Songs for a bad economy: An Epilogue

Last week's "Soundtrack for a bad economy" story in Business Monday prompted some musicians with local ties to trumpet their own melodious odes to recessions and just plain hard times.

Brian McKeown, vice president of investments at Russell Capital Management on East High Street, has been writing songs since 1988 and penned one around that time about the legendary insider trading scandal involving Michael Milken and Ivan Boesky.

"For all of my successes, I'm emotionally bankrupt. For all of my excesses, I'm morally corrupt," the chorus goes. "The critics say they're unimpressed with the Rolex and the yacht. But I believe that greed is good and keep score by what I've got."

McKeown said last week that it's "peculiar how history has a way of repeating itself."

"A small tweak would make it perfect for the Madoff fiasco," he said, noting tongue-in-cheek that the song isn't autobiographical.

Also, Lexington company Launching Lyrics, or LLi for short, represents Florida musician Billy Pierson, who recorded the Max Berry-written "Eternally Broke" last year.

Lyrics in the chorus include: "I can make it through tomorrow, but I'm gonna have to borrow another dollar or two. It ain't no joke when you're eternally broke, and everybody's comin' down on you."

Said LLi's James T. Harris: "To us at LLi, it was the perfect song for these hard times that most of us are going through, but keeps a sense of humor to the situation."

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