Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Lexington Division

Robert H. Payton and Vicki L. Payton, Versailles. 09-52321.

Garney Estill Donithan and Robin Jean Donithan, Owingsville. 09-52322.

Jim Tussey, 380 South Upper Street, No. 103. 09-52323.

Steven Keith Smith and Shannon Marie Smith, 3196 Dale Hollow Drive. 09-52324.

Katrina Ruth Tyree, 255 Larch Lane. 09-52325.

Ada Lee Stacy, Ewing. 09-52326.

Brian Douglas Brannock and Amanda Marie Brannock, Danville. 09-52328.

Bunie C. Bruner, Nicholasville. 09-52329.

David W. Tarvin, Nicholasville. 09-52330.

Cora Lucille Mullins, Jackson. 09-52331.

Juanita E. Jenkins, Nicholasville. 09-52332.

Dedra M. Divens, 3532 Creek—wood Drive, No. 20. 09-52334.

Clifford S. Leonard and Amy M. Leonard, Wilmore. 09-52336.

Terry D. Holloway and Trudy L. Holloway, 445 Lucille Drive. 09-52337.

Kristney Tennille Johnson, 251 Chippendale Circle. 09-52338.

Douglas Ferguson, 2049 Belmont Drive. 09-52339.

Christopher P. Lawrence, 1796 Farmview Drive. 09-52340.

Susan G. Marsh, 3391 Moundview Court. 09-52341.

Shirley Brandenburg, Clay City. 09-52342.

Jamie C. Wheeler, 3753 Stolen Horse Trace. 09-52343.

London Division

Gary Allen Lee Jr., Pathfork. 09-61035.

Cheryl Lynn Sizemore, Hyden. 09-61036.

Emma Jeanette Murphy, Harlan. 09-61037.

Michael L. Vaught, Eubank. 09-61039.

Johnny L. Melton and Rhonda Melton, Hazard. 09-61040.

Elbert Smith, Barbourville. 09-61041.

Billy R. Wilson, 475 Upper Indian Camp Road. 09-61043.

Jerry Hammons and Kathy Lynn Hammons, Heidrick. 09-61044.

Gary R. Smith, Somerset. 09-61045.

Bryan Lee McDonald, Corbin. 09-61046.

Wendy Ann Millard, 112 Brewer Road. 09-61047.

Marie S. Allen, Manchester. 09-61048.

Jennifer Marie Cobb, Corbin. 09-61049.

Toni Lynn Adkins, Somerset. 09-61050.

Scott Allen McClain, Somerset. 09-61053.

Nick Lawson and Karen Lawson, Hazard. 09-61054.

Debra L. Wilcheck, Corbin. 09-61055.

Michael Anthony Bennett, Williamsburg. 09-61057.

Sonny Lee Henson, Manchester. 09-61058.

Dustin Brian Jones, Ary. 09-61060.

Brian Keith Price and Amanda Louise Price, Cannon. 09-61061.

Carl Gross and Zana F. Gross, Livingston. 09-61062.

Sara Dale Brown, Somerset. 09-61063.

Bryn W. Ramey and Jolena Ramey, Lily. 09-61066.

Ashely Lynn Asher and Delbert Wayne Asher, East Bernstadt. 09-61068.

Eric M. Stokes and LaDonna B. Stokes, 2342 Fariston Road. 09-61069.

Robert J. Braidwood and Susan J. Braidwood, Corbin. 09-61070.

Scotty Abbott and Carolyn Abbott, Somerset. 09-61072.

Melinda Higgins, Mount Vernon. 09-61073.

Lucas C. Larusch, Somerset. 09-61077.

Christine Marie Stephens, Bronston. 09-61078.

George A. Gregory and Ruthy M. Gregory, Stearns. 09-61079.

Jeffery A. Watson and Regina L. Watson, Monticello. 09-61080.

Wayne M. Watters and Jackie L. Watters, Stearns. 09-61081.

Arlie Hill III and Sharen Hill, Stearns. 09-61083.

Roger Leon Pittman and Judith Christy Pittman, Nancy. 09-61084.

Timothy R. Moore, Corbin. 09-61085.

Brandon Ray Flannelly, Corbin. 09-61086.

Charles Eddie Miller and Debra Ann Miller, Miracle. 09-61088.

James Gabriel Brown and Belinda Gail Brown, Corbin. 09-61090.

Roy Henry Prewitt Jr. and Lynda Gayle Prewitt, Corbin. 09-61091.

Jessica Alaina Howard, Corbin. 09-61092.

Karen Y. Broughton, Barbourville. 09-61093.

Laura J. Mills, Barbourville. 09-61094.

Sandra Baker, Middlesboro. 09-61095.

Robert Reynolds and Frances Carol Reynolds, Cannon. 09-61096.

Patricia L. Price, P.O. Box 344. 09-61097.

Doyle Standafer and Doris Jean Standafer, Viper. 09-61098.

Swany D. Cornette and Janet Marlene Cornette, Orlando. 09-61099.

Barbara Jean Stathis, Hazard. 09-61103.

Bradley Wayne Jones and Megan Janet Jones, 292 Lem Bruner Road. 09-61106.

Coty M. Jones, Rockholds. 09-61107.

James E. Landram, Livingston. 09-61108.

Michael D. Seeley, Mount Vernon. 09-61109.

Roy Craig Coleman and Sheila S. Coleman, Science Hill. 09-61110.

Jennifer Michelle Leger, Corbin. 09-61111.

Jamie C. Hubbard, Lily. 09-61112.

Ezra E. Newby Jr. and Christine Newby, 933 Haley Ridge Road. 09-61114.

Jason Bradley Combs, Hazard. 09-61116.

Andrew B. Carrera, Mount Vernon. 09-61118.

C.D. Broom, P.O. Box 1975. 09-61119.

Melvin Coots and Christa R. Coots, Williamsburg. 09-61120.

Nadine Ball, Corbin. 09-61121.

Rufus Baker and Joyce M. Baker, Keavy. 09-61122.

Pikeville Division

Timmy Gene Boyd and Maria Kathleen Boyd, 3005 Island Creek Road. 09-70510.

Larry Junior Thacker and Chelsea Michele Thacker, 14065 Brushy Road. 09-70511.

Douglas Rhett Harden, Shelbiana. 09-70513.

James Clayton Marcum and Geneva Marcum, Inez. 09-70514.

Alvin Thomas Lewis, 1563 Upper Chloe Road. 09-70515.

Logan Patrick Reynolds and Alison Louise Reynolds, Shelbiana. 09-70516.

Roger Darrell Bevins, Sidney. 09-70519.

Roger G. Newsom and Wanda K. Newsom, Jenkins. 09-70521.

Randy L. Gibson, Pine Top. 09-70522.

Robert J. Herndon, 1 Dean Street. 09-70526.

Robert Leon Barker II, Paintsville. 09-70528.

William Joseph Justice and Mary Justice, 112 Keel Street. 09-70529.

Carl Junior Collins, Allen. 09-70530.

Deborah Sue Waddles, Martin. 09-70532.

Nellie H. Copley, Hagerhill. 09-70535.

Amy J. Charles, Raccoon. 09-70536.

William Douglas Castle, Printer. 09-70537.

Henry Lee Burgess and Tammy Lynn Burgess, 2084 Hurricane Road. 09-70538.

Caleb C. Hampton and Jennifer L. Hampton, 3145 Collins Highway. 09-70539.

Jamie Edward Rose, Cromona. 09-70540.

Helen Renee Landry, Martin. 09-70542.

Michael W. Roberts and Candi Dawn Roberts, Robinson Creek. 09-70543.

James L. Wright, 167 Second Street. 09-70545.

Starkey Adkins, Elkhorn City. 09-70546.

Carl D. Crider and Donna S. Crider, Staffordsville. 09-70547.

James Edward Stallard III and Patricia N. Stallard, Ermine. 09-70549.

James B. Yates and Jacqualine T. Yates, Shelbiana. 09-70550.

Carolyn H. Bowling, Ransom. 09-70552.

Waylon T. Mollett and Jennifer L. Mollett, Raccoon. 09-70553.

Jimmy R. Dye and Sharon Diane Dye, 235 Greasy Creek Road. 09-70555.

Darlena K. Sanders, 168 North Gate Drive, No. 35. 09-70556.

Mayers Caldwell, Salyersville. 09-70557.

Gary D. Johnson and Corrine Johnson, Mallie. 09-70558.

Jack Bryan Hamilton, Harold. 09-70559.

Kevin Lee Houston and Veronica L. Houston, Jeremiah. 09-70560.

Retta K. McKenzie, Flat Gap. 09-70561.

Chapter 11

Ashland Division

Appalachian Coal Holdings Inc., Lexington. 09-10405.

Southern Eagle Energy LLC, Lexington. 09-10406.

Sim Fryson Motor Co. Inc., 2565 Winchester Avenue. 09-10415.

Lexington Division

JH2 Investments LLC, 1553 Alexandria Drive, No. 2B. 09-52138.

London Division

Lake Cumberland Marine LLC, Somerset. 09-61089.

James M. Davidson, Krypton. 09-61117.

Chapter 13

Ashland Division

Tracy Eugene Stapleton, Flatwoods. 09-10410.

James Offutt Lawson, Ezel. 09-10417.

Christopher W. Darling and Kimberly G. Darling, Vanceburg. 09-10422.

Tony A. Moore and Lana K. Moore, Quincy. 09-10423.

David E. Craft and Sharon K. Craft, Flatwoods. 09-10428.

Richard Allen Flowers and Kristie Leigh Flowers, 4905 Robinhood Drive. 09-10431.

Frankfort Division

Clay V. Troxell Jr. and Koryn M. Troxell, 5134 Georgetown Road, No. 2. 09-30528.

Martha Heady, 136 Oaklawn Drive. 09-30530.

Charles Wright Jr., 200 Schenkel Lane, No. 98. 09-30532.

William F. Loman and Elizabeth D. Loman, 738 Blackburn Avenue. 09-30535.

Matthew L. Simpson and Rachel L. Simpson, Lawrenceburg. 09-30548.

Donna R. Reed, 721 Isaac Shelby Circle. 09-30554.

Mark Edward Paul and Tammie Lynn Paul, 531 Hopi Trail. 09-30555.

Richard K. Lewellen and Rhonda J. Lewellen, La Grange. 09-30563.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo