Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at www. Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

London Division

Samantha Nichole Griffith and Brandon Michael Griffith, Barbourville. 10-61172.

Jeffery Wells and Rose Ellen Wells, Smilax. 10-61173.

Ralph Cory Smith, Pineville. 10-61174.

Katrina Lee Price, Science Hill. 10-61175.

George Glass Gilmore Jr., Somerset. 10-61176.

James C. Short and Jeannette Gail Short, 615 Kelly Branch Road. 10-61177.

Irving Dewayne Raleigh, Bronston. 10-61178.

Stephen Clark Smith, Mt. Vernon. 10-61179.

Jason Wayne Foster and Debra Lynn Foster, Bronston. 10-61180.

Scott William McCluskey and Judith Marie McCluskey, Somerset. 10-61181.

James D. Keith, Harlan. 10-61182.

James A. Reynolds and Felicia J. Reynolds, Monticello. 10-61183.

Donna Hinds, Somerset. 10-61184.

Shanda K. Wilson, Stearns. 10-61185.

Donnie D. Blair and Jessica A. Blair, 2041 McWhorter Road. 10-61186.

Marlene Penyack, Corbin. 10-61188.

Jerry Reed Turpin and Melody Ann Turpin, Somerset. 10-61189.

Mark Anthony Clark, Flat Lick. 10-61190.

Tracy Dale Edwards and Anitra Michelle Edwards, Corbin. 10-61191.

Joseph Lee Johnson and Cassandra Renee Johnson, Bulan. 10-61192.

Florine Jordan, Hinkle. 10-61194.

Brenda L. Patrick, Science Hill. 10-61195.

Karnell Bentley Martin, 408 Sunny Brook Circle. 10-61196.

Ricky Wayne Smith and Eva Marie Smith, Garrard. 10-61197.

Sandra Lee Dean, Closplint. 10-61198.

Scott Thompson and Corina Thompson, 704 Bill George Road. 10-61199.

Dennis Hibbard and Karen Hibbard, 3538 Laurel Lake Road. 10-61200.

Gary Ward, Vicco. 10-61201.

Marie H. Campbell, Corbin. 10-61202.

Michael Dean Wilson and Sheila Diane Wilson, Somerset. 10-61206.

Brenda Sue France, 209 TIB Drive. 10-61207.

Glenn Turner, 2402 Langnau Road. 10-61208.

Shari A. Combs, Hazard. 10-61209.

Tracy J. Brewer, Hazard. 10-61211.

Pamela Sue Vaught, Somerset. 10-61212.

Arnold E Hall and Sharon L. Hall, Viper. 10-61213.

Gary W. Green and Kristina M. Green, Middlesboro. 10-61215.

Gregory Chaney and Martha Hunter Chaney, Somerset. 10-61216.

Ewell Junior Lawson and Betty Jane Lawson, Williamsburg. 10-61217.

Hansel Timothy Hobbs and Debbie Faye Hobbs, Sandgap. 10-61218.

Paul H. Gentry and Loretta Gentry, 110 Willow Lane. 10-61219.

Brian K. Brooks, Mount Vernon. 10-61221.

Curtis Allen and Patricia Houser Allen, Cranks. 10-61222.

Latoyia Collett, 107 Fiechter Lane, Lot 1. 10-61223.

Terry B. Fuson and Jamie L. Fuson, Fourmile. 10-61224.

Paul Clark, 76 Clark Road. 10-61225.

Wayne Edward Saylor and Lisa Marie Saylor, Eubank. 10-61226.

Betty L. Duelley, Bronston. 10-61228.

Kelley D. Branscum, Monticello. 10-61229.

Claudia Ann Bowden, Corbin. 10-61230.

Jonathan Lige Sizemore, 500 Keller Road. 10-61231.

Tony Wayne Thomas Sr., Corbin. 10-61232.

Mary Hazle Partin, Jellico. 10-61233.

Thomas Daniel Watson Sr. and Bertha Elizabeth Watson, Rockholds. 10-61234.

Gregory Scott Ingram and Melissa Ann Ingram, Eubank. 10-61235.

Roger Dale Alcorn, Mount Vernon. 10-61236.

Jones Michael Ard, Nancy. 10-61237.

Edward Couch and Wanda Fay Couch, Manchester. 10-61238.

Craig S. Miller, 50 Betty Lane. 10-61239.

Carl L. Lewallen and Judy E. Lewallen, Corbin. 10-61240.

Donald Dale Tutt and Irene Tutt, Booneville. 10-61242.

27 Auto Mart LLC, Somerset. 10-61244.

Joshua E. Pratt and Kristie Crockett Pratt, Middlesboro. 10-61246.

Avery G. Taylor and Daisy L. Taylor, Marshes Siding. 10-61247.

Carolyn Shirley Mullins, Booneville. 10-61248.

Terry Allen Coots, Hazard. 10-61249.

Daniel Lewis Johnson, Bulan. 10-61250.

Pikeville Division

Tammy Lowe, 147 Rays Branch. 10-70586.

Gomer Steven Sexton Jr. and Kathy Denita Sexton, Whitesburg. 10-70588.

Broc Alan Hardin and Inis Hardin, Stopover. 10-70589.

Herman Douglas Branham, 748 Hambley Boulevard. 10-70590.

Billie Jo Stegall, Wheelwright. 10-70591.

David Jeffrey McCarty and Mechell Lee McCarty, Paintsville. 10-70592.

Mary Jane Kelley, 68 Spring Branch Court. 10-70593.

Annetta Jean Dingus, Printer. 10-70594.

Hubert Randall Likens Jr. and Diana Yvette Likens, Mallie. 10-70595.

Nathan Matthew Cox, Paintsville. 10-70596.

Levi Matthew Chaffins, Salyersville. 10-70597.

Barbara Jean Adams, 9 Justice Lane. 10-70598.

Vaughn Carles Compton, Salyersville. 10-70599.

Terry Justice and Edna Lee Justice, Freeburn. 10-70600.

Elsie L. Sturgill, Eolia. 10-70605.

Wendell D Sturgill and Paula Sturgill, Whitesburg. 10-70606.

Donald Ray Bentley and Lisa Faye Bentley, Prestonsburg. 10-70607.

Stephanie Anne Conley, Oil Springs. 10-70608.

Leah Blake Webb, Whitesburg. 10-70609.

Melissa Slone, 18 Stanley Road. 10-70610.

Theordore R. Hammonds, Littcarr. 10-70611.

Donnie W. Bentley and Michelle D. Bentley, Jackhorn. 10-70612.

Deloris Scherer, 391 Old Wagner Station. 10-70613.

Jennifer L. Absher, Whitesburg. 10-70615.

Donald Newsome and Jammie R. Newsome, Inez. 10-70616.

Clarence Edward Reed and Randa Renee Reed, Sidney. 10-70617.

Lisa F. Owens, Belcher. 10-70618.

Jason Neil Jordan and Kimberly Dawn Jordan, Salyersville. 10-70619.

Donna Reed, Salyersville. 10-70620.

Ronald Risner, Salyersville. 10-70621.

Emogene Slone, Wheelwright. 10-70624.

Timothy Virgil Fitch and Natalee Brooke Fitch, Williamsport. 10-70625.

Ronnie Gene Bryant, Prestonsburg. 10-70626.

Christine S. Dye, Robinson Creek. 10-70629.

Johnny Russell and Angela Russell, Salyersville. 10-70630.

Joseph D. Rose, Elkhorn City. 10-70631.

Chapter 13

Lexington Division

Teresa Howard, 2172 Wilkes Way. 10-52399.

William E. Redd Sr. and Molissa Denise Redd, 2101 Fortune Hill Lane. 10-52401.

Rodney J. Lemaster and Tamara J. Lemaster, Georgetown. 10-52404.

Jeffery D. Prewitt and April D. Prewitt, Lancaster. 10-52405.

Robert L. McIntosh and Kathleen D. McIntosh, Georgetown. 10-52411.

Jerry Michael Andrew and Shirley Gail Andrew, Berea. 10-52412.

Sharon M. Bates, 2035 Altamont Court, No. 12. 10-52424.

Ernest D. Brown and Connie B. Brown, Versailles. 10-52432.

Kelly J. Meyers and Shanna M. Meyers, 1437 Pine Meadow Road. 10-52433.

Gary W. Dezarn and Melinda Joseph-Dezarn, 404 Groves Point Way. 10-52434.

Carla L. Sanders, Nicholasville. 10-52437.

Jeannie L. Richardson, Nicholasville. 10-52438.

Carla M. Garrett, 1791 Timber Creek Drive. 10-52443.

Kenneth E. Paris and Marva J. Paris, 2044 Saint Stephens Green. 10-52444.

John Brian Yonut and Kristin Nicole Yonut, 3965 Hillside Drive. 10-52447.

David E. Lane Jr. and Linda K. Lane, 1276 Pleasant Ridge Drive. 10-52448.

Andrea Dawn House, Lancaster. 10-52451.

Robert Butler Arnold, Lancaster. 10-52458.

Kathleen Gonzalez, Nicholasville. 10-52464.

Kathy S. Baber, Winchester. 10-52465.

William Nathan Robinson and Alicia Dawn Robinson, Carlisle. 10-52472.

John S. Masterson, Winchester. 10-52474.

Kenny R. Vanover Jr. and Tamera G. Vanover, Versailles. 10-52478.

Garnett Gray Jr. and Sara L. Gray, Versailles. 10-52484.

James D. Bowman, Nicholasville. 10-52486.

John R. Roane, 372 McConnells Trace, No. 101. 10-52490.

Edgar P. Moore, 2504 Larkin Road, No. 36. 10-52495.

Richard Allen Lamb and Angie Charise Lamb, Richmond. 10-52511.

Alan L. Gray, Cynthiana. 10-52513.

Carolyn Ann VanWinkle, Paint Lick. 10-52518.

David C. Cheek, Ewing. 10-52526.

Larry R. Haley Jr. and Christina Beatrice Compton-Haley, 612 Rhodora Ridge. 10-52533.

Kenneth D. Willis, Richmond. 10-52534.

Dudley W. Hacker II, Lancaster. 10-52539.

Steven Douglas Dixon, Berea. 10-52542.

Wayne Clarence Blixt and Jennifer L. Blixt, Richmond. 10-52546.

Jeffery Lee Taulbee and Ida Mae Taulbee, Jackson. 10-52550.

Travis Snapp, Paris. 10-52563.

Benita H. Lanham, Danville. 10-52568.

Sheila Smith, 132 Londonderry Drive. 10-52570.

London Division

Tex J. Hoskins Jr, Middlesboro. 10-61171.

Michael T. Harris and Paula E. Harris, Williamsburg. 10-61187.

Joshua Thomas Hatfield and Brandy Jane Hatfield, Nancy. 10-61193.

Marie S. Davis, Corbin. 10-61203.

Royce Wayne Wynn Sr. and Luada Ruth Wynn, Evarts. 10-61204.

Lillie Diane Zunda and Kyle Richard Zunda, Wallins Creek. 10-61205.

Clayton Walker and Lisa J. Walker, Viper. 10-61210.

Grover Mandell Stamper and Jeannie Marie Stamper, Bulan. 10-61214.

Oral Vaden Frith, Crab Orchard. 10-61220.

Sharla Davidson, Yeaddiss. 10-61227.

Judy A. Green, Williamsburg. 10-61241.

Donald Edward Burkhart and Amanda Marie Burkhart, Annville. 10-61243.

Geraldine Combs, Dice. 10-61245.

Pikeville Division

Richard Dwayne Belcher and Sherry Lynn Belcher, Shelbiana. 10-70587.

Greg Morrison and Bonnie Gail Morrison, Auxier. 10-70601.

Anthony Ray Ferguson, Flat Gap. 10-70602.

Kevin Castle and Veronica Jane Castle, Pippa Passes. 10-70603.

Christopher Allen and Cynthia Lois Allen, Prestonsburg. 10-70604.

Mark Steven Thomas and Candace Sue Thomas, Whitesburg. 10-70614.

James McKenzie, Paintsville. 10-70622.

Carl Kenny Maynard, Belfry. 10-70623.

Lisa K. Richards, Robinson Creek. 10-70627.

Craig A. Riley and Stephanie N Riley, Hindman. 10-70628.

Steve Blackburn, 286 Right Fork CowPen Road. 10-70632.

Shawn H. Hennon and Lisa M. Hennon, Flat Gap. 10-70633.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo