Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at www. Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

London Division

Ronnie Walters and Bonnie Darlene Walters, Gray. 11-60527.

Donny Ray Smith and Shelby Jean Smith, Cannon. 11-60529.

Frank Lee Weinberg, Somerset. 11-60530.

Howard Allen Parrigin and Linda Sue Parrigin, Somerset. 11-60531.

Vonda Brock Poloni, Somerset. 11-60532.

James John Howard and Rebecca Ann Howard, Corbin. 11-60533.

Freeman James Howard Jr. and Lisa Mary Howard, Keavy. 11-60534.

Wesley T. Morgan and Jennifer H. Morgan, Somerset. 11-60539.

Jackie Bingham, Tyner. 11-60540.

Danny R. Hodge, Corbin. 11-60542.

David Paul Crain and Heather Myria Crain, Bledsoe. 11-60543.

Leeann Mills, Barbourville. 11-60544.

Joshua Ray Joseph and Sherry Kay Kemper, Yeaddiss. 11-60545.

Larry Dean Ball and Donna S. Ball, East Bernstadt. 11-60546.

Joe L. Davis Jr. and Kathy Davis, Williamsburg. 11-60547.

Jeffrey Craig Stewart and Lisa Joan Stewart, Corbin. 11-60548.

Ellen C. Colwell, 5970 Slate Lick Road. 11-60549.

David Gibson and Lesia Ann Gibson, Middlesboro. 11-60550.

Willie Ray Smith and Alma Rosa Smith, 155 Magee Road. 11-60552.

Chadwick Billy Hancock and Vanessa Kay Hancock, Monticello. 11-60553.

Troy K. Clark, Monticello. 11-60554.

Keith O. Dishman and Lisa D. Dishman, Monticello. 11-60555.

Ricky Gross and Karen M. Gross, Burnside. 11-60556.

Jason Andrew King and Tina Marie King, Evarts. 11-60558.

Frieda Gail Asher, Mozelle. 11-60559.

Miranda Suzanne Jackson, Hazard. 11-60561.

Susie G. Combs, Hazard. 11-60562.

Johnny Lee Henson and Chasity Nicole Henson, Manchester. 11-60563.

Kendra F. Lewis, Somerset. 11-60564.

Bradley M. Bensman, Stearns. 11-60565.

Gary Lee Tucker, Somerset. 11-60567.

Charles A. Turner, Sandgap. 11-60568.

Alva Alan Halter and Abigail Charnaine Halter, McKee. 11-60569.

Joyce H. Gaines, Somerset. 11-60570.

Scott A. Smith, Middlesboro. 11-60571.

Billy Clyde Burnette and Kasey Nicole Burnette, Girdler. 11-60572.

Carl Oliver Koch and Peggy Neva Koch, Burnside. 11-60574.

Jerry Caldwell and Angela E. Caldwell, 136 Rush Lane. 11-60575.

Cortney Marie Smith, Corbin. 11-60576.

Angela Michelle Jones, Middlesboro. 11-60577.

Donna Carrender, Monticello. 11-60578.

Peter E. Goulet and Shelley E. Goulet, Somerset. 11-60579.

Ashley N. Leatherman, Somerset. 11-60580.

Michael K. Spurlock and Angela S. Spurlock, McKee. 11-60581.

Ronald William Rickards and Vicki Ann Rickards, Middlesboro. 11-60583.

Terry Sizemore, Barbourville. 11-60584.

Tanner Scott Morrow and Amy Michelle Morrow, Somerset. 11-60585.

Michael S. Brock, Corbin. 11-60586.

Anthony Richard Fugate and Christie Michelle Fugate, Viper. 11-60587.

Larry Dean Pyles and Kathy Jo Pyles, Monticello. 11-60588.

Robert Hughes and Katrica Hughes, Somerset. 11-60589.

Kenneth Lee Henson and Paula Darlene Henson, East Bernstadt. 11-60590.

Alice K. Stone, 73 Royal Drive. 11-60591.

Robert D. Haney and Linda L. Haney, Bulan. 11-60592.

Jeremy R. Walker, 316 Sasser School Road. 11-60593.

Michael Howard Hill and Lena Gay Hill, Williamsburg. 11-60594.

John Robin Stivers, Corbin. 11-60595.

Kenlyn Elisha Chadwell, Gray. 11-60596.

James Tilmon Hurst and Deloris Ann Hurst, Middlesboro. 11-60597.

Kenneth Ray McHargue, Corbin. 11-60598.

Carl David Hurst and Shirley Ann Hurst, Emlyn. 11-60599.

Sheila Lezette Bearden, Corbin. 11-60600.

Jennifer Lynn Thomas, Lily. 11-60601.

Roger D. Smith and Jerralyn M. Smith, Corbin. 11-60602.

Virgil Sampsell and Joanna Sampsell, Yerkes. 11-60603.

Andy J. Wilder and Rochelle D. Wilder, Miracle. 11-60604.

Stanley M. Reed and Shirley I. Reed, 606 Corn Cemetery Road. 11-60605.

Johnathan Smith, Corbin. 11-60607.

Jerry L. Johnson and Pamela D. Johnson, Middlesboro. 11-60609.

Randall Wayne Anderson, Somerset. 11-60611.

Judy K. Thomas, Somerset. 11-60612.

Donnie McQueen, Manchester. 11-60613.

Scott Vertreese Burton and Tonya Denise Burton, Ferguson. 11-60614.

Byron Anthony Martin and Crystal Dawn Martin, Rockholds. 11-60616.

Billie Bolling, Hazard. 11-60617.

James A. Lockaby and Barbara A. Lockaby, East Bernstadt. 11-60619.

Raymond Collins Jr. and Tabatha Lynn Collins, Happy. 11-60621.

Joey Cole and Salina Cole, 5955 Barbourville Road. 11-60622.

Josef J. Hoskins and Heather K. Hoskins, 403 Disney Drive. 11-60623.

Stacy Michelle Pigman, Eubank. 11-60625.

Melissa R. Hamby, Rockholds. 11-60626.

Wendell G. Stepp and Betty L. Stepp, Booneville. 11-60627.

Larry Justin Turner, Hyden. 11-60628.

Mary Catherine Johnson, Cumberland. 11-60629.

Robert Allen Coffey, Mount Vernon. 11-60630.

Samantha Nicole Woods, Rockholds. 11-60631.

Michael Harlan Justice and Faye Lee Justice, Lily. 11-60632.

Christine McHargue, Corbin. 11-60633.

Mildred Ellen Robbins, Corbin. 11-60634.

Bruce Edward Catron and Deborah Lynn Catron, Somerset. 11-60635.

Kathy Lynn Bundy, 147 Farmer Road. 11-60636.

Stevie Piercy, Monticello. 11-60637.

April M Berry, Somerset. 11-60638.

Selena Gail Hundley, Tyner. 11-60639.

Bige C. Smith and Dinah K. Smith, Corbin. 11-60641.

Deborah Cheryl Orias, Rockholds. 11-60642.

Ronald Richardson Jr. and Debra Richardson, Arjay. 11-60643.

Brenda Lou Deaton, Barbourville. 11-60644.

Leroy Mikel Jr. and Beverly E. Mikel, Monticello. 11-60645.

Allen Wayne Haynes and Helen Jean Haynes, Barbourville. 11-60646.

Jeff Lee Patterson and Lisa Mae Patterson, Cannon. 11-60647.

Tivous R. Davis and Elaina Davis, Pine Knot. 11-60648.

Jeffrey T. Bolin, Revelo. 11-60649.

Christopher M. Honeycutt and Tennille Tate Honeycutt, Somerset. 11-60650.

Gayle Manning, Somerset. 11-60651.

Heskel Wayne Roaden and Evalee Roaden, Corbin. 11-60652.

Holly Lynn Cox, Annville. 11-60653.

Ricky D. Arthur and Gracie M. Arthur, 1205 McWhorter Road. 11-60654.

Vietta Jane Barnett, Middlesboro. 11-60655.

Mary Hellen White, Middlesboro. 11-60656.

Dolores Jean Gray, Mount Vernon. 11-60657.

James Francis Dillion, Viper. 11-60658.

Pikeville Division

Ratha Mullins and Deanna Lynn Mullins, Bevinsville. 11-70253.

Pauline May Rogers and Lawrence Raymond Rogers Sr., Staffordsville. 11-70254.

Randy Jackson and Edith M. Jackson, Paintsville. 11-70256.

Betty Louise Ousley, Prestonsburg. 11-70258.

Manis James Ousley, Martin. 11-70259.

Tony Slone and Maxine Jean Slone, Kimper. 11-70261.

Lincoln Eugene Hampton, Hager Hill. 11-70262.

Johnny Jason Phillips and Kim Renee Phillips, 195 Right Fork of Island Creek. 11-70263.

Dianna Lynn Gambalie, Isom. 11-70265.

Isaac E. Cook, Jenkins. 11-70266.

Charles K. Day and Jennifer S. Day, Whitesburg. 11-70267.

Glenn Dobson and Karen Renee Dobson, Hindman. 11-70268.

Mary Ann Allen, Majestic. 11-70269.

Johnny Little and Mary K. Little, Topmost. 11-70272.

Patricia Warrix, 1089 Right Fork Cowpen Road. 11-70273.

Larry Lynn Perdue and Jennifer Alleda Perdue, Paintsville. 11-70274.

Marilyn Wallen, Prestonsburg. 11-70276.

James Edward Wiggins, Staffordsville. 11-70277.

James Ray Trusty and Marylen Marie Trusty, Salyersville. 11-70278.

Patricia Eileen Nelson, Paintsville. 11-70281.

Timothy R. Daso Jr. and Amanda Gail Daso, Van Lear. 11-70282.

Joey David Fitch, Ivel. 11-70284.

John Douglas Hammann and Carrie Tennille Hammann, Salyersville. 11-70286.

Jeffrey James Merryman, Prestonsburg. 11-70287.

Clifford Allen Darnell and Alliene Darnell, Steele. 11-70288.

Willie Combs and Loretta Combs, Elkhorn City. 11-70289.

Robin Danielle Newsome, P.O. Box 485. 11-70290.

Alice R. Adams, Staffordsville. 11-70291.

David Dennison Jr. and Angel Dennison, Paintsville. 11-70292.

Donald Hatfield and Georgia Hatfield, Prestonsburg. 11-70293.

Alvin Spears and Carolyn Spears, Paintsville. 11-70294.

Michelle Tackett, Kimper. 11-70295.

Ellis McCaye Sexton, McDowell. 11-70296.

Paul C. Combs and Shirley W. Combs, Whitesburg. 11-70299.

Stella F. Richie, Mallie. 11-70300.

Watson J. Adams, Letcher. 11-70301.

Seidina Adams Conley, Lebanon. 11-70305.

Jonathan Dave Mullins, Hi Hat. 11-70306.

James Bevins and Nellie Bevins, Phyllis. 11-70307.

Megan Brooke Wright, Neon. 11-70309.

Chapter 11

Lexington Division

James Kenneth Stamper, Stanford. 11-51240.

London Division

Jennings Transportation Inc., 1529 North Laurel Road. 11-60618.

Chapter 13

Lexington Division

William J. Phelps and Tracie Lynn Phelps, Winchester. 11-51050.

Eileen F. Jackson, 1072 Winding Oak Trail. 11-51052.

Talina L. Kenney, 2916 Polo Club Boulevard. 11-51054.

Anthony Spicer and Kerri Lynn Spicer, Jackson. 11-51056.

Kenneth R. Lawson, P.O. Box 11391. 11-51057.

Richard R. Webb and Anita M. Webb, Lancaster. 11-51067.

Frederick C. Bebart, Georgetown. 11-51068.

Travis Snapp, Paris. 11-51081.

Larry David Horn and Frances Horn, Waco. 11-51087.

Kelly Ann Eyckmans, 3332 Fox Trace Road. 11-51101.

Ralph J. Ervin, 120 East Main Street, No. 2001. 11-51115.

Luther D. Marcum and Evie A. Marcum, Stamping Ground. 11-51117.

Robbie Layne Turner and Deborah Bellamy Turner, Flemingsburg. 11-51128.

Scott D. Williams and Allison M. Williams, Versailles. 11-51136.

Gary W. Taylor and Melissa C. Taylor, Richmond. 11-51139.

Scott Michael Cogswell and Lillie Marie Cogswell, Jackson. 11-51142.

Deborah U. Collins, Winchester. 11-51148.

Timothy Gene Wiley, Cynthiana. 11-51150.

Lisa C. Evans, 421 Southpoint Drive. 11-51156.

Jerry Wayne Epple and Corenna Sue Epple, Campton. 11-51163.

Jefferey P. Porter and Sharon R. Porter, 1412 Mount Rainier Drive. 11-51175.

Richard M. Houp, 365 Peachtree Road. 11-51178.

Estrellita C. Washington, 1873 Costigan Drive. 11-51182.

Todd A. Hersha and Jennifer K. Hersha, Cynthiana. 11-51184.

Adam S. Alexander and Lisa R. Alexander, Wilmore. 11-51186.

Rebecca A. Napier, Mount Sterling. 11-51195.

David R. Murphy and Sharon A. Murphy, Nicholasville. 11-51196.

Mathea A. Kelley, 1017 Applecross Drive. 11-51197.

Terry D. Fomas and Doris G. Fomas, Paris. 11-51199.

Sicerea Lewis and Tony Curtis Lewis, Georgetown. 11-51204.

Charles Albert Edwards and Jackie C. Edwards, Carlisle. 11-51206.

Toyia L. Henderson, 201 Regency Point Path. 11-51208.

Harold Shelby Howard, Jackson. 11-51212.

Joseph Raymond Capps and Leslie M. Capps, Cynthiana. 11-51215.

Randall L. Gregory, Richmond. 11-51224.

Brandon Nelson Johnson and Calysta Diane Johnson, Berea. 11-51225.

Donald Wayne Way, 3309 Houndstooth Court. 11-51233.

Michelle Darlene Fryman, Nicholasville. 11-51235.

Spencer Wren and Angela Wren, Wilmore. 11-51255.

James H. Watkins and Brenda S. Watkins, Stanton. 11-51259.

Johnny Lowe and Dawn Lowe, Hustonville. 11-51263.

Steve Nelson Williamson, 589 Plainview Drive. 11-51272.

Patrick A. Kowalewski and Julie A. Tising-Kowalewski, 4516 Longbridge Lane. 11-51273.

Jane E. Turner, 2184 Curtiswood Drive. 11-51284.

Julie C. Beyler, Nicholasville. 11-51285.

London Division

Christopher Taylor, Corbin. 11-60528.

Donald Gene Begley and Carolyn Sue Begley, Mount Vernon. 11-60535.

Linda H. Rogers, 12 Harbour Drive. 11-60536.

Patricia G. Fore, Williamsburg. 11-60537.

Joyce C. Matthews, Middlesboro. 11-60538.

Lois J. Sawyers, Corbin. 11-60541.

Mary S. Farley, Loyall. 11-60551.

Robert Butler and Shirley Butler, Hazard. 11-60557.

Charles Ray Hendrix Jr., Cornettsville. 11-60560.

Linda Louise Jeffers, Somerset. 11-60566.

Jeffery Todd Day and Lucille N. Day, Wooton. 11-60573.

William H. Brafford, Corbin. 11-60582.

Joyce Ann Bradley, East Bernstadt. 11-60606.

Robert Lemar Graydon and Melissa Ann Graydon, Bulan. 11-60608.

Patricia Lynn Hamblin, Evarts. 11-60610.

Donnie Hammons, Wallins Creek. 11-60615.

Johnny R. Dobbs and Barbara A. Dobbs, Somerset. 11-60620.

Gary Stacy and Margie Stacy, Bledsoe. 11-60624.

James A. Creger and Esther Creger, Monticello. 11-60640.

Pikeville Division

David E. Eller, Inez. 11-70255.

Randalle George Hurley and Alisa Donette/Bowling Hurley, 113 Kentucky Highway 611. 11-70257.

Willis Hal Rice, Prestonsburg. 11-70260.

Gail Y. Salyers, Isom. 11-70264.

Travis D. Fields and Candice K. Fields, Cornettsville. 11-70270.

Charles K. Bledsoe, Partridge. 11-70271.

Michael DeWayne Dotson and Edith Rose Dotson, Phelps. 11-70275.

Sherry Lynn Keene, Shelbiana. 11-70279.

Brian Bruce Justice, 697 Powells Creek. 11-70280.

Eddie Sammons and Ann Sammons, Prestonsburg. 11-70283.

Benjamin D. Meek, Nippa. 11-70285.

Charlene Compton, Ashcamp. 11-70297.

Roland B. Lawson and Dixie L. Lawson, Raccoon. 11-70298.

Darrell Gene Ashley and Carla Jean Ashley, Hazard. 11-70302.

Kelsey D. Day and Katherine Day, Whitesburg. 11-70303.

Donnie R. Wright and Deborah K. Wright, Seco. 11-70304.

Robert Glenn Vance, Lackey. 11-70308.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo