GPS to help compile addresses for census

Wednesday marks one year until the U.S. Census begins, and preparatory work will start in just days.

Beginning Sunday, more than 2,000 census workers will begin walking Kentucky streets to develop a correct and complete address list, census organizers said. That will continue through the middle of summer.

More than 140,000 such people will canvass the 50 states.

The workers will use handheld computers to capture GPS information as they visit homes.

They can be identified by an official Census Bureau badge, according to federal officials. Officials warn that census workers will never ask for bank or Social Security information. They also take an oath of confidentiality, and they face a fine and prison time for violating that oath.

The Census Bureau has opened two local offices: in Lexington at (859) 422-7210, and in Louisville at (502) 580-0010. Later this year, five more local offices will open.