Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Ashland Division

William Cullen Jude III and Maria Shawn Jude, 139 Caroline Drive. 11-10526.

Darrell Eugene Bradshaw, 378 Diederich Boulevard, No. 172. 11-10527.

Donald R. Applegate and Linda K. Applegate, Vanceburg. 11-10529.

Tarryl A. Cornwell Tolman, Dewiteville. 11-10530.

Richard W. Moore and Nancy Pearl Moore, Louisa. 11-10531.

David Branham, Ulysses. 11-10532.

Tina Lynn Finch, Hazel Green. 11-10535.

Denny Ray Wilson and Catherine Wilson, Morehead. 11-10536.

Gregory Thomas Meade and Debbie Rena Meade, Morehead. 11-10538.

Roger A Sexton and Deborah E. Sexton, West Liberty. 11-10539.

Elizabeth Caldwell, 9000 Midland Trail Road, Unit G36. 11-10540.

Connie S. Bailey, West Liberty. 11-10541.

Chapter 13

Ashland Division

Braden Kendall Frieder, Clearfield. 11-10528.

Willis C. Ream Jr., Morehead. 11-10533.

Ronald Lee Toller and Janice Jordan Toller, Vanceburg. 11-10534.

Jeremy Dean Stewart and Gara Leigh Stewart, 3410 Blackburn Avenue. 11-10537.

Joshua Scott Evans and Gloria Jean Evans, Flatwoods. 11-10542.

Chapter 7

Frankfort Division

John Cecil Drake, Lawrenceburg. 11-30772.

Christopher Wayne Bowers, 175 Sunset Drive. 11-30773.

Jason Wade Bagley and Tobie Lynn Bagley, Waddy. 11-30774.

Michael L. Noe, Smithfield. 11-30775.

Jerry S. Dowden and Lindsay L. Dowden, Sulphur. 11-30776.

Larry Courtney and Leona Courtney, Carrollton. 11-30777.

Gerald Port Tinney III, Shelbyville. 11-30778.

Ronald K. Croxton, Pleasureville. 11-30780.

Larry E. Hawkins and Ashley R. Hawkins, Turners Station. 11-30781.

Sherri E. Stratton, Lawrenceburg. 11-30782.

Danielle Sue Greene, 254 Beckham Avenue. 11-30783.

Robert Len Raisor, Lockport. 11-30784.

Deborah Stamper, Lawrenceburg. 11-30786.

William S. Fleming and Polly E. Fleming, Shelbyville. 11-30788.

Steven V. Woolums, 200 Old Harrodsburg Road, No. 35. 11-30789.

Larry W. Lankford and Sharon K. Lankford, Owenton. 11-30791.

Chapter 13

Frankfort Division

Bradley Scott Newby, Lawrenceburg. 11-30779.

Paul M. Wright, Simpsonville. 11-30785.

Vicki L. Johnson, Lawrenceburg. 11-30787.

Annette Clark, Shelbyville. 11-30790.

Chapter 7

Lexington Division

Cathy J. Cox, 1626 Wyatt Parkway. 11-53229.

Raymond E Johnson II and Paula S. Johnson, Frenchburg. 11-53230.

Margaret Clayetta Hilton, 1132 Kees Road, No. 6. 11-53231.

Kathryn Lynn Hayes, 2315 Harrodsburg Road, No. 23. 11-53232.

Chester Parks and Jutanna L. Parks, Zoe. 11-53233.

Yvonne N. Miller and Timothy J. Miller, Lost Creek. 11-53234.

Jonathan K. Hicks and Jill M. Hicks, Stanton. 11-53235.

Gary L. Noble, Campton. 11-53236.

Rhonda Rousey, Stanford. 11-53237.

April Dawn Combs, Jackson. 11-53238.

Lonnie Pendergraft, Stanford. 11-53239.

Angie Gail Thomas, Winchester. 11-53240.

Scotty D. Meek and Victoria Kaye Meek, Ravenna. 11-53242.

Joe Stamper Jr., Georgetown. 11-53243.

James Tracy Bates, 136 Yamacraw Place. 11-53244.

Emily R. Luttrell, 3392 Pueblo Court. 11-53245.

Janet M. Fontenot, Richmond. 11-53246.

Robin G. Widener, 564 Street. Anthony Drive. 11-53247.

Robbin Nuckols DeBold, Versailles. 11-53249.

Angela Compton, 3084 Maddie Lane. 11-53252.

Sara Nicole Whitley, Cynthiana. 11-53253.

Gerald Maxwell Kurtz, P.O. Box 11768. 11-53254.

Larry D. Hatfield Jr., Richmond. 11-53255.

Geoffery Kampe and Darla Kampe, Mount Sterling. 11-53256.

Frankie Lee Moore and Lola Dione Moore, Jeffersonville. 11-53257.

Dale R. Spencer, Mount Sterling. 11-53258.

Elmer Ray Smith and Sylvia Jane Smith, Mount Sterling. 11-53259.

Wayne Sears and Linda Carol Sears, Hustonville. 11-53260.

Karen Leslie Ingram, Mount Sterling. 11-53261.

James Robinson and Samantha Robinson, Nicholasville. 11-53263.

Shelly Gwen Corbett, 1213 Redstone Drive. 11-53264.

Andrew Vance Tomazic and Carla Marie Tomazic, 2152 Garden Springs Drive. 11-53266.

Delmer Douglas Cole Jr. and Solina Rene Cole, Winchester. 11-53267.

Marlene Parkins, Winchester. 11-53268.

Dexter R. Cook and Verkisha D. Cook, 169 Black Water Lane. 11-53269.

Jian Yong Zhao, 505 West New Circle Road. 11-53270.

Sandra Lattanzio, Georgetown. 11-53271.

Jeanette Rose Gatewood, 597 Bishop Drive. 11-53272.

Patricia G. Earleywine, 1045 Autumn Ridge Drive. 11-53273.

Paul David Taulbee and Deanna L. Taulbee, Jeffersonville. 11-53274.

James D. Clay, Georgetown. 11-53275.

Tracey Lynn Myers, Mount Sterling. 11-53276.

Beth A. Collins, Junction City. 11-53277.

Bobby G. Bodner and Phyllis H. Bodner, Crab Orchard. 11-53278.

Donald L. Shepherd, Junction City. 11-53279.

Brian A. Shale and Shirley M. Shale, Mount Sterling. 11-53280.

James Moore and Stacey L. Moore, Winchester. 11-53282.

Emily B. Edwards, Danville. 11-53283.

Jeffrey A. Shelton, Versailles. 11-53286.

James L. Crow, Lancaster. 11-53288.

Ella Jo Campbell, 508 Breckenridge Street. 11-53290.

Jennifer Lee Taylor and Shan Joseph Taylor, Cynthiana. 11-53291.

Kenneth Dunn and Susan L. Dunn, 3465 Clays Mill Road. 11-53293.

Oat Hopkins Marshall and Debra Lynn Marshall, Clayhole. 11-53294.

Tammy A. Bauer, 2052 Polk Lane. 11-53298.

Donna Michelle Smith, Nicholasville. 11-53299.

Marcus A. Stone, Georgetown. 11-53301.

Charles R. Campbell Jr., 221 Glendale Avenue, No. 3. 11-53302.

Betty M. Slater, 3089 Arrowhead Drive. 11-53303.

Mark Clay Gabbard and Kristi L. Gabbard, 1186 Trent Boulevard. 11-53305.

Alvita Carey, Danville. 11-53306.

Lau H. Massey, 1084 Chinoe Road. 11-53307.

Sean M. Welch, 453 Darby Creek Road, Unit A. 11-53308.

Brandon T. Raisor, Versailles. 11-53309.

Sherry L. Kelly, Georgetown. 11-53311.

William T. McFarland and Jennifer L. McFarland, Stamping Ground. 11-53312.

Bobby L. Townsend and Wanda R. Townsend, Georgetown. 11-53313.

Michael Thornsberry, Irvine. 11-53314.

Michael Jay Steinberg, Georgetown. 11-53315.

Tony Ray Agee and Beth Ann Agee, Berea. 11-53316.

Stephen Riis Hayibor, 4070 Victoria Way, No. 55. 11-53318.

Timothy Thomas Schell, 1005 Meadow Lane. 11-53319.

Kimberly Ann Burgin-Martinez, Nicholasville. 11-53321.

James A. McIntosh and Megan A. McIntosh, Winchester. 11-53322.

Jack E. Beglinger and Lisa T. Beglinger, Georgetown. 11-53323.

Edward Allen Wagoner and Norma Catherine Wagoner, Nicholasville. 11-53324.

Nathaniel F. Drake, Richmond. 11-53325.

Patricia A. Buchwald and Robert C. Buchwald Jr., Stanford. 11-53327.

Jessica L. Cook, 2020 Armstrong Mill, No. 1134. 11-53329.

Jeffrey S. Kempster and Eugenia M. Kempster, 120 East Main Street, No. 1012. 11-53332.

Sharon Lynn Chambers, Richmond. 11-53333.

Andrea V. Taft, Winchester. 11-53334.

Christina Rae Corbett, 181 South Eagle Creek Drive. 11-53335.

Christina Rae Corbett, 181 South Eagle Creek Drive. 11-53336.

Chapter 11

Lexington Division

Rachel King, 6377 Greenwich Pike. 11-53295.

Chapter 13

Lexington Division

Sterling David Lindon and Selena B. Lindon, Stanton. 11-53228.

Kenneth A. Beasley Sr., Versailles. 11-53241.

Debra Powell, 158 Louie Place, No. 2103. 11-53248.

Joseph Robert Martin and Mary T. Martin, 3800 Aria Lane. 11-53250.

Scott Coleman Thornton and Jeanna Renee Thornton, Paris. 11-53251.

Alan Lee Saylor and Tiffany Kay Saylor, 3525 Greentree Road. 11-53262.

Ellis H. Mason and Verna D. Mason, Midway. 11-53265.

Duane Matthew Green and Amy Graybill Green, Mount Sterling. 11-53281.

Daniel R. Peters, Cynthiana. 11-53284.

Dudley Wayne Hacker and Tammy Marie Hacker, Lancaster. 11-53285.

Faridah Awang, Richmond. 11-53287.

Carol Anne Wilson, Irvine. 11-53289.

Deborah Ann Stivers, Jackson. 11-53292.

Matthew Jon Spaulding and Marilyn Kay Spaulding, Stanford. 11-53296.

Michael Robert Golden Sr., Georgetown. 11-53297.

Teresa Farley, Nicholasville. 11-53300.

Gary R. Lewis and Gayle A. Lewis, Winchester. 11-53304.

Rollin Dale Gillam and Kathleen Arlene Gillam, Jackson. 11-53310.

Rhonda Ann Bishop, Harrodsburg. 11-53317.

Cynthia L. Collins, Winchester. 11-53320.

Brandon Eugene Begley and Angela R. Begley, Lancaster. 11-53326.

David K. Miller and Sherri L. Miller, Ewing. 11-53328.

Steven K. Hampson and Susan J. Hampson, 1134 Fontaine Road. 11-53330.

Charles Frederick Nunn, Berea. 11-53331.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo