Cable quirk replaces WLEX with Insight's cn|2

An equipment malfunction Thursday at cable provider Insight Communications caused morning news programming on Lexington NBC affiliate WLEX (Channel 18) to be replaced by Insight's own local channel.

Insight spokesman Jason Keller said the company performed a software upgrade at its Lexington operations center overnight Wednesday. The upgrade required the company to reconvert some of its channels; in doing so, the equipment reset WLEX's channel on the cable lineup. In resetting it, the equipment automatically tuned it to Insight's cn|2 weather, politics and sports channel on Channel 2, which is the default channel for Insight's digital video recorders.

Keller said the incident, which began at about 5:45 a.m., was unintentional and fixed by 7:41 a.m.

WLEX general manager Pat Dalbey said the station's contact at Insight responded immediately and apologized for the error.

"It's just one of those crazy things," Dalbey said.