New company seeks to acquire Dippin' Dots product

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The frozen treat Dippin' Dots could be rescued from bankruptcy with a request in court this week.

A group of Oklahoma investors who formed Dippin' Dots LLC will ask a U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Louisville on Wednesday for permission to take over the assets of Dippin' Dots Inc., which filed for bankruptcy late last year.

The Tennessean reports that the new company is backed by private-equity firms, and the president is Scott Fischer, whose father, Mark Fischer, is president and chief executive of Chapparal Energy, based in Oklahoma City.

"I still remember the first time I tasted Dippin' Dots," Scott Fischer said. "As a kid who visited Six Flags Over Texas and Sea World, I had never tasted anything quite like Dippin' Dots, and it had me hooked from the first bite."

Brentwood inventor Curt Jones came up with the idea of quick-freezing little pellets of ice cream while working in Lexington on a project to freeze yogurt bacteria to use in animal feed. The company he founded makes Dippin' Dots in Paducah.

"We're going to keep making Dippin' Dots, so nobody needs to worry," Jones said.

"Working on the yogurt bacteria, I found the little beads fun to play with," Jones told The Tennessean. "Then a month or two later, I was making ice cream with a neighbor and decided it would be better if we could freeze it faster, like we were doing with the yogurt."