Insight snafu affects cable service

Many Lexington cable customers found themselves without service on Tuesday, as provider Insight Communications suffered an equipment malfunction that knocked out service to many throughout its Kentucky service area.

About 3 a.m., a piece of equipment in the company's technical operations center in Louisville failed, as did its backup, spokesman Jason Keller said.

"Everything that we have has a redundancy built into it. This is no different, but unfortunately on this particular morning with this particular piece of equipment, both the main equipment and the backup did not function properly," Keller said. "This was highly unusual."

In Louisville, the equipment failure knocked out all cable service. But in Lexington and Northern Kentucky, some channels, including broadcast networks, remained on, Keller said.

In Lexington, almost all of the basic cable service channels through Channel 22 remained on.

The vast majority of others, though, were down in Lexington, he said, with most cable channels, including CNN, USA and TNT, off the air.

Customers just saw a frozen screen or a message saying the channel would be available shortly.

Broadband and telephone services were not affected.

Service was restored by 2 p.m. across all areas in Kentucky, Keller said.

He said Insight apologizes for the service disruption and does not anticipate any further problems.