Alltech announces new brand: Lyons Farm beef and poultry

Alltech on Monday unveiled its new Lyons Farm brand of poultry and beef, named for Pearse Lyons, the president and founder of Alltech.

The announcement was made as part of Alltech's 28th annual International Symposium in Lexington.

"These are results you can literally taste — the meats are more tender and juicy," Lyons said.

Nicholasville-based Alltech said Lyons Farm products are produced using Alltech's natural nutritional feeding programs, which it says results in consistent, premium meat that is rich in antioxidants and nutrients but free from growth hormones and antibiotics.

"Customers say that this is the best piece of meat they have ever had," said Jeremy Ashby, executive chef and owner of Azur Restaurant and Patio in Lexington.

The Lyons Farm brand will encompass Alltech's all-natural beef, called Alltech Angus, available in 150 restaurants and retailers in Lexington, Louisville and Cincinnati.

Alltech said in a release that the Lyons Farm lines will offer beef, with poultry to be released shortly, and other food products to follow.

"We want to expand and add new products that meet the consumer's desire for great, healthy and nutritious food," Lyons said.

The products will be available starting this summer in restaurants and retailers in Central Kentucky and through online orders.

Alltech's symposium is hosting nearly 3,000 delegates from 72 countries through Wednesday.