Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Ashland Division

Betty Joy Raisor, Morehead. 11-10506.

Florence Lorrain Savage, Grayson. 11-10507.

Chrystal Michelle Martin, P.O. Box 5087. 11-10509.

John Walker and Cheryl Walker, Morehead. 11-10510.

Joshua Pigman, Morehead. 11-10511.

Delmer L. Whitely and Michelle A. Whitely, Grassy Creek. 11-10512.

John Henry Schepman, 1001 Cannon Drive. 11-10513.

Randy Cobern and Stevi Cobern, Catlettsburg. 11-10515.

James Arthur Cox and Tanya Jo Cox, Olive Hill. 11-10516.

Robert Stuart Littlepage, Morehead. 11-10517.

William Charles Mauk, Grayson. 11-10518.

Mary Kaye Hargis, Morehead. 11-10521.

Karen Batey, Jamestown. 11-10522.

Robert Arthur Calhoun II and Christine Contreras Calhoun, Grayson. 11-10524.

Frankfort Division

Robert Miskell and Denise Miskell, Pleasureville. 11-30749.

Debbie S. Baker, 304 Wallace Avenue. 11-30750.

Connie Jo Stewart, 115 Schofield Lane. 11-30751.

Ernest Cena Jr., Shelbyville. 11-30752.

21st Century Plumbing & HVAC LLC, 308 Rouse Avenue, No. 2. 11-30753.

Anthony W. Race, Jonesville. 11-30754.

Andre O. Daigle and Michele C. Daigle, Waddy. 11-30755.

Jeffrey D. Sopland and Kimberly L. Sopland, Shelbyville. 11-30756.

Thomas Shelton Abbott and Rebecca Lynne Abbott, Shelbyville. 11-30757.

Kristin R. Burton, 310 Woodhill Drive. 11-30758.

Cathy D. Sowder, Lawrenceburg. 11-30762.

Robert D. Darby and Patricia T. Darby, Simpsonville. 11-30763.

Lindsay Baker Harrison and Krista Leigh Harrison, Simpsonville. 11-30764.

Angela Sue Young, Lawrenceburg. 11-30765.

Kenneth Earl Horn, Shelbyville. 11-30768.

Thomas L. Whitaker and Carla Whitaker, Shelbyville. 11-30769.

Lawrence J. Kissing, Sanders. 11-30770.

Lexington Division

Avery Bilbrey Jr., 2875 Palumbo Drive, No. 604. 11-53141.

Billy Keith Long, Lancaster. 11-53142.

Russell E. Jones and Diana L. Jones, Nicholasville. 11-53143.

Kenneth Baker, 548 Bulrush Trace. 11-53144.

Amber L Vires, 174 North Mount Tabor Road, No. 161. 11-53145.

Jason M. Key and Bridget Key, Harrodsburg. 11-53146.

Shirley Ann Garner, 660 Coffee Tree. 11-53147.

Bethany A. Litteral, Lancaster. 11-53148.

Amy E. Holtzclaw, Crab Orchard. 11-53151.

James Philip Horine, Georgetown. 11-53153.

Talia Jennifer Clark, Vancleve. 11-53155.

Stephen E. Bishop and Kelly N. Bishop, P.O. Box 23143. 11-53156.

Steven Phillips and Kimberly Phillips, Burgin. 11-53158.

Jennifer Dawn McCormick, Irvine. 11-53159.

Victoria R. Ballard, P.O. Box 8814. 11-53160.

Andrew York, Hustonville. 11-53161.

Thomas Wayne Banks and Heather Rae Banks, Lost Creek. 11-53162.

Catherine Johnson, Beattyville. 11-53164.

Billy James Conner and Brandy Melissa Conner, Berea. 11-53170.

Martin Ray Purdon and Tammy Lynn Purdon, Wallingford. 11-53173.

Brandon L. Collins and Brittini K. Collins, Winchester. 11-53175.

William L. Warfield and Katrina L. Warfield, Nicholasville. 11-53176.

Larry D. Mullins and Valerie A. Mullins, Stanford. 11-53177.

Bryan E. Jones and Pepper N. Jones, Danville. 11-53178.

Earl L. Hall, Cynthiana. 11-53179.

Stephanie G. Head, 2817 Point Ct.. 11-53180.

Dona Lou Cox, Junction City. 11-53181.

Joseph L. Wheeling Sr. and Christina L. Wheeling, 557 Sandalwood Drive. 11-53182.

Carroll Franklin Settle III and Manuela Karoline Settle, Danville. 11-53183.

Mary King George, Paris. 11-53184.

Kristin Dawn Lane, Lawrenceburg. 11-53185.

Angela Carol Hamrick, Nicholasville. 11-53186.

James P. Roberts, Mount Sterling. 11-53190.

Larry W. Carter and Amanda B. Carter, 505 Springfield Drive. 11-53191.

Frank D. Mays, P.O. Box 910534. 11-53192.

James P. Harmon and Brandy L. Harmon, Stanton. 11-53193.

Anthony R. Curtis, Mount Sterling. 11-53194.

Nicholas Jerdon and Erin Jerdon, Versailles. 11-53195.

Tiffany Roland Peyton, Jeffersonville. 11-53196.

Robert L. Stewart and Wanda G. Stewart, Versailles. 11-53197.

Andre' Thomas Lynch, Versailles. 11-53199.

Elizabeth A. Toy, Mount Sterling. 11-53200.

Jeffrey W. Caudill and Lisa J. Caudill, Berea. 11-53201.

Joseph B. Mulligan, 475 Dabney Drive. 11-53202.

Rita L. McCowan, 3013 Roundway Down. 11-53203.

Holly M. Smith, 3305 Alva Court. 11-53204.

Douglas S. Douglas, 3213 Mirror Lake Drive. 11-53205.

Frances I. Williams, Richmond. 11-53206.

Dedrick Lyle Blackburn and Pamela Lynn Blackburn, 616 Rosewood Drive. 11-53207.

Chapter 13

Ashland Division

James Richard Dean, Rush. 11-10508.

David Lee Burriss and Sharon Kaye Welte Burriss, Vanceburg. 11-10514.

Stephen Rene Hoffman and Linda Lee Hoffman, 6118 Margaret Street. 11-10519.

Gary D. Wells and Karla Q. Wells, Louisa. 11-10520.

Russell Dean Lewis, 102 New Hampshire Drive. 11-10523.

Frankfort Division

Willis W. Morris and Theresa A. Morris, Dry Ridge. 11-30759.

Melissia F. Sweeney, 216 Laffoon Drive. 11-30760.

Brian Craig Long and Leslie A. Long, 172 Locust Ridge Road. 11-30761.

Charles Emanual Turner Sr. and Marchetia Caloway Turner, Eminence. 11-30766.

Dennis Harold Cox and Rhonda Denise Cox, Waddy. 11-30767.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo