Insight, WDKY near deal to end TV dispute

It appears likely that Insight Communications and Lexington's Fox TV affiliate won't be breaking up. Sinclair Broadcast Group, the parent company of WDKY (Channel 56), and Insight announced Wednesday they have reached an agreement in principle to allow Insight to continue to carry WDKY as part of its cable packages.

The companies "are in the process of confirming our verbal agreement in writing," according to an Insight statement. "Although we do not have a signed deal yet, as we have said all along, we are highly confident we will reach an agreement and avoid a blackout of their station on Jan. 1."

The station and cable operator had been in a public dispute over the renewal of their contract; the issues included broadcast fees. Recently, WDKY began posting crawls on its programming encouraging cable customers to find other avenues, such as satellite providers, to watch its programming.

Insight had countered with a series of television ads and updates on a Web site,, about the issue, which has become increasingly common nationwide between the owners of network affiliates and cable companies nationwide. Last year, Sinclair had a protracted dispute with Time Warner Cable, which is in the process of acquiring Insight.