Bankruptcies: Nov. 12

Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

London Division

Amber Nicole Travis, Brodhead. 12-61132.

James Dean Carpenter and Sandra Gail Carpenter, Somerset. 12-61133.

Shann Keira White, Manchester. 12-61134.

Kenneth Ray Lunsford and Tequita Ann Lunsford, Hyden. 12-61137.

Maudi Ann Nolan, 46 Hazel Lane. 12-61139.

Wilma Jean Woods, Harlan. 12-61140.

Dennis Phillips Jr. and Melissa Phillips, Corbin. 12-61141.

Phyllis Joyce Ellison, Corbin. 12-61142.

Luther Adkins and Margie Adkins, Manchester. 12-61143.

Aaron D. Asher, Barbourville. 12-61146.

Billy Ray Perkins, Stearns. 12-61147.

Jon Erik Strunk, Somerset. 12-61148.

Lois June Hall, Gray. 12-61151.

Sheila Robbins Baker, 1460 Pistol Creek Rd. 12-61154.

Anthony Travis Hammons, Burnside. 12-61155.

Jerry Franklin Rose and Rebecca Ann Rose, 850 Laurel River Road. 12-61156.

Charles C. House, 54 Napier Road. 12-61158.

Kristi Lea Goodin, Somerset. 12-61159.

Bruce W. Ping, Gray. 12-61160.

Stanley Ray Blevins and Analicia Denise Blevins, Harlan. 12-61161.

Lester Fayne Balthis and Katrina Ann Balthis, Harlan. 12-61163.

Charles Forester Stephenson and Elizabeth Anne Stephenson, Calvin. 12-61164.

Christy Dawn Barnes, Somerset. 12-61165.

Lois J. Sewell, Marshes Siding. 12-61166.

Johnny H. Redd, Somerset. 12-61167.

Christy D. Privett, Siler. 12-61168.

Sammy Dewayne Peace, Corbin. 12-61169.

Jonathan Douglas Dean and Morgan Brittainy Dean, Williamsburg. 12-61170.

Ronnie Muncy and Carolyn Kay Muncy, Viper. 12-61171.

Wallace Dale Cornett, Gray. 12-61172.

Joshua Clyde Turner, Gridler. 12-61173.

Lois Mae Hubbard, Williamsburg. 12-61174.

Stephen Howard Cox and Cynthia Ann Cox, Science Hill. 12-61175.

Gregory P. Smith, Monticello. 12-61176.

Grace E. Shearer, Somerset. 12-61177.

Voni B. Pierce, Ferguson. 12-61178.

Lillie M. Carroll, Somerset. 12-61179.

Mark A. Mize and Tabatha M. Mize, Harlan. 12-61180.

Michael Hensley and Debra Maiden-Hensley, Eubank. 12-61181.

Clint L. Blevins and Tonya L. Blevins, Hazard. 12-61182.

Minor Holland and Jewlia Holland, Monticello. 12-61184.

James Lee Burchett and Laura Leann Burchett, 273 Clay Lucas Drive. 12-61185.

Eudene L. Hood, Sextons Creek. 12-61186.

James Darryl Mcqueen and Saundra Jean Mcqueen, Corbin. 12-61187.

Robin Parsley, Calvin. 12-61188.

Charles D. Collett and Grace M. Collett, 1888 Hopper Creek Road. 12-61190.

Keith J. Tackett and Marsha A. Tackett, Hazard. 12-61191.

Kenneth Gregory Bryant and Natasha Lee Bryant, Hazard. 12-61194.

Gregory A. Smith, Pineville. 12-61195.

Connie Marie Hatfield, Monticello. 12-61197.

Patricia Ruth Burnett, Girdler. 12-61198.

Bobby Joe Isom, Corbin. 12-61199.

Jeffrey Lynn Jackson and Donna Sue Jackson, McKee. 12-61200.

Tammy June Combs Deaton, Corbin. 12-61202.

Brandon Michael Tyree and Josie Caroline Tyree, 303 Lillian Lane, No. 7. 12-61203.

Leonard Wayne Grubbs and Crystal Nicole Grubbs, Williamsburg. 12-61204.

Vancil Dewayne Moses and Brenda Carol Moses, P.O. Box 2673. 12-61205.

Mark Anthony Robinson and Tabitha Kay Robinson, Booneville. 12-61206.

Justin Tye Sebastian, Corbin. 12-61207.

Frances Caroline Veach, Woollum. 12-61208.

Clyde Leeman Trent, Girdler. 12-61209.

Baxter Sizemore and Barbra Ann Sizemore, Arjay. 12-61210.

Melvin Randall Beverly and Elizabeth Beverly, Barbourville. 12-61211.

Lloyd B. Smith and Tommie L. Smith, Manchester. 12-61212.

Terrence Donald Fuller Jr., P.O. Box 1321. 12-61213.

Kathy A. McDaniel, Whitley City. 12-61220.

Michael L. Roberts and Wanda F. Roberts, Busy. 12-61222.

Hank Randall Mullins, Slemp. 12-61223.

Travis Wayne McDowell, Hazard. 12-61224.

Clyde D. Salyer, Corbin. 12-61225.

Charles Albert Meadors and Barbara Faye Meadors, Tyner. 12-61226.

Sherry Lavon Apodaca, 906 Sasser Road. 12-61227.

Dennis James Lawson and Cathy Sue Lawson, Eubank. 12-61228.

Kelli Jean New, Flat Lick. 12-61229.

Suzanne Kay Neubauer, Stearns. 12-61230.

William S. Gallion and Elena Gallion, Somerset. 12-61233.

Tina Lynn Mink, Science Hill. 12-61234.

Charles Jeff Perkins and Latrina A. Perkins, Williamsburg. 12-61235.

Maurita C. Hatcher, Tyner. 12-61236.

Karl Webb and Wanda Webb, Corbin. 12-61237.

Kirk Evan Mays and Carolyn Nicole Mays, Hazard. 12-61239.

Natasha Ann Hooker, Krypton. 12-61240.

Herman Dean Napier and Mona Pearl Napier, Corbin. 12-61242.

Leslie Wayne Couch and Lorissa Ashley Mosley, Middlesboro. 12-61244.

Jerry W. Lawson, Brodhead. 12-61246.

Brandon Scott Campbell, Corbin. 12-61247.

Anglea Marie Campbell, Oneida. 12-61249.

Ronnie Gene Stewart and Sandra Melissa Stewart, Corbin. 12-61250.

David Mitchell Gambill and Dora Alicia Gambill, Cawood. 12-61251.

Jason Ray Owens, Mount Vernon. 12-61252.

Doyle Wayne Sparks and Lori Gail Sparks, 10 Sharon Court. 12-61253.

Vince Jackson and Brenda Sue Jackson, Corbin. 12-61254.

Joyce Anne Dukus, 746 Fariston Road. 12-61255.

Jonathan Cloud and Sherry Jean Cloud, Mount Vernon. 12-61256.

Margaret Elaine Kirby, Monticello. 12-61258.

Ryan Matthew Owens and Sarah Marie Owens, Burnside. 12-61259.

Janie Goodman, Corbin. 12-61260.

Jerry R. Messer and Beverly A. Messer, Bledsoe. 12-61261.

Elizabeth Ann Mills and Mackey Mills, Somerset. 12-61262.

Jennifer Lee Letner, Avawam. 12-61263.

Estill Deaton Jr., 4185 Rough Creek Road. 12-61264.

Tina Marie Asher, Keavy. 12-61265.

David M. Decker, Corbin. 12-61266.

Bertha Hope Manning, McKee. 12-61267.

Beverly Sue Bing, 851 East Fourth Street. 12-61268.

Melissa Gaye Boggs, 3428 Hawk Creek Road. 12-61269.

Lindsey Shae Payne, Emlyn. 12-61270.

Russell Paul Richardson and Christy Renee Richardson, 651 Hawk Creek Road. 12-61271.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo