Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at www. Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Lexington Division

Gary M. Hodges, 3224 Yellowstone Parkway. 11-50274.

Dennis Lee Combs, Clay City. 11-50276.

Vanessa G. Saunders, 411 Johnson Avenue. 11-50277.

Mary Adams, Stanford. 11-50281.

Peter Sean Kendrick and Susanna Rae Kendrick, Danville. 11-50282.

Elexis Camile Goodlett, Harrodsburg. 11-50283.

Joe E. Warner, Danville. 11-50284.

Joretta L. Joseph, Georgetown. 11-50285.

London Division

Rita Mae Miller, Somerset. 11-60059.

Deborah L. Stanton, Lily. 11-60060.

James Ual Tigue and Leslie Ann Tigue, Middlesboro. 11-60061.

Billie Dean Walters and Brenda Louise Walters, Rockholds. 11-60064.

Barbara Ann Hummell, Corbin. 11-60065.

Donna Gaye Napier, Hazard. 11-60066.

Dawn Caudill, Corbin. 11-60067.

Rufus J. Collett Jr. and Diane Collett, Coldiron. 11-60068.

Billy Wayne Baird, Pineville. 11-60072.

David Neal Brewer, McKee. 11-60075.

Donald Layton Bergquist, Middlesboro. 11-60076.

Robert Childress, Mount Vernon. 11-60077.

Melvin Capley Enix, Middlesboro. 11-60080.

Derek S. Flynn and Abigail T. Flynn, 116 Catalpa Court. 11-60081.

James Eric Vaughn and Carolyn Sue Vaughn, Barbourville. 11-60083.

William Keith Bussell and Bonnie Jean Bussell, Orlando. 11-60084.

Frances A. Watson, Science Hill. 11-60085.

Alan Ford, Kenvir. 11-60087.

Fetter L. Wilder Sr. and Cathy J. Wilder, Science Hill. 11-60089.

Marty Wayne Petrey, Williamsburg. 11-60090.

Jamie Eugene Warner and Theresa Renee Warner, Somerset. 11-60092.

Lester Saylor and Charlotte Renee Saylor, Loyall. 11-60093.

Deborah Sue Hatfield, Nancy. 11-60095.

Lucas M. Brumley, Ferguson. 11-60096.

James Edwin Gastineau and Tonya Michelle Gastineau, Somerset. 11-60097.

James F. Saylor and Denise M. Saylor, Pineville. 11-60098.

Dianna Lynn Foster, Somerset. 11-60099.

Jerry W. Hampton and Barbara Diane Hampton, East Bernstadt. 11-60100.

Dale William Mote Jr. and Wendy Gayle Mote, Somerset. 11-60101.

John Martin Swanson Sr. and Margaret Lynn Swanson, Somerset. 11-60102.

Christopher Jeremy York and Angie Michelle York, Annville. 11-60103.

Brandon Scott Jones and Brittany Delynn Jones, Evarts. 11-60104.

Larry E. Whitaker, Manchester. 11-60105.

Magdline Sue Ball, Ages Brookside. 11-60108.

Ryan Thomas and Tarah E. Thomas, Gray. 11-60109.

James R. Proffitt and Rebecca M. Proffitt, 4988 Rough Creek Road. 11-60110.

Jennifer Hulett Wilson, 98 O'Neal Road. 11-60111.

Tabatha Ann Philpot, 60 Swiss Colony Lane. 11-60113.

Michael T. Sapp and Bonnie I. Sapp, Nancy. 11-60114.

Aleisha D. Lewis, Pineville. 11-60115.

Michael Johnson and Marci Johnson, Nancy. 11-60116.

Pikeville Division

Amy Rebecca Bevins, 84 Bevins Lane. 11-70035.

John Lewis Marrs Sr., Robinson Creek. 11-70036.

Michael K. Samons, Martin. 11-70040.

Bobby Joe Hammonds, Paintsville. 11-70041.

Lenville C. Adams, Jeremiah. 11-70043.

Jerry Lee Smith and Patricia Ann Smith, Shelbiana. 11-70045.

Patricia L. Collins, Salyersville. 11-70047.

Toni Jonella Fitch, Staffordsville. 11-70048.

Gena Chandler, Paintsville. 11-70049.

Tony Goble and Jolean Goble, Prestonsburg. 11-70050.

Mary Jo Howard, Salyersville. 11-70051.

Donald Eugene Marcum and Vickie Jo Marcum, South Williamson. 11-70052.

James Edward Mosley and Jacqueline Mosley, Hindman. 11-70054.

Misty Dawn Yates, P.O. Box 4263. 11-70057.

Chapter 13

Lexington Division

Cloay White and Hershel White, Lost Creek. 11-50145.

David George Chasse III, Richmond. 11-50151.

Susan Annette Patrick, Winchester. 11-50153.

William R. Ratliff, 1733 Harrogate Road. 11-50155.

Caryn L. Carter, 4809 Hartland Woods Court. 11-50158.

Sheryl Rae Reid, 2464 Rockaway Place. 11-50172.

Joseph J. Florence and Sandra G. Florence, Nicholasville. 11-50186.

Debra Lynn Bond and Rodney L. Bond, 3937 Wyndham Ridge. 11-50188.

Robert Ray Banks Jr. and Debra Carol Banks, Berea. 11-50189.

Kimberly L. Turpin, 511 Rosemont Garden. 11-50192.

Stacy L. Gunter and Bobby Joe Gunter, Georgetown. 11-50199.

Shawn D. Bates and Christina L. Bates, 2306 Allen Drive. 11-50201.

James R. Pierson and Cindy L. Pierson, Nicholasville. 11-50215.

Jackie R. Rogers and Pamela J. Rogers, 1127 Merewood Drive. 11-50216.

Kenneth Ray Bellamy and Donna Sue Bellamy, Mount Sterling. 11-50221.

Cynthia L. Shelton, 848 Malabu Drive, No. 26. 11-50223.

Jamie E. Higgins and Amanda M. Higgins, Flemingsburg. 11-50230.

Kimberly S. Caddell, 3751 Red River Drive. 11-50236.

Sheila J. Wathen, Beattyville. 11-50240.

Wanda Sue Covington, Georgetown. 11-50247.

Robert Trujillo and Kim Trujillo, 150 Forest Avenue. 11-50248.

Pamela S. Shearer, Stanford. 11-50250.

Stephanie Renae Marshall, Waco. 11-50251.

Betty Melinda Lamb, Richmond. 11-50254.

Sherry Latonya Fishback, 1249 Atokad Park. 11-50256.

Danny Michael Wilson and Cindy Ann Wilson, 1070 Griffin Gate Drive. 11-50270.

Mia M. Gaines, Paris. 11-50271.

Timothy Earl Burnett, 3401 Featherston Drive. 11-50275.

Denis A. Cloud and Sara A. Cloud, 1209 Liggett Street. 11-50278.

Brett E. Sampson and Ethel Sampson, Stanford. 11-50279.

Michael Reed and Amy Reed, Junction City. 11-50280.

London Division

Donald Claybourne Johnson and Carissa Dawn Johnson, Hyden. 11-60062.

Clifton Eugene Raines and Sundie Michelle Raines, Wooton. 11-60063.

Barry D. Vaught and Pattie M. Vaught, Science Hill. 11-60069.

Walter L. Disney and Heather L. Disney, Woodbine. 11-60070.

Verna Mae Lawson, Wallins Creek. 11-60071.

James F. Hopkins, Harlan. 11-60073.

Jeffery Vanus Cox and Susan Marie Miracle Cox, Pineville. 11-60074.

Beverly Diane Webb, Benham. 11-60078.

Philip Edward Bland Jr. and Edna Katherine Bland, Williamsburg. 11-60079.

Freddie G. Miniard and Charlene N. Miniard, Hazard. 11-60082.

Jacqueline L. Tinsley, Flat Lick. 11-60086.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo