Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

London Division

John David Senters and Donna Kay Senters, Middlesboro. 12-61296.

Milas Monroe Keys and Sandra Sue Keys, Loyall. 12-61297.

Michael Orville Saylor and Heather Brooke Saylor, Pineville. 12-61298.

Michael L. Sizemore, Bryants Store. 12-61300.

Christine Byrd, Fall Rock. 12-61301.

Sherman Eugene McCulley and Sandra Kay McCulley, Gray. 12-61302.

Dennis Ray McGuire and Ruth Helen McGuire, Mount Vernon. 12-61303.

James Dewayne Grubb and Mirandie Nicole Grubb, Barbourville. 12-61304.

Dawn Jerita Holland, Arjay. 12-61305.

Ralph Todd Miller and Debbie Lyn Miller, Bonnyman. 12-61310.

James H. Decker, Monticello. 12-61313.

Mabel Eudean Reeves, Monticello. 12-61314.

Phillip W. Stinson and Delores A. Stinson, Monticello. 12-61315.

Steven L. Riley, 356 P. L. Hubbard Rd. 12-61316.

Margaret Kenitha Warren, Corbin. 12-61317.

Jason Michael Godsey, Corbin. 12-61318.

Tabatha Ellen Bullock, Cumberland. 12-61319.

Darius Bauer, 440 Middleground Way. 12-61320.

Christopher J. Minter, Ricetown. 12-61321.

Bruce Lee Hall, Somerset. 12-61324.

Gregory Laurence Jackson and Nina Marie Jackson, Somerset. 12-61325.

Joshua Lee Teague and Jodi Beth Teague, Williamsburg. 12-61326.

Prentiice P. Begley and Tanya Kay Begley, Somerset. 12-61327.

John Simpson, Hazard. 12-61330.

Clayton Brown Jr. and Deborah Lynn Brown, Hazard. 12-61331.

Richard Sams Jr. and Carrie Sams, Manchester. 12-61332.

Larry Joe Bargo and Rebecca Lynn Bargo, Barbourville. 12-61333.

Travis Wayne Caldwell and Ida Michelle Mosley, P.O. Box 1412. 12-61334.

Pamela Renee Younts, 13 Crescent View Drive, No. 2. 12-61335.

Jeffrey Scott Keith and Aimee Dore Keith, Monticello. 12-61336.

Marvin Russell Newsome, Corbin. 12-61338.

Randall Fultz, Harlan. 12-61339.

Pikeville Division

Gregory Wayne Varney, Kimper. 12-70595.

Melissa Adams, Salyersville. 12-70597.

Rosalie Parsons, P.O. Box 831. 12-70598.

Phil Darren Akers and Donna Sue Akers, Virgie. 12-70599.

Archie Wesley Brown and Amanda Mae Brown, Neon. 12-70600.

Pamela Marie Flanary, Virgie. 12-70601.

Steven Paul Damron and Christine Damron, 850 Deadening Fork Road. 12-70602.

Angel Hamilton, 321 Country Lane. 12-70603.

Karen Baldwin, Prestonsburg. 12-70604.

Elizabeth Bowens, 37 Left Fork of Stanley Road. 12-70605.

Bruce Gibson and Belinda Gibson, Raven. 12-70606.

Linda Hinkle, Inez. 12-70607.

Ralph Justice Jr. and Donna Justice, 484 Biggs Branch Road. 12-70608.

Robert E Perkins and Laura Perkins, Salyersville. 12-70609.

Jeffery Lee Ramey and Cynthia Mariah Ramey, Williamsport. 12-70610.

Reba G. Ford, Prestonsburg. 12-70611.

Morgan Nichole Litteral, Paintsville. 12-70612.

Bobby S. Dingus Jr., Martin. 12-70613.

Steven C. Caldwell, Salyersville. 12-70616.

Dustin R. Caudill, Sassafras. 12-70617.

Eric Drew Carnahan, Auxier. 12-70619.

Wade Akers and Syntha Akers, Dana. 12-70620.

John Allen Taylor and Samantha Taylor, 105 Combs Drive. 12-70621.

Christi Jo Woods, Allen. 12-70622.

David Neal Howard and Gina Ann Howard, Salyersville. 12-70623.

April Ratliff, Banner. 12-70625.

Chapter 11

Lexington Division

Gary D. Roland and Rene A. Roland, 159 Chenault Road. 12-52812.

Chapter 13

Ashland Division

Charles William Babcock and Tonya Sue Babcock, Catlettsburg. 12-10453.

Harold Craycraft and Teresa Craycraft, South Shore. 12-10456.

Charles Gary Bentley and Debbie Jean Bentley, Louisa. 12-10464.

David L. Martin and Debra A. Martin, Greenup. 12-10465.

Frankfort Division

Rhonda K. Hall, Shelbyville. 12-30629.

Robert P. Karam, 863 Cardwell Lane. 12-30631.

Brian L. Griffin, Shelbyville. 12-30633.

Lynn M Lee, P.O. Box 262. 12-30634.

Amanda M. Duncan, Owenton. 12-30635.

Andrew H. Cline and Alecia S. Cline, Simpsonville. 12-30636.

John Scott Feamster and Belinda B. Feamster, 104 Castille Court. 12-30637.

Jonathan Paul Carlisle and Cheryl M. Carlisle, 100 Ravenwood Drive. 12-30638.

Clarissa Marie Shafer, Bethlehem. 12-30639.

Barry D. Craig and Esther D. Craig, Bedford. 12-30643.

Dawn M. Chadwell, Bagdad. 12-30648.

Linda M. Regenauer, Shelbyville. 12-30649.

Lexington Division

Derwin Elliott Blair Jr., 941 Mason Headley Road. 12-52732.

Pamela M. Mobley-Preston and Christopher L. Preston, Nicholasville. 12-52733.

Joseph Davis, 312 Larkwood Drive. 12-52735.

William John Fulton and Theresa Victoria Fulton, Richmond. 12-52736.

Wayne R. Phillips and Margaret L. Phillips, Stanford. 12-52744.

Keith W. Thomas Sr. and Rita M. Thomas, 3510 Newport Drive. 12-52747.

Paul Howard Murphy III, Mount Sterling. 12-52756.

Robert Scott Moberly, Richmond. 12-52757.

Jonathan Charles Bradley and Athena Tamar Bradley, 4353 Calevares Drive. 12-52763.

Janet L. Reese, 3001 Tuscaloosa Lane. 12-52764.

Glynda K. Jones, Stanton. 12-52767.

Norma G. Rogers, Harrodsburg. 12-52776.

Steven Allen Horn, Paint Lick. 12-52779.

Tonia Ann Henry, Irvine. 12-52785.

Larry Wayne Sears and Brenda K. Sears, Winchester. 12-52789.

Henry V. Dunn and Rita Jo Dunn, Campton. 12-52795.

Donnie Mark Earlywine, Ewing. 12-52796.

Richard E. Morse Jr., P.O. Box 910254. 12-52798.

Rita Faye Fuson, 1718 Biloxi Court. 12-52800.

Brian S. Yates, 1625 Summerhill Drive. 12-52802.

Molly C. Marshall and John A. Plummer, Paris. 12-52803.

Adam C. Murphy and Andrea Murphy, Paris. 12-52804.

Carla D. Prewitt, Georgetown. 12-52811.

William Payne Ferguson and Brandie Pfiefer Ferguson, Paris. 12-52814.

Beverly L. Walker, Winchester. 12-52816.

London Division

Lloyd Corbet Polson Jr., Totz. 12-61277.

Charles Wesley Bennett, Harlan. 12-61283.

Boyd Whitaker, Bonnyman. 12-61299.

Willis Junior Spencer and Kathy Jo Spencer, Happy. 12-61306.

Lisa M. Robbins, Pineville. 12-61307.

Roscoe Jeffery Gray and Tina Lynn Gray, Manchester. 12-61308.

Amanda Lyn Napier, Manchester. 12-61309.

Brownloe Neace Jr. and Christy Lyn Neace, Hazard. 12-61311.

Byron E. Durham and Debbie Ann Durham, Crab Orchard. 12-61312.

Wendell Keith Gayheart, Hazard. 12-61322.

Brenda Gail Reid, Manchester. 12-61323.

Sara Ann Segars, Somerset. 12-61328.

Virginia Joyce Alley, Monticello. 12-61329.

James Wells and Diane Wells, Viper. 12-61337.

Pikeville Division

George Michael Ward and Tammy Lee Ward, Paintsville. 12-70596.

Wesley Howard, Salyersville. 12-70614.

Freddie A. Stratton, Prestonsburg. 12-70615.

Dennis Dwayne Adams and Vicki Mae Adams, Isom. 12-70618.

Dillard D. Taylor and Mary Donna Taylor, 41 Collins Lane. 12-70624.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo