Business Transitions

Kentucky now has its own chapter of the Legal Marketing Association, a professional organization for those in the legal marketing field. The Kentucky chapter has 24 members and is one of 18 local chapters located across North America. The LMA was founded in 1985 and has more than 3,100 members from 43 states and 11 countries. Eighty percent of the 250 largest U.S. law firms employ an LMA member.

Whayne Supply Co., a Louisville-based Caterpillar dealer, has merged with Boyd Co., a limited liability company wholly owned by Monty Boyd, a 24-year employee of Whayne Supply. He currently serves as president of the company as well as chairman of the board. Whayne will continue as a Caterpillar dealer for Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Boyd intends to operate the company under the Whayne name with the same employees, products and facilities.