Flies at Kroger on Romany spur complaints

The presence of swarms of flies at the Kroger store on Romany Road in Lexington has spurred the formation of a citizen's group and action by the Cincinnati-based grocery chain.

"I had noticed flies in that store all summer," said shopper Margaret Verble.

She said she recently visited to buy fish and when the "man behind the counter put it on the scale, a swarm of flies came up."

"It was enough that he was ducking them and swatting them," she added.

Verble was among a dozen people who met recently and have formed a group they call "Kroger Watch on Romany."

Complaints by members of the group have led to inspections by the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department and an evaluation by Kroger personnel.

In a statement, store manager Terra Albertson said the company had a professional cleaning company re-sanitize the deli cases and meat cases inside and out. Among other steps taken were the installation of additional fly traps and relocation of existing ones.

Luke Mathis, environmental health team leader at the health department, said a team met with management recently and had a follow-up inspection Wednesday.

"Our inspector spent about 45 minutes in the store and was only able to find one fly," he said. The department will do another inspection, he said.

Mathis said that when flies are a problem, it typically means there's a sanitation issue. "That really wasn't the case here," he said. "We think it was just a problem with flies like many of us are having this time of year."