Grassbuster is answer to caked-on grass

A few years ago, Dan Atkinson took a break from mowing his 3-acre Lexington property to clean the mower blade, and he couldn't help but notice the caked-on grass and how difficult it was to remove.

That led to the creation of the Grassbuster mower-cleaning tool. It has a flexible, curved blade and sells for about $11.95.

Atkinson, owner of F.R.O.G. Concepts, the Lexington company that distributes the Grassbuster, said many of his customers say that the tool is "too nice to use."

"It's a high-end product," he said. "It's a professional-grade tool designed for home owners."

Atkinson said similar products that sell for $3 or $4 would most likely have to be thrown away within a year.

The Grassbuster, he said, will pay for itself in the long run.

And because a clean mower will perform better, he said, it's better for the environment.