Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at www. Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Ashland Division

Andre P. Beach, South Shore. 10-10590.

Delores S. Franklin, Flatwoods. 10-10591.

John T. Vanover, Martha. 10-10593.

Roxanna Workman, P.O. Box 1392. 10-10594.

Alona S. Gilliam, Russell. 10-10595.

Sean Richard Armstrong, 1820 Wurts Avenue. 10-10596.

Jeffrey D. Goodpaster and Louise R. Goodpaster, West Liberty. 10-10597.

Brent E. Webster, 2001 Main Street. 10-10598.

Clinton Hall and Penny Sue Hall, Garrison. 10-10599.

Jonda Gail Jarrell, 1829 Shopes Creek Road. 10-10600.

Alexander Juan McGraw and Nancy Jane McGraw, Vanceburg. 10-10601.

Laura L. Bruce, Catlettsburg. 10-10602.

William Leonard Pennywitt and Carolyn S. Pennywitt, Raceland. 10-10603.

Justin Mark Grant and Joanie Marie Grant, Flatwoods. 10-10605.

Roger D. Stephens, Olive Hill. 10-10606.

Julie Fouch Mays, Morehead. 10-10607.

Oneida Haney, West Liberty. 10-10610.

Ronald Blume Jr. and Ashley Blume, Grayson. 10-10611.

David Osborne and Deanna Osborne, Morehead. 10-10616.

Tommy Wayne Fannin and Lisa Leann Fannin, West Liberty. 10-10617.

Edward L. Eddins, Morehead. 10-10619.

Trenton Wade Cox and Christina Michelle Cox, Louisa. 10-10620.

Rebecca Young, 2937 Franklin Street. 10-10622.

James N. Elliott and Patricia M. Elliott, Tollesboro. 10-10625.

Steven P. Thompson and Cristen R. Thompson, Flatwoods. 10-10627.

Aaron Jason Mays, Olive Hill. 10-10628.

Brandon Elam, West Liberty. 10-10629.

Norman Reed and Robin Reed, West Liberty. 10-10630.

Amy Heather Ferguson, Worthington. 10-10631.

Claris Ann Stevens, Louisa. 10-10632.

Robert B. Miller and Kathy J. Miller, 7504 Patrick Street. 10-10633.

Billy Ray Shockey Jr., Olive Hill. 10-10634.

Melissa D. Terry, 3215 Condit Street. 10-10635.

Cheryl Bradford, Flatwoods. 10-10636.

Berlinda Renee Beavers, Louisa. 10-10637.

Stephen Ray Barber and Cheryl Lynne Barber, 1418 Louise Drive. 10-10639.

Rodney W. Whitt and Heather Kaye Barnes Whitt, Clearfield. 10-10640.

Lonnie Dean Henderson Jr., 6918 Countryside Drive. 10-10641.

Thomas Hern and Donna Hern, Argillite. 10-10642.

Charles Shane Martin, 7714 Hall Ridge. 10-10643.

Robert L. Bingham, West Liberty. 10-10644.

Steven Paul Phillips, St. Albans. 10-10645.

Bonnie McKenzie, West Liberty. 10-10647.

Gary Michael Harmon, Flatwoods. 10-10648.

Lillian Gwen Sergent, Grayson. 10-10649.

Chapter 13

Ashland Division

Jimmy D. Wilson and Anita L. Wilson, Blaine. 10-10592.

Nathan Keith Hall and Laura Marie Hall, Flatwoods. 10-10604.

Earnie L. Kilgore and Patty D. Kilgore, Vanceburg. 10-10608.

Brian Castle and Crystal Gail Castle, Louisa. 10-10609.

Danny J. Rowe and Cindy L. Rowe, Vanceburg. 10-10612.

Randy Dale Jobe, 893 Goldie Court. 10-10613.

Clyde G. Hall and Irsel E. Hall, Garrison. 10-10614.

Kenneth E. Cooley and Shirley M. Cooley, Vanceburg. 10-10615.

Richard L. Singler III and Deborah J. Singler, Garrison. 10-10618.

Steven Lewis Moatz, 814 Birch Street. 10-10621.

Bille Howard and Polly Howard, West Liberty. 10-10623.

Danny Dean McGraw and Shelly Jean McGraw, Rush. 10-10624.

Lisa Ann Cooper, South Shore. 10-10626.

Raymond Lee Peyton and Letha Jane Peyton, West Liberty. 10-10638.

Toni Renee Jobe, Grayson. 10-10646.

Chapter 7

Frankfort Division

Kimberly A. Quinn, 217 Rancho Drive. 10-30824.

Ashley N. Quinn, 217 Rancho Drive. 10-30825.

Larry D. Hockensmith, 719 Cline Street. 10-30826.

Robert Andrew Logsdon and Kimberly Dawn Logsdon, Lawrenceburg. 10-30827.

Carmelia R. Purdy, Lawrenceburg. 10-30828.

Jared L. Justice, Finchville. 10-30829.

Clyde Anthony Proctor, Shelbyville. 10-30832.

Portia Rosedale Combs, Waddy. 10-30833.

David C. Chamberlain and Lois K. Chamberlain, Bedford. 10-30834.

Bette L. Crain, 208 Hiawatha Trail. 10-30835.

Tony Sons and Sandra Sons, Owington. 10-30836.

William M. Johnson and Candice F. Johnson, P.O. Box 4852. 10-30837.

Stacey R. Gentry, Lawrenceburg. 10-30838.

Joseph A Stokes, 2090 Louisville Road, Lot 14. 10-30839.

Michael R. Montgomery, Lawrenceburg. 10-30840.

Shirley D. Swank, New Castle. 10-30843.

Jamie Christopher Hatchell, Lawrenceburg. 10-30844.

Bobbie Jean Power, 424 Harrodsburg Lane, No. 1. 10-30846.

Gary D. Meadows and Judy A. Meadows, 174 Winding Way Drive. 10-30847.

Maggie Smith, 202 Hiawatha Trail. 10-30849.

Boyd A. Chism, Lawrenceburg. 10-30850.

Oscar B. Triplett and Virginia S. Triplett, 129 Windsor Drive. 10-30852.

Laura Michelle Oak, Carrollton. 10-30854.

Cecil R. Long and Christina D. Long, 53 Sulphur Lick Road. 10-30855.

Shannon Terry, Smithfield. 10-30856.

Kevin M. Sims, Ghent. 10-30860.

George L. Ritchie, Campbellsburg. 10-30861.

David Lee Stratton and Rebecca Joyce Stratton, Lawrenceburg. 10-30862.

Michael A. Singleton and Kristie M. Singleton, Campbellsburg. 10-30863.

Richard D. Mathis, Eminence. 10-30864.

Tammy Lynn Kistner, Shelbyville. 10-30867.

Albert Lee Newill and Maria Grazia Newill, Shelbyville. 10-30868.

Rene Avila, Shelbyville. 10-30869.

Douglas Parker and Yvonne Parker, Simpsonville. 10-30873.

Varita A. Griffin, 220 Douglas Avenue. 10-30874.

Roger Sloan and Carolyn Sloan, Bagdad. 10-30875.

Troy L. Sutherland and Michelle R. Sutherland, 1400 Old U.S. 60. 10-30876.

Elisha A. Harley, Lawrenceburg. 10-30878.

Penny L. Eppehimer, Simpsonville. 10-30880.

Steven D. Williams, Bagdad. 10-30881.

Tiffany L. Solace, Shelbyville. 10-30882.

Brandy J. Solace, Shelbyville. 10-30883.

Chapter 13

Frankfort Division

Chad Alan Wainscott and Susan Danette Wainscott, Worthville. 10-30822.

Charles Beckham Tomlin and Mary Susan Tomlin, Owenton. 10-30823.

Tanya D. Pacheco, Shelbyville. 10-30830.

Alicia O. Morgan, 401 College Park Drive. 10-30831.

Marsha L. Chesser, 116 Lincoln Drive. 10-30841.

Natalie Margarette Jowers, Shelbyville. 10-30842.

Roselyn Ann Schell, 1040 Flat Creek Road. 10-30845.

Johnnie V. McCollum and Heather N. McCollum, Carrollton. 10-30848.

Brian K. Collins and Lyndy C. Collins, Bedford. 10-30851.

Brian D. Bowman and Tanya N. Bowman, Lawrenceburg. 10-30853.

Danny Lewis Dutton and Penny Yvonne Dutton, Simpsonville. 10-30857.

Tonya Gaye Webb, Bagdad. 10-30858.

Susan M. Edwards-Warfield, P.O. Box 991. 10-30859.

Linda Carol Baker, 259 Rancho Drive. 10-30865.

Patricia A. Reese, Shelbyville. 10-30866.

Anthony L. Clark and Nancy L. Clark, Lawrenceburg. 10-30870.

Wayne E. Hays and Brenda L. Hays, Lawrenceburg. 10-30871.

Wallace M. Hayes and Gayle Hayes, Simpsonville. 10-30872.

James B. Mitchell and Leslie M. Mitchell, Shelbyville. 10-30877.

Mark D. Todd, Shelbyville. 10-30879.

Chapter 7

Lexington Division

Michael Alan Crow, 1265 Nice Drive. 10-53491.

Anthony D. Holland and Nancy A. Holland, Lancaster. 10-53493.

Stacey Ann Lynn, Junction City. 10-53494.

Stephen Thomas Horton, Owensboro. 10-53495.

Thomas E. Atwell and Ann K. Atwell, 138 Henton Road. 10-53497.

Traci M. West, 3813 Belleauwood Court. 10-53498.

Beverly D. McGuire, Wilmore. 10-53499.

Timothy Brown, Hustonville. 10-53500.

Joseph A. Irvin, 3505 Windgate Way. 10-53501.

David E. Corey, 2472 Franks Way. 10-53502.

Mark A. Dabney, Richmond. 10-53503.

Alan S. Coldiron and JoAnn Coldiron, Beattyville. 10-53504.

Eddie W. Rose and Cassandra R. Rose, Campton. 10-53505.

Tony D. Greene and Rebecca L. Greene, Frenchburg. 10-53506.

Steven G. Mobley, P.O. Box 11054. 10-53507.

Russell Allen Gardner and Donna Gayle Gardner, Versailles. 10-53511.

Bobby W. McDonald, Nicholasville. 10-53512.

Paul E. Bond Sr. and Ruby J. Bond, 218 Devonia Avenue. 10-53513.

John W. Bowden and Rebecca Bowden, Winchester. 10-53517.

Jack Young and Cheryl Young, 860 Apache Trail. 10-53518.

Leo F. Dillon and Dana K. Dillon, Stamping Ground. 10-53519.

George Clarke, Winchester. 10-53520.

Annie Katherine Bishop, 151 South Locust Hill Drive, No. 1302. 10-53521.

Rochelle Keesler, 340 Madison Place, No. 3. 10-53522.

Marcia Prentice, Nicholasville. 10-53523.

Rodney L. Murphy, Kings Mountain. 10-53524.

Delores S. Montgomery, Clay City. 10-53525.

Paul Raney and Connie Raney, Lancaster. 10-53526.

Sheila Boian, Irvine. 10-53527.

Susan Marie Connolly, 1941 Fontaine Road. 10-53528.

Chasity L. Ewing, Georgetown. 10-53529.

William R. Halcomb Jr., Richmond. 10-53530.

Richard E. White, 1132 Kees Road, No. 6. 10-53531.

Teresa J. Shepperson, Junction City. 10-53532.

Logan M. Combs and Krystal L. Combs, Frenchburg. 10-53533.

Robert Shane Smith, 3650 Tates Creek Road. 10-53534.

Lowell K. Dickerson and Sheila G. Dickerson, 3632 Pheasant Run. 10-53535.

Janice Watson, 1053 Lemon Rue Way. 10-53536.

Tracy Robin Kidd, Berea. 10-53537.

Clyde Lee Taylor, Paris. 10-53539.

John W. Phillips Jr., 224 Taylor Drive, No. 3. 10-53540.

Michael S. Rice and Nicole Marie Rice, 3612 Mossbridge Way. 10-53541.

Patricia K. Morgan, Nicholasville. 10-53542.

James M. Lane and Connie L. Lane, Winchester. 10-53543.

Melissa Kaye Walling, Irvine. 10-53545.

Ronald J. Adkins and Ashley N. Adkins, 1729 Gleneagles Drive. 10-53546.

Ruth M. Rhineheimer, Wilmore. 10-53547.

Chase A. Owens, 3366 Nevius Drive. 10-53548.

Troy Randall Lovin, Irvine. 10-53551.

Douglas Michal Garrett and Rhonda Luray Garrett, 3956 Weber Way. 10-53552.

Steven Maggard, 3901 Rapid Run Drive, No. 1318. 10-53553.

Melana Gail Townsend, Clay City. 10-53554.

Rachel L. Clemons, 687 Longwood Road. 10-53555.

Timothy Jewell and Patricia K. Jewell, Beattyville. 10-53556.

Tina Michelle Tate, Danville. 10-53557.

Ronald W. Pennington, Harrodsburg. 10-53558.

Louann C Robinson, Nicholasville. 10-53560.

Linda K. White, Mount Sterling. 10-53561.

Ricky A. Norman and Mona L. Norman, Winchester. 10-53562.

Eric N. Riling and Estee E. Riling, 2309 Country Hills Circle. 10-53564.

Kylia Ann Wilson, Sharpsburg. 10-53565.

David Ross Brumett, Waynesburg. 10-53566.

Lloyd Stephen Castle and Teresa Lynn Castle, Means. 10-53567.

Alonzo D. Alcorn, 2593 Cashel Court. 10-53568.

Curtis L. Crank, Stanford. 10-53569.

Ursula F. Jackson, 504 Jessica Circle. 10-53571.

Ronnie Lee Birch and Charlotte D. Birch, 1985 Greenleaf Drive. 10-53572.

Angela K. Stevens and Jeffery A. Stevens, Salt Lick. 10-53574.

Walter E. Brock and Norma J. Brock, Nicholasville. 10-53575.

Frances H. Mitchell, Winchester. 10-53577.

Bill E. Wagoner, Cynthiana. 10-53578.

Edward L. Woolums Sr. and Joan D. Woolums, Kings Mountain. 10-53579.

Nicole L. Young, Wilmore. 10-53580.

Heather Bosworth, 320 Merino Street. 10-53582.

Heather N. Williamson, 2920 Polo Club Boulevard, No. 8208. 10-53583.

Phillip P. Carpenter II, 2698 Braden Way. 10-53584.

Benny Franklin McNeese and Donna Darlene McNeese, 1729 Albemarle Road. 10-53585.

Robert Anthony Spicuzza, 1167 Turkey Foot Road, No. 30. 10-53586.

Tina Huber, Paris. 10-53587.

Tommie Hue Still and Connie Lynn Still, Richmond. 10-53588.

Jeremy S. Sowder and Melissa G. Sowder, Cynthiana. 10-53589.

John R. Bingham and Denise Michelle Bingham, 1229 Hot Springs Court. 10-53590.

Kammie J. Westbrook, 585 Greenfield Drive. 10-53591.

Virgil Green Jr. and Martha Green, Harrodsburg. 10-53592.

Lisa C. Brouse, 2401 English Station Drive. 10-53596.

John R. Bradshaw Jr., Stanford. 10-53597.

Teresa Gail Mullins, Waynesburg. 10-53598.

David M. Ryan and Angela Farris, 439 Douglas Avenue. 10-53599.

Eric M. Noland and Mary A. Noland, Nicholasville. 10-53600.

Steven John Dougherty and Shauna Nicole Dougherty, Irvine. 10-53601.

Dovie M. Freels, Wilmore. 10-53602.

Melissa Ann Carter and Jonathan M. Carter, Georgetown. 10-53604.

Bourbon Motor Company of Paris Inc., Paris. 10-53605.

Edwin H. Skidmore III and Vivienne I. Skidmore, 4145 Kenney Lane. 10-53606.

Jason D. Berryman, Georgetown. 10-53607.

Harry E. Van Epps and Dorothy J. Van Epps, 3429 Tisdale Drive. 10-53608.

David D. Simpson, 2109 Twain Ridge Drive. 10-53609.

Jonathon G. Revlett, Georgetown. 10-53610.

Mark A. Hounshell, Georgetown. 10-53611.

James D. Mayberry Sr, 311 Duke Road, No. 4. 10-53612.

April Cassandra Howard, 1575 Summerhill Drive. 10-53613.

Jennifer Lynne Short, Winchester. 10-53614.

Stefanie Paige Laughlin, Carlisle. 10-53615.

Theresa Anne Martin, Paris. 10-53616.

Lauri C. Martin, Nicholasville. 10-53618.

Brian P. Murphy and Mary K. Murphy, Georgetown. 10-53619.

James A. Underwood Jr., 174 North Mount Tabor Road, No. 154. 10-53620.

Joseph W. Mefford II and Tara L. Mefford, Georgetown. 10-53621.

Kazi Zakir Hossain, 2504 Larkin Road, No. 5. 10-53622.

Carolyn F. Miller, 404 Larkwood Drive. 10-53623.

Ruthanne Walker, P.O. Box 23818. 10-53626.

Kenny Lee Hensley and Tanya Lynn Hensley, Harrodsburg. 10-53627.

Juan Garcia Castulo, 1568 Alexandria, No. 7A. 10-53629.

Thomas G. Boling and Carolyn B. Boling, Flemingsburg. 10-53630.

Doris Jean Preston, Richmond. 10-53631.

Casey Lee Bishop, Stanford. 10-53632.

James Timothy Allen and Linda Sue Allen, Berea. 10-53633.

Helen Arlene Sparks, Richmond. 10-53634.

Alline Saylor, 263 Lake Wales Drive. 10-53635.

Charles R. Arterburn, 333 Legion Drive, No. 240. 10-53636.

Larry L. Mays, Irvine. 10-53640.

Barry Harlow, Versailles. 10-53641.

Barry Harlow Landscapes Inc., Georgetown. 10-53642.

Randolph C. Catlette and Lisa Ann Catlette, 3751 Appian Way, No. 225. 10-53643.

Jeffrey Glenn Spencer Sr., Beattyville. 10-53644.

Gracie J. Caldwell, Midway. 10-53645.

Larry R. Simpson II and Tonya R. Simpson, Georgetown. 10-53646.

Patricia D. Johnson, 3069 Tuscaloosa Lane. 10-53647.

Wayne R. McClanahan, Cynthiana. 10-53650.

Jamie N. Matherly, Perryville. 10-53651.

Shaunna Ramsdale Johanneman and Douglas Edward Johanneman, 4129 Clearwater Way. 10-53653.

Stephen C. Jernigan, Winchester. 10-53654.

Jerry Gunnell and Georgina Gunnell, Georgetown. 10-53655.

Linda V. Louallen, Harrodsburg. 10-53656.

Jimmy Bailey Floyd and Anna B. Floyd, Nicholasville. 10-53657.

Sharon A. Arndt, Richmond. 10-53658.

Tracy Michele Taylor, Nicholasville. 10-53659.

David W. Asberry and Sherry A. Asberry, 1100 Brick House Lane. 10-53660.

LaDonna Gail Wilson, Wellington. 10-53662.

Roy Dean and Stella M. Dean, Nicholasville. 10-53663.

Michael B. Fizer, Nicholasville. 10-53664.

Joyce Ann Pleasants, Lancaster. 10-53666.

Linda Carol Roberts, Waco. 10-53667.

Timothy Daryl Raider and Loretta Ann Raider, Berea. 10-53668.

Alan McMahon and Brenda McMahon, Cynthiana. 10-53674.

James Kent Uhrig and Jayne Lynn Uhrig, Danville. 10-53675.

David Wayne Thomas and Alma Swartz Thomas, Frenchburg. 10-53676.

James R. Lowery and Mary A. Lowery, Georgetown. 10-53677.

Robert C. Ross, Nicholasville. 10-53678.

Mark D. Long, P.O. Box 54594. 10-53679.

Charles Albert Hilton III and Georgette Elaine Hilton, 319 Lafayette, Unit A. 10-53682.

Paul E. Wilson, 1880 Dunkirk Drive. 10-53683.

Benjamin Schafer Stevenson, 170 Old Park Avenue, No. 2. 10-53684.

Amy S. Garner, 4390 Clearwater Way, No. 2403. 10-53685.

Rhonda Jean Detwiler, 4030 Tates Creek Road, No. 2917. 10-53689.

David W. Wilkinson and Jody L. Wilkinson, Georgetown. 10-53690.

Jennifer D. Stapleton, Harrodsburg. 10-53691.

Pamela Lowery, 409 Barrister Court. 10-53692.

Michael B. Foos and Shannon L. Foos, 3820 Nicholasville Road, No. 809. 10-53693.

Kenneth R. Sipes Jr. and Rosa D. Sipes, Georgetown. 10-53694.

Heather Nicole Grannis, Wallingford. 10-53695.

Bryan C. Ishmael and Amber N. Ishmael, Ewing. 10-53697.

Marion Randall Wood and Susan Sidebottom Wood, Flemingsburg. 10-53698.

Rickey Ray White and Lana Jean White, Cynthiana. 10-53700.

Phyllis Marie King, 1344 Royalty Court, No. 5. 10-53701.

Ashley Walker, Winchester. 10-53702.

Brian D. Ely, Harrodsburg. 10-53704.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo