Cable service restored in Jessamine

Television, Internet and phone service was restored about 8:30 a.m. Thursday for customers of Time Warner Cable in Jessamine County. The service outage began at 10 p.m. Monday when the company's fiber lines that run from Richmond over the Kentucky River to Jessamine County were taken out by rising waters.

"Ninety to 95 percent of our entire service area has redundant pathways, but Nicholasville has always been what we call a spur with just one fiber route running into there," said Robert Trott, general manager for Time Warner Cable in Central Kentucky.

Trott said the company's employees developed a fiber path from Georgetown to link to Nicholasville. "I can't say how proud I am of our employees for their creativity and working around the clock," Trott said.

The outage affected less than 5,000 customers in the county, Trott said, and all will receive credits on their upcoming billing statements.