Ale-8-One turns 85 without any fanfare

One of Winchester's most well-known businesses marked another milestone Wednesday.

Eighty-five years ago, Ale-8-One founder G.L. Wainscott sold the first bottle of the local soft drink.

Wainscott was a 20-year veteran of the soft drink industry when he created the Ale-8-One recipe, Ale-8-One Bottling Co. said in a release. At the time, Ale-8-One joined a line of products that included Roxa Cola, but by 1968, the company dropped Roxa to market Ale-8 exclusively.

"We've got some very loyal customers," company president Fielding Rogers said. "We really appreciate that. ... We've got a lot of people from Winchester that love the product."

Rogers is the great-great-nephew of Wainscott and uses Wainscott's handwritten notes to mix the soft drink, according to a company statement. The technique was passed down from his father, Frank A. "Buddy" Rogers III, and his grandfather, Frank A. Rogers Jr.

The company had no official celebrations planned for the day, but the public is invited to share stories about Ale-8-One.

"I'd say it's producing a quality product, serving the customers, and the nostalgia of being Kentucky's soft drink," Rogers said of the company's longevity.

The company recently introduced caffeine-free Diet Ale-8-One, and Rogers said marketing during the coming months will focus on promoting the new product.