'Free grant' scammers target Central Kentuckians

Scam artists claiming to represent the U.S. government are calling consumers in Kentucky and telling them they have been "selected" by the government to receive a "free grant."

The Better Business Bureau of Central and Eastern Kentucky said Tuesday that there are no such grants, and callers should not provide any information or send any money.

Several consumers have given bank account numbers to the callers.

The pitch tells consumers they have been selected for the grants because they paid their taxes on time or never declared bankruptcy. Some are told to send money to cover fees, or give bank information so money may be transferred to their accounts.

The BBB said that anyone who receives one of these calls should hang up immediately. If you have given any bank-account information, contact your financial institution as soon as possible to see whether access to your account can be blocked. Consumers may contact the BBB with questions at (859) 259-1008 or 1-800-866-6668.