Time Warner Cable restructuring Insight jobs

Time Warner Cable has told former Insight sales employees in Lexington that it will restructure the team and require employees to reapply for jobs in the revamped structure.

The employees affected sell cable advertisements locally, and Time Warner Cable spokeswoman Mary Jo Green said the decision affects upward of 50 employees, primarily in Kentucky, including more than a dozen in Lexington.

"The jobs aren't structured exactly the same as the jobs they have today," Green said. "Our media sales is organized into three regions, and we're in the central region. We have regional centers where the ads are actually scheduled and inserted. It's fitting the Insight media sales team into the Time Warner Cable media sales structure."

There are 33 open jobs available for those 50 employees in the former Insight territory, Green said. There are an additional 40 jobs open in media sales across the company but in other geographic areas.

"We will be working with those employees over the next couple of months to determine where they see their career going," she said. "Obviously some of these opportunities would be outside of Lexington."

The employees are able to apply for those jobs beginning now, and "hopefully, everything will be concluded by August," she said. She declined to say when employees would be terminated if they opted not to apply for the jobs in the revamped structure.

"It's hard to predict," she said. "Sometimes things go slower than you anticipate."

No other former Insight employees besides media sales have been told of similar employment changes, she said.

"We're still in the process of reviewing everything and learning exactly how things get done and how they compare to how we do it," she said. "It just takes some time."

Time Warner Cable completed its $3 billion acquisition of Insight in February. The deal gave Time Warner Cable an additional 760,000 customers in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio, including Lexington, Louisville, Bowling Green and Columbus, Ohio.

Many in the industry had long expected the deal, given that Insight's operations are so close geographically to some of Time Warner Cable's and that Insight's ownership had shopped the company since 2007.

In announcing the deal, Time Warner Cable said it expects to save $100 million annually in programming expenses and other cost reductions, with the bulk of savings coming within two years of closing the deal.

The company has not announced any major pricing, programming or service changes, saying at the time of closing that there was no time frame for such modifications.