winchester. 08-52238.

Kimberly R. Martin, Winchester. 08-52239.

Larry R. Sumpter and Regina D. Sumpter, 3793 Sundart Drive. 08-52241.

Billy C. Massie and Barbara G. Massie dba B&B Window Cleaning, 3904 Kitiwake Court. 08-52242.

Joseph Mark Williams Jr. and Katherine Renee Williams, Lancaster. 08-52243.

Brian K. Cruse and Trudy E. Cruse fka Trudy Poor, Nicholasville. 08-52244.

Christopher B. Campbell Jr., Nicholasville. 08-52245.

Don V. Gayhart and Debra K. Gayhart, Winchester. 08-52246.

Lesa Bell Grimes, 154 York Street. 08-52247.

Connie Ryse Bruner and David Bruner dba Bruner Lawn Care, Nicholasville. 08-52248.

Angel T. Miron aka Angel T. Blanton, 720 Pioneer Lane. 08-52249.

Jonathan L. Hughes aka Jon Hughes dba Raven Home Improvement dba Rental Properties and Amy M. Hughes, Mount Sterling. 08-52250.

Billy G. Puckett and Judith A. Puckett, Stanton. 08-52253.

Marvin W. Short Jr., Sharpsburg. 08-52254.

Linda Faye Smith, Frenchburg. 08-52256.

Richard Logan Carter, Junction City. 08-52257.

Scott Jeffries and Amanda Jeffries, Hustonville. 08-52258.

John William Russell, Danville. 08-52259.

Amanda L. Rose, 2568 Knightsbridge Lane. 08-52260.

Darrell W. Flora aka Buggs Flora, 2464 Wanda Court. 08-52261.

Bradford Bentz, Georgetown. 08-52264.

Barbara Jean Neal, Winchester. 08-52265.

David A. Graham, 4512 Pentalla Point. 08-52266.

Mary Strong aka Mary Brookshire, Nicholasville. 08-52267.

London Division

Joseph H. Alcorn and Tracy L. Alcorn aka Tracy L. Troxell, Monticello. 08-61081.

Charles Larry Isaacs and Darlene Isaacs, McKee. 08-61084.

Elizabeth Ameila Taylor and Garrett Wayne Taylor, Fourmile. 08-61086.

Terry William Martin, Monticello. 08-61087.

Martha Renee Wooton, Lily. 08-61088.

Bryan H. Burns and Michelle Ray Burns, Corbin. 08-61090.

Angela Faye Stogsdill, Somerset. 08-61091.

LeDana Brooke Owens, 51 Amanda Drive. 08-61095.

Edna Ethel Fox, Corbin. 08-61096.

James Carson Atwood dba A&A Motors dba A&A Motors and Becky Lynn Atwood, Somerset. 08-61098.

James Gabriel McNiel Sr. and Tammy Elizabeth McNeil, Nancy. 08-61100.

Krystal Lanee Rose, Corbin. 08-61101.

Ruby W. Hill, Corbin. 08-61102.

Janet E. Hansel, Somerset. 08-61103.

Michael Allen Beavers and Mary Alice Beavers, Burnside. 08-61105.

William Joseph Ferro and Annette Ferro, Barbourville. 08-61106.

Craig James Stevenson and Sharon Lynn Stevenson, Somerset. 08-61107.

Donald R. Mullis and Rosetta F. Mullis, Corbin. 08-61109.

Dwight Joshua Couch, Orlando. 08-61110.

Dakota Michelle Burns fka Dakota Michelle Meece, Somerset. 08-61112.

Pearlie Juanita Minor, Middlesboro. 08-61114.

Claude Monroe Shepherd and Rosanna Carol Shepherd, Corbin. 08-61115.

Henry Burchell Stewart, Manchester. 08-61116.

Richard William Reid, Barbourville. 08-61117.

Randy Lee Van Winkle and Sandra Kay Van Winkle, Orlando. 08-61118.

Kimberly Sue Tucker and Ronald Dean Tucker, Monticello. 08-61121.

Darlene Nancy Smiddy, Pine Knot. 08-61122.

Phillip L. Workman and Connie L. Workman, Somerset. 08-61123.

Linda Karen Proctor fka Linda Lewis, Mount Vernon. 08-61125.

Nancy C. Williams fdba NCW Tax Service, 227 Sim Smith Road. 08-61126.

William R. Foster fdba Midway Wholesale Trophy Parts aka Bob Foster dba Midway Advertising and Mathal Foster, Somerset. 08-61127.

Stephen T. Hayes and Juanita L. Hayes, Brodhead. 08-61129.

Ruthann C. Reffner, Somerset. 08-61131.

Carolyn Sue Cole, Barbourville. 08-61132.

Trinity Brent Jones, Calvin. 08-61133.

Billy Wayne Rigney Jr., Strunk. 08-61136.

Joyce Lynnette Branscum, Science Hill. 08-61137.

Kelli Lashaune Hensley, Baxter. 08-61138.

Kimberly Renee Moore, Pineville. 08-61139.

Vanda Michele Lewis, 155 Ravenwood Circle. 08-61140.

Raymond L. Bullis Sr. and Barbara Ann Bullis, Williamsburg. 08-61141.

Debra Sue Hill fka Debra Sue Bruce aka Debbie Sue Hill, Barbourville. 08-61143.

Lonnie Ray Colwell and Mary Magdalene Colwell, 400 John R. Jones Road. 08-61144.

Herman D. Adkins, Hazard. 08-61145.

Elizabeth Alice May, Manchester. 08-61146.

Edward Nolan Craig and Ashton Craig, 50 Plane View Drive. 08-61147.

Roger D. Johns and Crystal A. Johns, Williamsburg. 08-61148.

Danny Allen Pryor dba Video Line Up and Rose Marie Pryor dba Video Line Up, Tyner. 08-61149.

Raleigh James Jones fdba Jones Trucking and Christa Lynn Jones, Rockholds. 08-61150.

Scott Ray Fulton and Shawnda Kaye Fulton, Monticello. 08-61151.

Dawn Michelle Sizemore, Williamsburg. 08-61152.

Vickie Lynn Bryant, Corbin. 08-61153.

Efrain Ramirez, Monticello. 08-61154.

Shane Campbell and Sally M. Campbell aka Sally Hoskins, Brodhead. 08-61155.

Pikeville Division

Jasper Stacy and Nona Mae Stacy, Inez. 08-70515.

Marc E. Gibson and Carolyn Marie Gibson aka Carolyn Marie Lowe, P.O. Box 2475. 08-70517.

LaDonna Ann Gayheart, Prestonsburg. 08-70518.

William Ray Hedrick Jr. and Deborah Mae Hedrick, Prestonsburg. 08-70519.

Rebecca A. Goff, Prestonsburg. 08-70520.

Jerry M. Eversole, Isom. 08-70521.

Gary Steven Bevins, Sidney. 08-70522.

Shirley Hunsaker, Burdine. 08-70523.

Charlene Meredith, Vicco. 08-70524.

Dwight D. Griffie, Whitesburg. 08-70526.

Doris L. Ripley, Inez. 08-70527.

James Preston Dunbar and Nannie Auderenia Dunbar aka Derenia Bentley aka Nannie Boggs, Millstone. 08-70528.

Timmy R. Scott and Mary J. Scott, McCarr. 08-70531.

Carolyn L. McLaughlin, 550 Weddington Branch Road, No. 89. 08-70532.

Randall Hylton and Dorothy A. Hylton, P.O. Box 2211. 08-70533.

Edgel D. Tackett, P.O. Box 3782. 08-70534.

Sharon Gai Martin, Dema. 08-70535.

Larry Dean Music, Grethel. 08-70536.

Karen Thornbury, 114 East Keyser Heights. 08-70537.

Michelle Hall, Leburn. 08-70538.

Chapter 13

Ashland Division

Michael Warren Hamilton, 4932 Shannon Drive. 08-10432.

Paul B. Grierson and Marsha G. Grierson, Tollesboro. 08-10443.

Frankfort Division

Lori Sutherland, Lawrenceburg. 08-30551.

Lisa M. Ballinger, 216 Birchwood Avenue. 08-30553.

Gary W. Gray and Anna M. Gray, 168 Sunset Drive. 08-30554.

Talma Y. Boring aka Tami Boring fka Talma Dowler, Lawrenceburg. 08-30556.

Philip B. Marshall and Sandra L. Marshall, Sanders. 08-30560.

Terry Hinton aka Terry Good, Campbellsburg. 08-30561.

Roger W. Bowen, 236 River Valley Road. 08-30566.

Barry L. Tingle and Tammy R. Tingle, 200 Schenkle Lane, No. 59. 08-30573.

Thomas G. Yancy and LeAnne Yancy, New Castle. 08-30574.

Lexington Division

Mark Barber and Shannon Barber, Winchester. 08-52063.

Laura M. Coker, Carlisle. 08-52064.

Christopher Bradford and Jessica Bradford aka Jessica Cartee, 3847 Belleau Wood Drive, No. 1. 08-52068.

Juanita A. Napier, Berea. 08-52069.

James Lowell Mays, Berea. 08-52070.

Bonita F. Mogan and Bonita Hollon and Charles G. Mogan aka Gerald C. Mogan, 3404 Promenade Drive. 08-52072.

Bruce Lee, Harrodsburg. 08-52081.

Amanda Evans, 440 Squires Road, No. 10. 08-52082.

Jeffery S. Fain and Glenda F. Fain, Sadieville. 08-52086.

Harold R. Williams and Brenda J. Williams, Jeffersonville. 08-52087.

Robert L. Mansfield and Cathy Marie Mansfield, Berea. 08-52093.

Henry Walker, Georgetown. 08-52094.

Jerry W. Turner Jr. and Trina J. Turner, Versailles. 08-52098.

William K. Ivey and Pamela Y. Ivey aka Pamela Y. Williams, Georgetown. 08-52100.

James H. Marcum and Marta F. Marcum, Versailles. 08-52103.

Willa F. Gibbs and Coleman Lee Gibbs, Berea. 08-52104.

Saundra Kaye Richardson and Floyd W. Richardson, Richmond. 08-52119.

Patricia Prado-Ruiz, 2169 Sovereign Lane. 08-52120.

Bruce Brown Jr. and Sherry G. Brown, Hustonville. 08-52124.

William E. Nickerson Jr., Cynthiana. 08-52131.

Patrick A. Logan and Elizabeth M. Stewart, 3404 Gatewood Court. 08-52134.

Robert N. Watson Jr. and Susan A. Watson, Stanton. 08-52138.

John D. Perri and Robyn Perri, 4521 Palermo Lane. 08-52141.

Johnnie Hyatt and Paula Hyatt, Paris. 08-52145.

Donnie Case and Nina Case, Harrodsburg. 08-52146.

Tina B. Hunt, Wallingford. 08-52149.

Kristine Myers, 781 Nickwood Trail. 08-52153.

Josephine E. Boucher, Berea. 08-52155.

Jason M. Rowe, 2812 Kasey Court. 08-52156.

Kimberly Dawn Ritchie aka Kimberly Abner aka Kimberly Spangler, Richmond. 08-52159.

London Division

Lynn Farmer and Lorene Farmer, Harlan. 08-61036.

Steven France Collett and Tina Lynn Collett, Essie. 08-61042.

Kenneth R. Hall and Darlene Hall, Hazard. 08-61047.

Kellie Francis, Booneville. 08-61058.

Pikeville Division

Eddie D. Sexton, Isom. 08-70491.

Ashland P. Stephens and Jewelene Stephens, Hager Hill. 08-70492.

John Paul Dove and Bonita Jean Dove, East Point. 08-70496.

Janet Combs aka Janet Adkins, Blackey. 08-70499.

Randy Bailey and Sherry Lynn Bailey, Martin. 08-70511.

Chad Edward Johnson and Vivian Louise Johnson, Virgie. 08-70512.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo