Scanlon renovates Vine Street building to fix structural flaw

Renovations are now complete on a Vine Street building owned by former Vice Mayor Mike Scanlon.

Scanlon leases the building at 262 East Vine Street to Thomas & King, the restaurant company where he is chief executive. The company uses it for storage and as a delivery place for equipment that will be reshipped to its restaurants, he said.

Renovations began on the building about six months ago after city engineers came to him and said there was a crack on the face of the building that was causing a structural problem. Scanlon hired an engineering firm that built supports inside the building and then pulled off the front brick that had been a structural support and replaced it with a facade.

Scanlon said that when most of the brick was removed, it wasn't reusable. But the construction group managed to salvage some, which he had them use in spots on the front.

"There were some neat elements to the brick," he said. "We tried to use the Art Deco look. It's a stucco facade now."

The work cost about $150,000, he said.