Kroger unveils new details on Tates Creek remodeling

Kroger unveiled more details Friday of the planned renovation of its Tates Creek Centre grocery.

Construction on the project will begin this fall with the grocery remaining open throughout the renovation, which is expected to be completed by fall 2013.

The expansion will add 40,000 square feet to the store, bringing it to 105,000 square feet, said spokesman Tim McGurk. That will make it the third-largest Kroger in Lexington behind the company's two 125,000-square-foot MarketPlace stores at Beaumont and Richmond Road.

"The Tates Creek location has always been a special and successful location for Kroger," McGurk said. "The business has simply grown to exceed what the current facility can adequately handle."

The company expects to hire an additional 50 workers for the expanded location.

Kroger has acquired more space in the shopping center to accommodate the expansion. The adjoining Chase bank branch relocated to a new site nearby as did H&R Block. Pad Thai closed earlier this year.

Among the new features of the store will be an expanded deli and bakery area with a hot food bar, new seating, gourmet cheese bar, olive bar, and a new soup and salad bar. The produce department will include an expanded selection of natural and organic products.

The pharmacy will also be rebuilt and include two drive-through lanes.

The company is emphasizing energy efficiency in the remodeling with skylights added to minimize the lighting required, McGurk said. Concrete floors are also being used as they require less waxing and polishing.

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