Apple Store opens at UK

The University of Kentucky Bookstore opened an Apple Store inside its Euclid Avenue location Wednesday — but unless you work or study at UK, you can't shop at the electronics retailer.

It's one of Apple's campus retail stores, one of many at colleges nationwide, and it offers discounts on products because "the whole idea is it's used for education," bookstore director Sally Wiatrowski said.

Because of that, purchases are limited only to UK students, faculty and staff. The bookstore requires a UK identification card and then has customers fill out verification forms, Wiatrowski said.

"They can only purchase one machine and one iPod of each type a year," she said. "We control that, keep them on file, and occasionally Apple will come in and inspect."

Wiatrowski said the procedures are put in place to "be respectful of how Apple operates on their general retail side." She said the company has Apple Stores in Louisville and Cincinnati for the general public.

The Apple section of the bookstore has the same look and feel of other Apple Stores, with each computer model and iPod model on display, Wiatrowski said. At 500 square feet, it takes up about 2 percent of the bookstore's space.

UK freshman Dustin Woosley of Louisville was shopping there Wednesday, filling out a form to win a free iPod Touch.

"It's pretty sweet having it right here in the store," he said. "People should take advantage of the student discount. It would definitely be beneficial to students having it here."

Wiatrowski said that the store came about after Apple approached the university and that it had partnered with the bookstore's operator, Follett, at other universities.

"The powers that be got together and decided it would be great," she said. "It definitely sets us apart from our competition. We're always looking for ways to drive traffic into the store."