Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Ashland Division

Carl R. Greenhill Jr. and Debra L. Greenhill, Olive Hill. 10-10390.

Barbara A. Smith, Raceland. 10-10391.

Nancy Ayala Bostick, Grayson. 10-10392.

Michael Shawn Maggard, Olive Hill. 10-10393.

Richard Allen Crossley Sr. and Nancy Louise Crossley, Hazel Green. 10-10394.

Oletta Darlene Kazee, Flatwoods. 10-10395.

Georgia L. Williams, 2280 Donta Road. 10-10396.

Shani L. Hudgens and Kevin B. Hudgens, Flatwoods. 10-10397.

Deborah F. Harper, 2927 Monroe Street. 10-10398.

Gary L. Carroll Jr. and Pamela S. Carroll, Vanceburg. 10-10401.

Michael Jackson and Robin A. Young, Grayson. 10-10403.

Jeanna R. Massie, Russell. 10-10404.

Alvis Rose and Deborah Ruth Conn, Louisa. 10-10406.

Donnie Rhoden, Garrison. 10-10407.

Clara Ann Vance, Clearfield. 10-10408.

Eva Kathleen Stone-Hannah, 6105 Hoenig Drive. 10-10409.

Timmy Lewis and Yevette Crystal Lewis, Olive Hill. 10-10413.

Chris Douglas Osborne, 1225 Hoods Creek Pike. 10-10416.

Frankfort Division

Donald C. Lowery and Mary L. Lowery, Lawrenceburg. 10-30557.

Kalon K. Breeden, Simpsonville. 10-30559.

Charles Allen Smither, 706 Fairview Drive. 10-30561.

LeeAnna Vertice Robinson, 105 Hillview Court. 10-30562.

James K. Staples and Tosha L. Staples, Bedford. 10-30564.

Barry F. Scott and Elizabeth A. Scott, Simpsonville. 10-30565.

Suzanne Lopes Jordan and Jimmy Dale Jordan, Lawrenceburg. 10-30566.

Brigid Hedges, 403 Walter Todd Avenue. 10-30567.

Viet Dai Quach and Cherry Moore Quach, Shelbyville. 10-30568.

Troy James Peasley and Marsha McElroy Peasley, 157 East Main Street. 10-30569.

James C. Stout and Elizabeth A. Stout, Worthville. 10-30571.

Jason Wyatt Craig, Shelbyville. 10-30572.

Shannon Renea Logsdon, Simpsonville. 10-30573.

Larry K. Settles, Lawrenceburg. 10-30576.

Joseph F. Carpenter and Paula S. Carpenter, Lawrenceburg. 10-30577.

Jerry C. Hammond, 429 Menominee. 10-30578.

Ernest E. Renfro II, 1208 Fiesta Way. 10-30579.

James L. Paliafito, Shelbyville. 10-30581.

Lynda Walters Jalbert, 107 Jeremy Drive. 10-30582.

Lorie A. Husband, Shelbyville. 10-30583.

Jason K. Wohnhas and Stephanie Wohnhas, Lawrenceburg. 10-30586.

Robert T. Perry Jr. and Melissa D Perry, Lawrenceburg. 10-30587.

Rachel Lynn Hayes, New Castle. 10-30588.

David L. Collins and Anna L. Collins, Shelbyville. 10-30589.

Lexington Division

Frank Alson Cole and Tammy Renee Cole, 2008 Baltusrol Lane. 10-52393.

Amanda Faith Morris, Cynthiana. 10-52394.

Forest Lester Johnson, Richmond. 10-52395.

Sheila Diane Compton, Mount Sterling. 10-52396.

Bairy William Parrett and Sandra Mae Parrett, Richmond. 10-52397.

Kenneth Benjamin Hankins and Alicia Suante Hankins, Richmond. 10-52398.

Jerry W. Burnham, Mount Sterling. 10-52400.

Timothy Shawn Yantz and Mariah Tinka Yantz, Nicholasville. 10-52402.

LaSaundra L. Cox, 1025 Greendale Road, No. 7103. 10-52403.

Nichole M. Brunner, 3501 Pimlico Parkway, No. 81. 10-52406.

Deanna C. Birchfield, Richmond. 10-52407.

Janet S. Cliff, Winchester. 10-52408.

Leslie L. Prescott, Winchester. 10-52409.

John H. Burgess and Portia E. Burgess, 1182 Atiya Place. 10-52410.

Michael T. Walker, 175 North Locust Hill Drive, No. 507. 10-52413.

Brenda J. Holweg, Cynthiana. 10-52414.

Gail H. Shipp, Versailles. 10-52415.

Rhonda H. Baird, Mount Sterling. 10-52417.

Dorothy Kay Tussey, Carlisle. 10-52418.

Connie J. Niceley, Lancaster. 10-52419.

Douglas D. Hampton and Judy A. Hampton, Danville. 10-52420.

Charles Fugate and Callie Fugate, Lost Creek. 10-52421.

Brandon S. Rusher, Mount Sterling. 10-52422.

Martina R. Pickett, 652 Hidden Point Drive. 10-52423.

Chad A. Ferrell and Donna M. Ferrell, 220 Southport Drive. 10-52425.

Joshua M. Waller and Megan R. Waller, Winchester. 10-52426.

Donald W. Kindred, 581 Hi Crest Drive. 10-52427.

Diane E. Haley, Sadieville. 10-52428.

Jennifer K. Click, 2453 Treeline Way. 10-52429.

Billy Dwayne Robbins, Berea. 10-52430.

Tuan Anthony Kreer and Dana Ferguson Kreer, Georgetown. 10-52431.

Robert M. Curran Jr. and Jennifer R. Curran, 404 Lanarkshire Place. 10-52435.

Ambrose Rex Puckett and Karen Lynn Puckett, Nicholasville. 10-52436.

Brian L. Furnish and Amy J. Furnish, Cynthiana. 10-52439.

Brandie L. Stanton, 605 Scotch Pine Circle. 10-52440.

Paul J. Byers and Teri Hackney Byers, 384 Fox Harbour Drive. 10-52441.

Anne V. Woodson, 748 Whispering Brook Trace. 10-52442.

David S. Sizemore and Jennifer R. Sizemore, Nicholasville. 10-52445.

Christopher D. Rice, 5167 Briar Hill Road. 10-52446.

Patricia Casey, Cynthiana. 10-52449.

Angela Marie Parks, Cynthiana. 10-52450.

Kevin D. Thompson, Stanford. 10-52452.

Robert Ben Calderone, Stanford. 10-52453.

Mark L. Slone and Alisha A. Slone, Waynesburg. 10-52454.

David Earnest Jewell and Kimberly Jewell, Beattyville. 10-52455.

George A. Durbin, Richmond. 10-52456.

Robert Andrew Ketron, Winchester. 10-52457.

Michael Scott Bell, Danville. 10-52459.

John R. Dewit and Lori L. Dewit, Stanford. 10-52460.

Joel L. Johnson and Amy M. Johnson, Winchester. 10-52461.

Jodi Lynn Goff, 3835 Dylan Place. 10-52462.

Richard L. Beaty and Cherrie B. Beaty, Ewing. 10-52463.

Joseph L. Castle, Georgetown. 10-52466.

Kelly D. McKinney, 700 Sunny Slope Trace. 10-52467.

Kevin Hubert Sharpe, 1922 Augusta Drive. 10-52468.

Clay T. Ramsey and Kimberly K. Ramsey, 3213 Creek Path Lane. 10-52469.

Michael Duane Fetters and Patricia Lynn Fetters, Beattyville. 10-52470.

Jeffrey L. Horton and Amy L. Horton, Sadieville. 10-52471.

Thomas Gerald Cox, Winchester. 10-52473.

Ronnie Beasley and Wanda Beasley, Danville. 10-52475.

Brent M. Dudley, Maysville. 10-52476.

David Reid Steinmetz and Janet Lynn Steinmetz, 529 Judy Lane. 10-52477.

Antoinette Noplis, 533 Amberley Drive. 10-52479.

Stephen Sandidge Whitlock, 169 Louisiana Avenue. 10-52480.

Evelyn S. Gilliam, Winchester. 10-52481.

James E. Whitlock Jr., 2092 Manor Drive. 10-52482.

Harvey E. Baxter and Rosemary Baxter, Richmond. 10-52483.

Donald Edward McClure and Karen Lee McClure, Winchester. 10-52485.

Angela Alcorn, 1013 Jane Street. 10-52487.

Linville Kevin Strange, Winchester. 10-52488.

Janet L. Harvey and William J. Harvey, 653 Saint Anthony Drive. 10-52489.

Bret Thor Jackson and Dawn Renee Jackson, 2313 Lilac Park. 10-52491.

John Francis Gukeisen and Sharon Kay Gukeisen, Winchester. 10-52492.

Terry Randall Reichback and Lisa Yvonne Reichback, Mount Sterling. 10-52493.

Donald Walters Jr., Means. 10-52494.

Marilyn Willhoit, Cynthiana. 10-52496.

Alan D. Lovins, 908 Marblehead Drive. 10-52497.

Terry L. Hackworth, Georgetown. 10-52498.

Karen A. Mitchell, Danville. 10-52499.

James Paul Bedwell II and Autumn Marie Bedwell, Lancaster. 10-52500.

John T. Curtsinger and Vickie R. Curtsinger, Harrodsburg. 10-52501.

Gary Dean Thompson, Danville. 10-52502.

George Earl Sexton and Brenda Sue Sexton, Danville. 10-52503.

Steven Wayne Roberts and Misty Leann Roberts, Hustonville. 10-52504.

Amanda L. Mussetter, 1917 Westminster Drive. 10-52505.

Kathryne Lorene Ginter, 651 Anniston Way. 10-52506.

Heather E. Ruth, Georgetown. 10-52507.

Daryl Alan Glover, P.O. Box 24911. 10-52508.

Bill Benton and Martha Ann Benton, Stanford. 10-52509.

Herminia Granczewski, Kings Mountain. 10-52510.

Saleem Anton Habash, 2292 Valencia Drive. 10-52512.

Diana B. Wagoner, Paris. 10-52514.

Erica Antoinette Mandrell, 2224 Harrodsburg Rd. 10-52515.

Pamela Joyce Littrell, Georgetown. 10-52516.

William Todd Sallee and Jennifer C. Sallee, 1040 Ridgetree Lane. 10-52517.

Katharine M. Loomis, 4390 Clearwater Way, No. 403. 10-52519.

Gary Michael Adams and Katherine Marie Adams, Berea. 10-52520.

Larry James Taylor, Berea. 10-52521.

Robert Preston Thomas, 1040 Wedgewood Road. 10-52522.

Michelle R. Blevins, Nicholasville. 10-52523.

Johnny Bussell and Lisa Ahmed Bussell, Richmond. 10-52524.

Robert P. Cooke and Lori L. Cooke, Cynthiana. 10-52525.

Wilbur Warren Gross and Joy Ann Gross, Cynthiana. 10-52527.

Jody W. Bert and Christine M. Bert, Nicholasville. 10-52528.

Kaye Allison Prather, Berea. 10-52529.

Albert Clark and Margaret Clark, 304 Harvard Drive. 10-52530.

Richard W. Settlemire, 268 Mockingbird Lane. 10-52531.

Michael T. Buffin and Cynthia K. Buffin, 318 Richmond Avenue. 10-52532.

Theresa Lynn Hendrix, Stanford. 10-52535.

Danny Lee Roberts and Claudia Mae Roberts, Berea. 10-52536.

Regina Darlene Pearson, Richmond. 10-52537.

Lawrence Mahon Jr. and Rebecca Sue Mahon, Owingsville. 10-52538.

Owen W. Hatfull, 312 Ashmoor Drive. 10-52540.

James F. Anderson and Pamela T. Anderson, Berea. 10-52541.

Johnnie R. Bishop, 3590 Olympia Road. 10-52543.

Joel D. Goodrich, Richmond. 10-52544.

Phillip Daniel Estes and Nancy Sue Estes, Winchester. 10-52545.

Patricia G. Willoughby, Paris. 10-52547.

Martin J. Harvey, Versailles. 10-52548.

Roberta Wilson, 3671 Walden Drive. 10-52549.

Carl Ritchie Jr. and Tina Ritchie, Jackson. 10-52551.

Sandra Kay Baker, Richmond. 10-52552.

Geffory Dale Combs Jr., Beattyville. 10-52553.

Jeremiah Carr and Rose Marie Carr, Georgetown. 10-52554.

James Oaks Cullen and Kristine Marre Cullen, 249 Hillsboro Avenue. 10-52555.

Pavel Zhurko and Lyudmila Zhurko, Nicholasville. 10-52556.

Harold Dixon Sr., 436 Peachtree Road. 10-52557.

Clayton E. Lewis, 141 Saint William Drive. 10-52558.

Joe Allen Trimble and Edna Jean Trimble, 2068 Rebel Road. 10-52559.

Iris Gayle Coulter, 3697 Bold Bidder Drive. 10-52560.

Ronald E. King Jr. and Jamie W. King, 4004 Sweetspire Drive. 10-52561.

Donna R. Lundy, Nicholasville. 10-52562.

Carrie J. Mortensen, 3164 Glenwood Drive. 10-52564.

Steven R. King, Stanton. 10-52565.

Randell L. Watts and Laverta A. Watts, Winchester. 10-52566.

Barbra A. Snyder, Winchester. 10-52567.

Larry W. Sumpter and Phyllis E. Sumpter, 95 Glass Avenue. 10-52569.

Chapter 13

Ashland Division

William N. Cooper and Amy E. Cooper, Quincy. 10-10399.

Donald R. Roe Jr., South Portsmouth. 10-10400.

Charles Vernon Maiden and Michele Ann Maiden, Flatwoods. 10-10402.

William Gum, Garrison. 10-10405.

Angela Dawn Mosley, 806 Sallie Drive. 10-10410.

Bryan L. Brumfield and Melissa Brumfield, Catlettsburg. 10-10411.

Leonard L. McConaha and Carol Dianne McConaha, Worthington. 10-10412.

Hobert R. Ratliff and Cheryl D. Ratliff, Louisa. 10-10414.

Reginald McDade and Tonya McDade, Flatwoods. 10-10415.

Frankfort Division

Gary A. Noble, 9465 U.S. 421 North. 10-30556.

Marck Anthony Brock and Denise Marie Brock, Louisville. 10-30558.

Gary J. Taylor and Joan E. Taylor, Waddy. 10-30560.

Myron S. Cameron and Linda G. Cameron, 536 Williamsburg Road. 10-30563.

Eugene Calhoun and Connie H. Calhoun, Turners Station. 10-30570.

Steven Todd Kearns and Pamela Kay Kearns, Lawrenceburg. 10-30574.

Steve D. Bowman and Dana L. Bowman, Lawrenceburg. 10-30575.

Dawn H. Auberry and Timothy D. Auberry, 812 Cline Street. 10-30580.

Wendell Harris, 227 East Second Street, No. 2. 10-30584.

James William Heilman and Mary JoAnn Heilman, Carrollton. 10-30585.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo