Kroger to expand at Tates Creek Centre

The Kroger at Tates Creek Centre will grow by 33,000 square feet after a yearlong renovation that is expected to begin in August.
The Kroger at Tates Creek Centre will grow by 33,000 square feet after a yearlong renovation that is expected to begin in August. Lexington Herald-Leader

With Kroger intending to expand dramatically, Tates Creek Centre is beginning a series of shifts that will include a new Chase bank branch and the closing of Pad Thai restaurant.

At the center of the changes is Kroger, which anchors the shopping center at Tates Creek Road and Man o' War Boulevard. The grocery will expand from 59,000 square feet to 92,000 and hire 50 additional workers.

"The customers of the Tates Creek area deserve this," said Kroger spokesman Tim McGurk. "It will give them a much better shopping experience."

To expand, the grocery will absorb the space of the three businesses adjoining it: Chase, H&R Block and Pad Thai.

Chase is building a branch in the same shopping center at the site of a former gas station. The standalone branch will have a drive-through, replacing the setup now that has the branch in one building and a drive-through nearby, said spokeswoman Nancy Norris. She said the new branch is expected to open in July.

H&R Block will move into a vacant spot one building over that once was a liquor store. Pad Thai will close in the middle of the year when construction begins, said Tates Creek Centre property manager Cliff Hamner of Weingarten Realty.

The manager of the restaurant could not be reached to discuss Pad Thai's plans beyond that.

McGurk said Kroger intends to begin the renovations in August and will be adding on to the back of the store, too.

"We're going to square up the back of the building in such a way that we pick up a significant amount of space back there," McGurk said. "That makes it a good move, too, because we don't lose any parking by coming out front."

The grocery will stay open throughout the renovation, which should take about a year.

"This is a major project," McGurk said. "It's more difficult to do a major remodel than it is to build a new store because you're trying to conduct business."

Among the expanded store's new offerings will be a bistro where customers may eat or pick up meals to go. There also will be a Starbucks, sandwich station, soup bar, sushi bar, dessert bar and an expanded selection of kitchenware and dishes.

The expanded Kroger also will have a separate wine and spirits shop similar to the ones it has at other Lexington locations, including stores at Hartland, Beaumont and Boston Road.

When finished, the overall store will be similar in size to the company's renovated location at Bryan Station Road but smaller than its Kroger Marketplace stores, which are about 125,000 square feet, at Beaumont and Richmond Road. The latter also sell furniture and jewelry.

"This location has always been a great store for Kroger," McGurk said, "and we look forward to giving our shoppers at Tates Creek a much better shopping experience."