Kentucky by the numbers: 67.2 percent

A recent study suggests Kentucky was among the three worst-performing states in three of five categories measuring financial capability. The study was funded by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation.

Among the survey's findings:

■ Kentucky was the second-worst performer in the country when it came to not having rainy day funds, as 67.2 percent of residents don't have them for emergencies. Nationally, 60.4 percent of residents don't have emergency funds. Oklahoma was the worst at 71.5 percent.

■ Averaging only 2.843 correct, Kentucky was the third-worst state when it came to answering a series of financial literacy questions. States measuring worse than Kentucky were Louisiana (2.75) and West Virginia (2.835). Nationally, the average number correct was 2.989.

■ Of those Kentuckians surveyed, 66.2 percent did not do any comparison shopping for credit cards, placing the state behind Missouri and North Carolina (67.4 percent each) for the worst performance.

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Scott Sloan