Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

London Division

Cora Elizabeth Brown, Mount Vernon. 11-61591.

Samuel H. Schafer and Diana Schafer, Corbin. 11-61592.

Diana Lynn Wilson, Monticello. 11-61593.

Terry A. Poloni, West Somerset. 11-61594.

Bernice Caudle, Somerset. 11-61595.

Frances Diane Parris and Kirby Kay Parris, Monticello. 11-61596.

Charles Logan Barnes Jr. and Tracy Lynn Barnes, Monticello. 11-61597.

Elaine Phillips, Monticello. 11-61598.

Richard A. King, Whitley City. 11-61599.

Earl W. Farris and Shirley J. Farris, Corbin. 11-61600.

Patricia Lynn Smith, Somerset. 11-61601.

Loretta Sue Combs, Burnside. 11-61602.

Melissa G. Thacker, Frakes. 11-61603.

Jewelene Templeton, Pathfork. 11-61607.

Timothy Joe Jones, Middlesboro. 11-61608.

Raleigh Smith and Lorene Smith, Goose Rock. 11-61609.

Deborah Leeann Decker, Corbin. 11-61610.

Richard Joe Lett and Sandra Lett, Marshes Siding. 11-61611.

Kenneth Wayne Gray, Hazard. 11-61612.

Kenneth Ray Combs and Ruthena Combs, Hazard. 11-61613.

Gary Bradley Hall, Williamsburg. 11-61615.

Billie J. Maggard, Vicco. 11-61616.

James Anthony Young, 1616 Hampton Road, No. 1. 11-61617.

Fred Gene Foster and Martha Ann Foster, Monticello. 11-61618.

Freddie Devan Maggard, Corbin. 11-61619.

Lisa Gail Mason, Mount Vernon. 11-61620.

Kimberly Ann Cleary, 3193 Somerset Road. 11-61621.

Larry W. Rush and Betty Joyce Rush, 7653 East Laurel Road. 11-61622.

Jimmie Jones, Mount Vernon. 11-61623.

James Harvey Brown, 1120 Reed Valley Road. 11-61624.

William Scott Gabbard, McKee. 11-61625.

Lawrence Blake Mills, 497 Bowling Old Way Road. 11-61626.

Ricky D. Sizemore, Coldiron. 11-61627.

Martha Ellen Jones, Pineville. 11-61631.

Rosa Belle Carter, Corbin. 11-61632.

Judy Woolery, Somerset. 11-61634.

Barbara Ann Cornett, Evarts. 11-61635.

Zachary Ryan Earles, Corbin. 11-61636.

Karen Sue Mathews, Lily. 11-61637.

Jamie Lincks, Middlesboro. 11-61638.

Margaret M. Durham, Corbin. 11-61639.

Terry L. Criswell, Monticello. 11-61640.

Matthew Mills and Betty Sue Mills, Corbin. 11-61641.

Pikeville Division

LeRoy Ball, Allen. 11-70751.

Christopher L. O'Brian, Staffordsville. 11-70752.

Ronnie Mullins, Salyersville. 11-70753.

Joshua Willie Bates and Misti Ann Bates, Wayland. 11-70754.

Charles E. Shepherd, Whitesburg. 11-70755.

Darwin Baldwin and Delores Baldwin, Wittensville. 11-70756.

Russell R.__ Whitaker and Mortisha Whitaker, Salyersville. 11-70758.

Marvin Gibson, Dema. 11-70759.

Christopher C. Justice and Diane Lynn Justice, McCarr. 11-70760.

Kirk D. McCoy Jr., Burnwell. 11-70761.

Luci Angelia Cornett, Littcarr. 11-70762.

Jason P. Baker, P.O. Box 4465. 11-70763.

Chapter 13

London Division

Sherman Dobson, Ary. 11-61604.

Donna Marie Saylor, Corbin. 11-61605.

Wilma Jean Hensley, Wallins Creek. 11-61606.

Herman Eugene Back and Allison Back, Viper. 11-61614.

Lisa Jeanine Renee Combs, PO Box 673. 11-61628.

Toby Lee Neace and Stephanie Michelle Neace, Hazard. 11-61629.

Clifford Wagers, Goose Rock. 11-61630.

Ronald Wayne Griffie and Margaret Ann Griffie, Hazard. 11-61633.

Pikeville Division

Garry Lee McCoy and Wanda Sue McCoy, Belfry. 11-70757.

Tony Gene Fugate and Kim Renee Fugate, Mayking. 11-70764.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo