IBM layoffs reportedly hit Lexington

RALEIGH, N.C. — IBM cut more than 1,500 jobs across a number of divisions Monday, including some reportedly in Lexington.

The cuts were a sliver of the technology company's nearly 400,000 workers worldwide. IBM wouldn't comment, so the numbers are based on documents submitted by laid-off workers to a labor union trying to organize IBM's workers.

Facing increasing competition, IBM has been cutting staff for years. The company laid off about 10,400 people last year in North America, according to the union.

The cuts are paying dividends, at least on paper. Last year IBM reported a record profit of $13.4 billion, a 9 percent increase over the previous year.

The cuts reportedly came in areas including parts of North Carolina, Atlanta, Denver, Lexington and Beaverton, Ore.

IBM spokesman Doug Shelton declined to disclose the number of employees going forward in Lexington. Several years ago, the company employed about 1,000 in the state as a whole. It once had a much larger imprint as it operated a typewriter manufacturing facility in Lexington for decades, but it spun off that business into Lexmark International in 1991.