Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

London Division

Joyce Elaine Stewart, Barbourville. 10-61334.

Jessie Hansford and Gary Hansford, Williamsburg. 10-61335.

Ronald James Vanover and Lisa Marie Vanover, Woodbine. 10-61337.

Sue Ann Sams, 165 Nu way Trail. 10-61338.

James A. Hoskins II and Seresa Jean Hoskins, Keavy. 10-61339.

Geraldine Hansford, Williamsburg. 10-61341.

Linda J. Beckner, 216 Fish and Game Club Road. 10-61345.

Sherry Lee Jones and Randle Leslie Jones, Rockholds. 10-61347.

Barbara J. Bennett, Rockholds. 10-61348.

Raleigh Doug Estep and Shonda Kaye Estep, Manchester. 10-61352.

Jason Lee Buckler, Burnside. 10-61353.

Jason Edmond Leatherman and Melissa Shawntae Leatherman, 102 Villas Court. 10-61354.

Sheba M. Ramsey, Harlan. 10-61355.

Bert Foster, 432 Middleground Way, No. 4. 10-61359.

James A. Leach, Middlesboro. 10-61360.

Pauline Feltner, Hazard. 10-61361.

Travis Michael Gadbury and Elisabeth Ann Gadbury, Smilax. 10-61362.

Craig S. Brown and Julie Ann Brown, 1800 London Dock Road. 10-61364.

Glenn David Buntain, 1266 Sasser School Road. 10-61365.

Joshua D. Wilson, 3925 Rough Creek Road. 10-61366.

Kimmy J. Eddleman, Somerset. 10-61367.

Patricia Ann Buntain, 1266 Sasser School Road. 10-61368.

Roger Dale Bullock and Robin Renee Bullock, Eubank. 10-61369.

Timothy B. Hammons and Kassandra D. Hammons, 96 Upper Raccoon Creek. 10-61370.

Jerry Wayne Cobb Sr. and Robin Ann Cobb, Baxter. 10-61371.

David Ray Brown and Carolyn Sue Brown, Burnside. 10-61373.

Dwight Douglas Buie and Karen Barnes Buie, Science Hill. 10-61374.

Shandeal Marie Fields, Cumberland. 10-61375.

Sylvia G. Wooton, Middlesboro. 10-61376.

Mark A. Meadows and Karen J. Meadows, Williamsburg. 10-61377.

Janice A. Hatcher, Corbin. 10-61378.

Connie Malinda Penix, Evarts. 10-61380.

Michael Shane Mahan and Deanna Michele Mahan, Middlesboro. 10-61382.

Susan Joy Harris, Cranks. 10-61383.

Jason Tucker and Breana Tucker, Somerset. 10-61384.

Irvine Dale Turner and Rebecca S. Turner, Booneville. 10-61386.

Nettie Margaret Rawlings, Manchester. 10-61387.

Deonna L. Shelton and Ricky M. Shelton, Williamsburg. 10-61388.

Clayton Ray Morgan and Darlene Morgan, Lily. 10-61389.

Richard Roach and Crystal Roach, Gray. 10-61390.

Roger P. Smith and Crystal R. Smith, Gays Creek. 10-61391.

James Irvin Crace, Somerset. 10-61392.

Glenda Melton, Hazard. 10-61393.

Samuel Allen Ferris, Eubank. 10-61395.

Kimberly L. Leonard, Lily. 10-61396.

Tonia M. Worley, Monticello. 10-61400.

Randell Dobbs, Monticello. 10-61401.

Donny Blevins and Gleda Marie Blevins, Monticello. 10-61402.

Diane Spencer, Vicco. 10-61403.

Tina Lynn Croley, Williamsburg. 10-61404.

Diana L. Sizemore, Gray. 10-61405.

Alva L. Jones, Williamsburg. 10-61406.

Teresa Carol Combs, Delphia. 10-61408.

David L. Long and Denise M. Long, Harlan. 10-61409.

Shon Dewayne Merida and Melissia Gail Merida, Barbourville. 10-61410.

Dana Dwayne Coots and Delcie Lynn Coots, Delphia. 10-61411.

Pikeville Division

Pamelene B. Mullins, P.O. Box 1403. 10-70676.

Donna K. Bates, Blackey. 10-70677.

Brandon Lee Murphy and April Nicole Murphy, Garrett. 10-70678.

Greg S. Cline and Tammie A. Cline, Tomahawk. 10-70679.

Ruby Jean Shell, Prestonsburg. 10-70680.

Jessie R. Taylor, Fedscreek. 10-70682.

Carlos Jason Adams and Marsha C. Adams, Premium. 10-70683.

Charles D. Pike and Elizabeth C. Pike, Mallie. 10-70686.

Ben William Miles and Mandy Sue Miles, Whitesburg. 10-70687.

Tommy Hays, Mallie. 10-70688.

James S. Sturgill and Jamie N. Sturgill, Eolia. 10-70689.

Colin Cook and Jamie L. Cook, Isom. 10-70690.

Vanessa D. Rouse, Deane. 10-70691.

Lee S. Reaves and Roma L. Reaves, Burdine. 10-70692.

Donald G. Mullins and Edith S. Mullins, Whitesburg. 10-70693.

Bobby R. Lowe and Samantha N. Lowe, Littcarr. 10-70694.

Theodore Kevin Wurschmidt and Melissa Carol Wurschmidt, Mayking. 10-70695.

Timothy Meadows, 279 Longview Drive. 10-70696.

Diane Sexton, Isom. 10-70697.

James E. Brown and Tina R. Brown, Raccoon. 10-70698.

Karen K. Patrick, Salyersville. 10-70699.

James Thomas Trimble, Salyersville. 10-70701.

Randall Ramsey and Melissa S. Ramsey, Virgie. 10-70702.

Ronnie Lee Fairchild and Sara Grace Fairchild, Elkhorn City. 10-70703.

Crystal Beth Hopkins, Virgie. 10-70705.

Mitchell Fitzpatrick and Peggy Marie Fitzpatrick, Wayland. 10-70706.

Chapter 13

Lexington Division

Larry Bennett and Roxanne Bennett, 161 Burnett Avenue. 10-52744.

Harold McVey Jr. and Belinda McVey, Winchester. 10-52746.

Andrew C. Goodwin and Hallie F. Goodwin, 1939 Spring Station Drive. 10-52750.

Jesse Aaron Jarman and LaTonya Faye Jarman, Winchester. 10-52759.

Elizabeth Winegrad, 3041 Maddie Lane. 10-52760.

Stephen Douglas Pelfrey and April Lynn Pelfrey, Jackson. 10-52761.

Linda D. McCarter, 204 McConnell's Trace. 10-52764.

William Ray Clark and Winona Sue Clark, Berea. 10-52770.

William Calvin Dunaway and Lisa Gail Dunaway, Nicholasville. 10-52785.

Rebecca Gay Jefferies, Paint Lick. 10-52787.

Mary Angela Moore, 2170 Fort Harrods Drive, Apt. 106. 10-52789.

Christopher Alexis Disney, Richmond. 10-52790.

James Russell Thompson and Donna Sue Thompson, Harrodsburg. 10-52793.

Adam L. Cook and Tammey A. Cook, 1025 Greendale Road, No. 7104. 10-52800.

Doug A. Coubert and Debbie A. Coubert, Versailles. 10-52802.

Rachquel Birdsong, 612 Lisa Court. 10-52807.

Steven G. Jordan and Shari E. Jordan, 3516 Versailles Road. 10-52809.

Gary Hayden and Phyllis Hayden, 3337 Drayton Place. 10-52810.

Robert L. Walls and Sally M. Walls, 3395 Spangler Drive, No. 99. 10-52811.

Chad R. Troute, Harrodsburg. 10-52815.

Bobby J. Mullins, 4549 Walnut Creek Drive. 10-52816.

Charles C. Conley and Jessica M. Conley, Richmond. 10-52817.

David Allen Bellamy and Monica Louise Bellamy, Winchester. 10-52819.

Curtis Williams and Cassandra Williams, 465 Lanarkshire Place. 10-52820.

Earl C. Mason and Elizabeth C. Mason, 689 Gay Place. 10-52822.

Joseph Gray Taulbee and Georgia Mary Taulbee, Frenchburg. 10-52823.

Steven B. Taulbee, Frenchburg. 10-52824.

Eric P. Lewis, 456 Chestnut Street. 10-52843.

Wayne J. Karczewski and Cathy Ann Karczewski, Richmond. 10-52850.

Gregory Scott Lee and Cassaundra Leigh Lee, Danville. 10-52851.

Robert L. Munsey, Richmond. 10-52858.

Leena Puckett, Richmond. 10-52859.

Edwin T. Terry and Violet J. Terry, Junction City. 10-52860.

Brandy Lynn Noble and Bonnie Sue Noble, Clay City. 10-52883.

William B. Klop and Vickie E. Klop, Stanford. 10-52884.

London Division

Samuel Lee Napier and Rebecca Johntina Napier, Stinnett. 10-61336.

James Darrell Stewart and Elizabeth Ann Stewart, Brodhead. 10-61340.

Loretta Hendrix, Ages. 10-61342.

Patricia Agnes Hicks, Monticello. 10-61343.

Bennie Vernell Massey Sr. and Kaye Frances Massey, Lynch. 10-61344.

Dwight Douglas Hibbard and Sharon J. Hibbard, 230 Sim Smith Lane. 10-61346.

Steven L. Adams, 373 Sallys Branch East. 10-61349.

Lonnie Ray Broughton Jr. and Judy Marie Broughton, Gray. 10-61350.

Steve N. Bruner and Sherry F. Bruner, 1859 Matt Baker Road. 10-61351.

Budd Gardstein and Shirley Gardstein, Lily. 10-61356.

Dallas Emanuel Muncy and Tammy Lee Muncy, Harlan. 10-61357.

Rayma Sue Madden, Bronston. 10-61358.

Donald Gene Begley and Carolyn Sue Begley, Mount Vernon. 10-61363.

Orlando Hansford Noe and Linda Darlene Noe, Cawood. 10-61372.

Jody Hensley and Tabitha Kay Hensley, Gulston. 10-61379.

Rhonda Jean Maggard, Manchester. 10-61381.

Eric Brandon Smith and Jennifer Nicole Smith, Booneville. 10-61385.

Gillis Allen and Kathy Marie Allen, Manchester. 10-61394.

Douglas Edward Brock and Carla Rose Brock, Helton. 10-61397.

Lonnie Dale Stidham and Sharon Ann Stidham, Bulan. 10-61398.

Toby Dewayne Beverly and Jennifer Beverly, Arjay. 10-61399.

Jody Mariea Hubbard, Manchester. 10-61407.

Pikeville Division

Russell D. Kidd and Tanya Kidd, Betsy Layne. 10-70681.

Hubert Michael Eldridge and Karen D. Eldridge, Blackey. 10-70684.

David Earl Williamson and Brenda Sue Williamson, Huddy. 10-70685.

William Scott Goodman and Ashley Dawn Goodman, Wheelwright. 10-70700.

Trevor Joe McCroskey and Summer McCroskey, Elkhorn City. 10-70704.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo