Ky. rates low in poverty study

The Working Poor Families Project, a group that advocates policies to benefit low-income working families, released a national study Tuesday that examines the economic health of such groups in all states.

In Kentucky, the group worked in partnership with the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development.

The report is available on MACED's Web site,

The report analyzed the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey 2006 and other bureau-produced reports. The report ranked all 50 states, with 1 the best.

Below are Kentucky's rankings for some categories:

32nd: Percentage of working families that are low-income — 30 percent in Kentucky. A low-income working family is defined as a family earning less than 200 percent of the poverty income threshold in 2006, which was $41,228 for a family of four.

30th: Percentage of children in low-income working families — 34 percent.

18th: Income inequality of working families, defined as the ratio of income in the top fifth compared with bottom fifth — 7.9.

28th: Percentage of minority working families that are low-income — 47 percent.

43rd: Percentage of non-minority working families that are low-income — 28 percent.

7th: Percentage of low-income working families with housing costs accounting for more than one-third of their income — 44 percent.