Remote clicks may soon mean e-mails on WKYT

WKYT's parent company, Gray Television, recently struck a deal with a technology provider that will one day see viewers clicking their remotes to receive e-mails on certain topics.

The deal with Backchannelmedia will allow Gray's stations to use what's called Clickable TV. Icons on the bottoms of their TV screens will indicate a "clickable moment," in which users can click a button on their remotes and bookmark that content online or via e-mail.

Users can schedule automatic e-mail updates of TV bookmarks to any e-mail account or e-mail enabled mobile phone.

The technology allows stations to sell advertising on a "per click" basis rather than just as standard commercials.

The technology has been rolled out in a couple of Gray's markets, said Mike Kanarek, vice president of operations at WKYT. It's not known when it will be available in Lexington.