Tates Creek Pizza Hut likely closed Wednesday

The Pizza Hut in Tates Creek Centre is expected to be closed Wednesday after two fires caused minor damage Tuesday, a fire official said.

Chris Burton, shift leader at the restaurant, said the first fire started at about 4:45 p.m., when an electrical panel apparently shorted out in an office.

Burton said he extinguished that fire. The fire department was called, and about a dozen customers had to leave.

Burton and three other employees were taking a break at about 8:30 p.m. while cleaning up after the first fire when the second fire broke out.

The restaurant was still closed at the time, but it had been on track to reopen Wednesday, Burton said.

Tyron Brown, who works as a cook, said he turned around and saw "a big cloud of white smoke" billowing from the back of the restaurant.

Burton said he again tried to extinguish the fire but was overcome by smoke and had to get out.

Major Daniel Bellot of the Lexington Fire Department said the second fire also appeared to have been caused by electrical problems.

He said the electricity would be shut off to the building, and the health department would have to come out before the restaurant could reopen.