Fired Stoner Mill worker sues over lie detector test

A former employee of Stoner Mill Farm in Bourbon County filed suit Monday in U.S. District Court in Lexington against Stoner Mill, attorney Richard Getty, and Albert W. Borne, a Lexington private investigator.

E. Scott Laney alleged in the suit that in June he was questioned by Getty and Borne about documents claimed to be missing from Stoner Mill. Laney said he had no contact with the documents. They allegedly pressed him to take a lie detector test; Laney did not and was fired. Laney alleged in the suit that the action violated federal law, and he is seeking damages.

The case may be related to a legal dispute between Stoner Mill Farm owner Nancy Harney and former farm manager John Walden over property. Laney's attorney, Michael J. Cox, said Laney was told the missing documents, including invoices, related to that dispute.