Business Notes: Hilton affiliate opens to guests


Hilton affiliate opens to guests

The Lexington Downtown Hotel & Conference Center, a Hilton Affiliate Hotel, announced Friday that it has completed renovations on two floors and will open them to guests this weekend. The floors contain 54 rooms and reflect the new Kentucky theme, emphasized by colors that often appear in the region's scenery.

The 367-room hotel, formerly the Radisson, is undergoing a $13 million renovation that is set to be completed next summer.

But the hotel will change its name to be a full-fledged Hilton instead of a Hilton affiliate before then. Peter Lewis, president and chief investment officer of owner Madison W Properties, said a grand opening is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 14.

The interim name is required, he said, because Hilton has certain standards that each of its hotels must meet "before they're willing to put their name on it."

Those required a change in "mainly lobbies and a number of guest rooms," Lewis said. Since enough of the guest rooms will be completed by that time, the hotel can change in advance of the entire renovation being complete.

World Class Auto found in contempt

The state attorney general's office announced this week that World Class Auto has been found in contempt of previously agreed upon court injunctions.

The attorney general said in a news release that a Jessamine Circuit Court judge found the business in contempt of an order requiring that it not use false, misleading and deceptive practices in dealing with consumers.

The case stems from injunctions issued in 2006; the car dealership allegedly violated them in ways including having consumers sign forms on which important terms were left blank. The dealership also is accused of improperly retaining a down payment after it was unable to obtain financing on a vehicle at the terms represented to the consumer.

In the Sept. 22 order, Judge Hunter Daugherty ordered World Class Auto to pay more than $6,300 in restitution to two consumers.

Scott Sloan