Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Lexington Division

Steven T. Smith, 1352 Deer Lake Circle. 12-50499.

Nantina George, 1864 Rittenhouse Court. 12-50500.

Brian Bailey and Tonya Nicole Bailey, Mount Sterling. 12-50501.

Angela Dawn Tharp, Stanford. 12-50502.

Jeffrey Allen Carico and Angela Doris Carico, Jackson. 12-50504.

Tammie Sue Phillips, Stanford. 12-50506.

Beverly Sampson, Mt. Sterling. 12-50507.

Ami Kreyling Bickett, 3304 Commodore Drive, No. 494. 12-50508.

Johnny White and Lacey Elaine White, Jackson. 12-50511.

Christopher Scott May and Kristen Jean May, Jeffersonville. 12-50513.

Robert Lee Thompson, Wilmore. 12-50514.

Jordan E. Cassano, 2845 Palumbo Drive, No. 13G. 12-50515.

Thelma Louise Masterson, 170 Colfax Street. 12-50517.

Gilbert Raymond Roberts Jr. and Suzanne D. Roberts, 3003 Bryan Station Rd. 12-50518.

James Barton Britton and Mary Elizabeth Britton, Paris. 12-50519.

Dolores M. Sharp, Georgetown. 12-50520.

Jacqueline L. Bolton, 1550 Trent Boulevard, No. 2104. 12-50521.

Virginia S. Lewis, Nicholasville. 12-50522.

Christopher David Centers and Kelly Marie Centers, Winchester. 12-50523.

Jennifer L. Bryant, Flemingsburg. 12-50524.

Arty D. Penney Sr. and Shirley A. Penney, Paris. 12-50525.

Linda L. Carter, Versailles. 12-50527.

William Jeffrey Harris and Charlotte Gay Harris, Wallingford. 12-50528.

Barbara J. Lutz, Harrodsburg. 12-50529.

Sarah Henderson, 534 Hollow Creek Road, No. 29. 12-50531.

Tricia Denise Henry, Irvine. 12-50532.

Robert Earl Price, Richmond. 12-50533.

London Division

John Wesley Delk, Palm Harbor. 12-60164.

Timothy J. Wyrick, Corbin. 12-60166.

Clifton Smith and Flora Catherine Smith, 7045 Barbourville Road. 12-60167.

Jackie Lynn McNab Jr., Cannon. 12-60168.

Arthur Paul Privett Jr. and Bonnie Lou Privett, Williamsburg. 12-60169.

John Kay Lowe and Bonnie Elaine Lowe, Monticello. 12-60170.

Sharon Kay Ross, Clarksville. 12-60171.

Donnie Ray Owens, Grays Knob. 12-60172.

Susan Rena Stafford, Corbin. 12-60173.

Pollie Veda Margret Tipton, Corbin. 12-60174.

Nancy L. Gilreath, Pine Knot. 12-60175.

Elaina Ann Sizemore, Avawam. 12-60176.

Patricia A. Debald, Carlisle. 12-60177.

Barbara Marlene Conner, Mount Vernon. 12-60178.

Arvil Lake, Barbourville. 12-60179.

J.D. Bowling and Julie Ann Bowling, Corbin. 12-60182.

Shonda Lane Rose, Annville. 12-60183.

Sherry Phelps, Nancy. 12-60184.

Kenny Lynn Gambrel and Jessica Lynn Gambrel, Barbourville. 12-60185.

David Donald Morgan and Patricia Ann Morgan, Annville. 12-60186.

Fred David Morgan, Annville. 12-60187.

Ryan Anthony Smith, Manchester. 12-60189.

James Franklin Hasty and Elizabeth Lynn Hasty, Corbin. 12-60190.

Raymond Edward Asher and Brenda Sue Asher, 665 Pine Grove School Road. 12-60191.

Donna Louise Hersey, Williams. 12-60192.

Jeremy Richard Calder and Lavonna Calder, Brodhead. 12-60194.

Lola Mildred McGee, 6401 Barbourville Road. 12-60196.

Frances Lydia Jones, Corbin. 12-60197.

Katie Bush, Gerrard. 12-60198.

Howard Lucas Muncy, Annville. 12-60199.

Timothy Lee Sparks and Ginger Gale Sparks, Mount Vernon. 12-60200.

Carla Jean Christian, Corbin. 12-60203.

Jerald R. Vaught, Burnside. 12-60204.

Michael Lee Jackson and Rosetta Jackson, Manchester. 12-60205.

Elizabeth Ann Purcell, Science Hill. 12-60206.

Levi Cooper, East Bernstadt. 12-60207.

Curtis Allen Woods, Corbin. 12-60209.

Heather Lee Abner, Flat Lick. 12-60210.

Lillie Stidham and Homer Stidham, Krypton. 12-60212.

Christopher Ottis Adkins and Kerri Alexander Adkins, Somerset. 12-60214.

Robin Gail Keith, Science Hill. 12-60215.

Charles Eldon Mullins and Nettie Martha Jean Mullins, McKee. 12-60216.

Martha Bunch, Gray. 12-60217.

Teddy Ray Creech, McKee. 12-60218.

Jennifer Ashley and Doug Ashley, Hazard. 12-60221.

Jason E. Robinson and Carla A. Robinson, Mount Vernon. 12-60222.

Charles E. Sears, Somerset. 12-60223.

Larry Daniel Gray and Sonya Sue Gray, Barbourville. 12-60224.

Travis Wagers and Farrah L. Wagers, 3789 Blackwater Road. 12-60225.

Edward J. Cornelis and Jennifer A. Cornelis, Monticello. 12-60226.

Kimberly Nicole Goff, Somerset. 12-60227.

Clifton Glenn Dobbs, Somerset. 12-60228.

Casey Lee Cooper, Monticello. 12-60229.

Everett Griffith Jr. and Pamela Jean Griffith, Evarts. 12-60230.

Pikeville Division

Donald L. Moore, Jenkins. 12-70084.

Darlene Fay Vicars, Jenkins. 12-70085.

Linda Bartley, Robinson Creek. 12-70088.

Teddy K. Caudill and Wanda J. Caudill, Whitesburg. 12-70089.

Howard Davis, Prestonsburg. 12-70090.

Agnes Irene Vicars, Melvin. 12-70091.

Scott Dale, Sitka. 12-70092.

Wendell Kelly and Sue Kelly, Flat Gap. 12-70093.

Stanley King and Brenda J. King, McDowell. 12-70094.

Jefferson Helton and Beth Helton, Staffordsville. 12-70095.

Mary Ousley, Prestonsburg. 12-70096.

Thomas Pemberton, Inez. 12-70097.

Boyd Keith Risner and Henrietta Risner, Salyersville. 12-70098.

Johnny M. Reynolds, Allen. 12-70099.

Shaun P. Mynster and Veronica S. Mynster, Whitesburg. 12-70100.

Amy L. Bates, Whitesburg. 12-70101.

Gurnis Gene Slone and Anna Marie Slone, Hindman. 12-70102.

Ronnie G. Phipps and Gloria A. Phipps, Millstone. 12-70103.

Jonathan H. Potter and Andrea D. Potter, Isom. 12-70104.

Chapter 12

Lexington Division

Ralph E. Meadows and Regina Meadows, Lancaster. 12-50510.

London Division

Charles Kevin Cornett and Linda Kay Cornett, Manchester. 12-60213.

Chapter 13

Lexington Division

Larry Shaffer and Teresa Shaffer, 3832 Lee Adams Lane. 12-50413.

Patrick Shawn Alexander, Richmond. 12-50419.

James W. Coley II, 944 Higbee Mill Road. 12-50421.

Diana L. Burdette, 2012 Langhorne Drive. 12-50422.

Delaine Preston, Danville. 12-50424.

Lewis E. Hale and Donna B. Hale, Wilmore. 12-50428.

Jeremiah Brown and Shelley L. Brown, Georgetown. 12-50439.

Nathan Lyle Marsh and Sharon Jo Marsh, Cynthiana. 12-50457.

Scott Brown and Carla Faye Brown, 1110 Trent Boulevard. 12-50481.

Earl Devon Akers, Berea. 12-50482.

Frank Spicer, 2875 Palumbo Drive, No. 302. 12-50483.

Mary L. Price, Cynthiana. 12-50494.

Donald Mark Sexton, 447 Springhill Drive. 12-50503.

David Edward Moulton and Stephanie Deaton Moulton, Wilmore. 12-50505.

Wilma Gayle Johnson, Berea. 12-50509.

David Paul Ricker, Berea. 12-50512.

Gary N. Thor, 3405 Brandon Drive. 12-50516.

Jacqueline A. Scarborough, 1040 Wedgewood Road. 12-50526.

Timothy E. Swanger and Lisa A. Swanger, Mayslick. 12-50530.

London Division

Michael Mitchell and Ester Mitchell, Manchester. 12-60165.

Caroline Rice and Ernie Rice, Calvin. 12-60180.

Jeremy L. Ashton and Amy L. Ashton, Eubank. 12-60181.

Michael David Gibson and Jessica Marie Gibson, Annville. 12-60188.

Wallace Deaton and Sandra Deaton, Combs. 12-60193.

James E. Green and Tammy M. Green, Bonnyman. 12-60195.

William R. Combs and Ashley D. Combs, Wooton. 12-60201.

Marshall Moore, Manchester. 12-60202.

Robert Lee Booker and Carol Jeanette Booker, Sandgap. 12-60208.

Larry Grundy, Somerset. 12-60211.

Billy Keith Sizemore and Shona Lou Sizemore, Helton. 12-60219.

Roger Keith Creech and Melissa J. Creech, Cumberland. 12-60220.

Sandra Kaye Engle, Corbin. 12-60231.

Billy Joe Rowe and Joyce Marie Rowe, Evarts. 12-60232.

Pikeville Division

David Neil Montgomery, Salyersville. 12-70086.

Jerry Griffith and Tara Lynn Griffith, Leburn. 12-70087.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo