BBB warns of business scam

The Better Business Bureau of Central & Eastern Kentucky is warning businesses of fraudulent e-mails claiming to be from the BBB.

There have been reports of e-mails that claim complaints have been made to the BBB. Those e-mails contain links to viruses, the BBB warned.

Neil Kingery, president of the local BBB, said the organization typically sends information about complaints by mail or telephones businesses. If the BBB would use e-mail, it would contain an employee's name and contact information.

Kingery said a red flag that you've received a scam e-mail is that it claims to be from a BBB in another state. Businesses in Central and Eastern Kentucky would only receive correspondence from the local BBB. Also, the e-mail states it's from the Better Business Bureau of Consumer Protection Consumer Response Center. No such office exists. Businesses with questions are asked to call 259-1008.