Newspaper scales back to 3 days a week

Beginning Saturday, the Georgetown News-Graphic will publish only three days a week instead of five and also cease home delivery, as the paper reacts to a harsh economy.

The paper will be published Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday rather than Tuesday through Friday and Sunday as it had been, said Publisher Mike Scogin.

The News-Graphic had expanded from publishing three days a week to five in August 2006.

The decision to mail copies to subscribers allowed the paper, with a circulation of about 5,500, to eliminate much of its eight-person delivery team of independent contractors. A couple will remain to deliver copies to racks and stores.

Scogin said the paper has seen cutbacks in advertising and was recently hit hard by Kroger's decision to concentrate its advertising in the Lexington and Louisville newspapers.

"Kroger was a full-page ad that ran every week," he said. "We've had a lot of real estate consolidations, ... and auto dealers are not able to do as much as they had before.

"It's the same thing that the Herald-Leader and everybody else is going through."

The Herald-Leader's corporate owner, The McClatchy Co., announced Thursday that it plans to cut expenses by 7 percent in a restructuring that will include an undetermined number of layoffs at the Herald-Leader. That follows two rounds of layoffs and buyouts last year at the Herald-Leader.

In Georgetown, the News-Graphic has cut its circulation manager, two clerical positions and a reporter, Scogin said.

"It's one of those things where I didn't want to wait until it got to a crisis situation," he said. "I wanted to go ahead and act."

Subscribers in Georgetown will have their subscriptions extended until they have received the full number of issues for which they paid, Scogin said.