Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at www. Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Ashland Division

Faye E. McKenzie and John R. McKenzie, South Shore. 10-10687.

Anthony Doyle Blair and Danetta Lee Blair, Ulysses. 10-10685.

Joe Hamilton and Connie Hamilton, Louisa. 10-10684.

Jon Ciarrochi, West Liberty. 10-10683.

Virginia L. Davis, Olive Hill. 10-10682.

Kyle Joseph Wolfe, Clearfield. 10-10681.

Bertha Mae Branham, Louisa. 10-10679.

Victor R. Kilgore and Angela F. Kilgore, Vanceburg. 10-10678.

Clifford L. Heighton and Debra K. Heighton, Russell. 10-10677.

Freda M. Taulbee, Hazel Green. 10-10676.

Hazel Packer, 874 39th Street. 10-10675.

Susan V. Fleming, 2316 East Jepson Street. 10-10674.

Frankfort Division

Justin A. Tingle and Amber N. Tingle, Ghent. 10-30920.

Sonal Enterprise Inc., Carrollton. 10-30919.

Charles M. Hall, Owenton. 10-30918.

Jeanna L. Ritch, Carrollton. 10-30917.

Paul Everett Wells, Shelbyville. 10-30916.

Julie Ann Smallwood, 301 Briarpatch Lane. 10-30913.

Lana B. Rose, 395 Schenkel Lane. 10-30912.

Michael C. McGuire and Jennifer L. McGuire, Worthville. 10-30911.

Charles W. Bradley II, Shelbyville. 10-30910.

Amanda Martin, 218 Pinnacle Court. 10-30909.

Gerald A. Miller and Tracy L. Miller, 101 Randolph Road. 10-30907.

Tina M. Roberts, Bedford. 10-30904.

Stewart Franklin Page Jr. and Nancy Becherer Page, Shelbyville. 10-30903.

Gregory A. Reynolds, Bedford. 10-30902.

Lexington Division

Barbara Ann Spradlin, Mount Sterling. 10-54045.

Keith Means, 2375 Lake Park Road, No. 401. 10-54044.

Charles T. Brown, Mt Sterling. 10-54043.

Gary W. Bond Jr. and Kari A. Bond, Georgetown. 10-54042.

John D. Edwards, Richmond. 10-54040.

James W. Hoffmann and Sherry D. Hoffmann, Versailles. 10-54039.

Lisa H. Horton, 2781 Jacquelyn Lane, No. 126. 10-54038.

Jimmy Stringfield and Gina D. Stringfield, Danville. 10-54036.

Ruby Thacker and Charles Thacker, Irvine. 10-54035.

Bernard Murray Wallace and Diane W. Wallace, 3920 Wyndham Ridge. 10-54034.

Bruce J. Rose and Teresa R. Rose, Georgetown. 10-54033.

Ralph W. Gaylord and Judy L. Gaylord, Clay City. 10-54032.

Balford Stokely Jr., Nicholasville. 10-54031.

Jesse M. Howard, Mount Sterling. 10-54030.

John R. Woods and Amy Lee Woods, Harrodsburg. 10-54029.

John R. Brandon III and Teresa A. Brandon, Harrodsburg. 10-54028.

Troy K. Daugherty, Hustonville. 10-54027.

Raymond A. Hobbs and Mary Ann Hobbs, 3634 Appian Way. 10-54026.

Jonathan P. Noel, 2785 Whiteberry Drive. 10-54025.

Jessica L. Wolf, 4276 Jasmine Rose. 10-54024.

Corey Lawrence Cochran, Danville. 10-54023.

Scarlet Elizabeth Sebastian, Danville. 10-54022.

Melisha N. Conley, Winchester. 10-54021.

William H. Adkins and Amy J. Adkins, Stanton. 10-54020.

Rezanna Sue McKinney, Winchester. 10-54019.

William Sheridan Westerfield, Danville. 10-54018.

Edward L. Gatterdam III, 163 Penmoken Pk.. 10-54016.

William M. Lizer and Jayne S. Lizer, Nicholasville. 10-54014.

Owen Scott Earls and Tami Linn Earls, Flemingsburg. 10-54013.

Michael W. Zuckerman, 151 South Locust Hill Drive, No. 408. 10-54012.

Charles Thomas Southworth, Georgetown. 10-54010.

Nathan D. Thompson and Stephanie A. Thompson, Waynesburg. 10-54007.

Susan D. Shearer and Larry K. Shearer, Danville. 10-54006.

James Edward Leach, Junction City. 10-54005.

Travis W. Banks, Harrodsburg. 10-54004.

Jerry W. Dailey and Linda J. Dailey, Lancaster. 10-54003.

Robert A. Huffman, 673 Wilderness Road. 10-54002.

Sally Ann Musser, Beattyville. 10-54001.

Brandon Kent Tipton, Mt. Sterling. 10-53999.

Saundra R. Blackford, 620 Hyden Court. 10-53998.

John E. Bert Severns, Danville. 10-53996.

Margaret A. Calhoun, Danville. 10-53995.

Joseph C. Sosby and Kelly M. Sosby, 1810 Normandy Road. 10-53994.

Patrick Robinson, 250 S. Martin Luther King Boulevard, No. 217. 10-53993.

Bernie A. Mullins and Tammy F. Mullins, 3568 Cephas Way. 10-53992.

James L. Hall and Tekita L. Hall, Nicholasville. 10-53991.

Christalena F. Garvin, Georgetown. 10-53990.

David H. Crouse Jr. and Judy W. Crouse, 2201 Terrace Woods Court. 10-53989.

Dorothy M. Bailey, 2009 Writt Court. 10-53988.

Azhar Ali, 3200 Todds Road, No. 606. 10-53987.

Ryan Dale Caldwell, Danville. 10-53986.

John L. Grider, 1887 Star Shoot Parkway. 10-53985.

Clara Maria Paynter, Cynthiana. 10-53984.

Linda R. Marquette, Paris. 10-53983.

Michael Kent Martin and Rhodella Mae Martin, Flemingsburg. 10-53982.

Dawnitra E. Hilliard, 130 East Sixth Street. 10-53981.

Linville Scott Willoughby and Leann M. Willoughby, Winchester. 10-53979.

Ross G. Reasor and Florence L. Reasor, Winchester. 10-53978.

John William Bryan II, 3005 Shaker Oaks Court. 10-53977.

Venson L. Cooper and Marlia Cooper, P.O. Box 12502. 10-53976.

James Bayes and Caroline Bayes, 526 East Loudon Avenue. 10-53975.

Bobby D. Williams, 216 Wilton Avenue. 10-53974.

Amy D. Bowman, Nicholasville. 10-53973.

Billy Lee Goe and Judy Lynn Goe, Beattyville. 10-53972.

Jason William McKinnon and Jessica McKinnon, Berea. 10-53971.

Mary Myers and Fred Myers, Harrodsburg. 10-53970.

Twila L. McCann, 1997 Lost Trail Lane. 10-53969.

Larry James Smith Sr. and Donna Sue Smith, Wallingford. 10-53968.

Lucas Dean Holloway and Toni Nicole Holloway, Flemingsburg. 10-53967.

Dennis Hall, Winchester. 10-53966.

Ricky E. Lynch, 511 McCubbing Drive. 10-53965.

Stephanie A. Jackson, Owingsville. 10-53964.

James W. Henson and Shanna L. Henson, Campton. 10-53963.

James H. Mason, 533 Folkstone Drive. 10-53962.

Dora Southers, Jackson. 10-53961.

Tatyana L. Fasolko, Nicholasville. 10-53960.

David W. Griffieth and Mercedita A. Griffieth, 103 Woodford Drive. 10-53959.

Roger Clayton Helton and Peggy S. Helton, Berea. 10-53958.

Bernard Anthony Polzin and Rita Gilliam Polzin, 3040 Brookmonte Lane. 10-53957.

Kenneth Raymond Kocon and Maria Darlene Kocon, 4030 Tates Creek Road, No. 2950. 10-53956.

Everett R. Thompson III and April D. Thompson, 2337 Hartland Parkside Drive. 10-53954.

Joanna Chinn, 3395 Spangler Drive, No. 43. 10-53953.

David Hamblin, Richmond. 10-53952.

Maudie K. Kurtz, 329 Larkwood Dr.. 10-53951.

Mitchell W. Harmon, Harrodsburg. 10-53950.

Jaclyn A. Britton, 445 East Maxwell Street, No. 1. 10-53949.

Warren C. Middleton and Shari L. Middleton, Sadieville. 10-53947.

Lisa G. Phelps, Georgetown. 10-53946.

Arlie Sparks and Dianna Mae Vance, Millersburg. 10-53944.

Edward M. Carter and Anna L. Carter, Millersburg. 10-53943.

Chapter 13

Ashland Division

Stephen Ray Thompson and Rebecca Hope Thompson, 2629 Holt Street. 10-10686.

Amanda Jo Madden, Greenup. 10-10680.

Pamela Odum Puryear, Louisa. 10-10673.

Frankfort Division

Ronald D. Yount and Jennifer G. Yount, Eminence. 10-30915.

Harry Christopher Goettel and Regina A. Goettel, 120 Kimberly Drive. 10-30914.

Jason L. Perry and Kristy Y. Perry, Lawrenceburg. 10-30908.

Jason E. Ping and Amy E. Ping, Lawrenceburg. 10-30906.

Phillip D. Florian and Marlene M. Florian, 606 North Lime Street. 10-30905.

Annette Clark, Shelbyville. 10-30901.

Shannon G. Hale and Cassie A. Hale, Shelbyville. 10-30900.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo