Mexico rejects U.S. meat

NEW YORK — Mexico suspended meat imports from 30 processing plants in Kentucky and 13 other states, including some of the nation's largest, on Wednesday and Friday, according to a list posted on the U.S. Department of Agriculture Web site. The action pushed down beef and pork futures in trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Friday.

USDA spokeswoman Amanda Eamich said in an e-mail that Mexico had discussions over the course of the last five business days with the agency regarding concerns about the general condition of meat products, sanitation issues and "possible pathogen findings."

"Occasional differences in shipments in trade relationships do occur and allow for the option of notifying specific plants of suspension of those shipments," she said.

Published reports, however, raised the possibility that the move could reflect Mexico's objection to a recently enacted law that requires meat products to bear country-of-origin labels.