Lexington company receives funding for coal project

A Lexington company will receive $2.74 million in funding from the federal Department of Energy to further research related to reducing emissions from coal.

3H Company's research was one of 10 projects selected nationally to receive up to $67 million over three years. The projects all examine ways to capture and store carbon dioxide that is formed in the process of coal being burned for energy, according to a news release. The funding is part of a goal by the Obama administration to develop cost-effective versions of the technology within 10 years and have five to 10 commercial demonstration projects available by 2016.

3H's project will confirm through experiments and analysis the feasibility of its technology, which uses a solvent to help separate carbon dioxide into two forms, according to the news release. As part of the three-year project, 3H will develop an engineering design and demonstrate it at a power plant owned by E.ON U.S., the parent company of Kentucky Utilities and Louisville Gas & Electric.

A spokesman for the utility company said it hasn't been determined yet which plant will be utilized.