Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Ashland Division

Daniel Mark Neal Jr. and Shana Jeanette Neal, Wurtland. 13-10010.

Kevin Ray Sturgill and Melissa Sue Sturgill, Morehead. 13-10011.

Newt Adkins and Judy Adkins, Tollesboro. 13-10012.

Zachary K. Moore, 720 Fairview Avenue. 13-10013.

Frankfort Division

Cheryl D. Gayhart, 515 Winston Way. 13-30015.

Michael B. Belbas, P.O. Box 871. 13-30016.

Brian K. Moore and Carmen M. Moore, Pendleton. 13-30017.

Crystal Gayle Brown. 112 Hanley Lane, No. 3. 13-30018.

Raymond Melvin Drew and Wilma Catherine Drew, Shelbyville. 13-30019.

Kevin Owen Allen and Amy Jo Allen, Shelbyville. 13-30020.

Jay Doyle Talbert and Brenda C. Talbert, Bedford. 13-30021.

William J. Henry, 3316 Pea Ridge Road. 13-30022.

Carolyn Renee Watts, Lawrenceburg. 13-30023.

Donnie Allen Jr., Turners Station. 13-30024.

Erica Elette Barefield, 208 Prince Hall Village Apartments. 13-30025.

Lexington Division

Andrew M. Higgins, 804 Foxcroft Court. 13-50027.

Allyson Taylor and Michael Efrem Taylor, 4030 Tates Creek Road, No. 3975. 13-50046.

Mario Griffin and Felicia Griffin, 3544 Sundart Drive. 13-50047.

Mildred Cole, 3269 Maddenhurst Court. 13-50048.

Jimmie Lee LaBrue, Versailles. 13-50049.

William R. Barker and Lisa Daley Barker, Richmond. 13-50050.

William E. Watson Jr. and Jill Marleen Watson, 381 Atwood Drive. 13-50052.

Thomas R. Huston, Versailles. 13-50053.

Meghan L. Laue, Nicholasville. 13-50054.

Franklin Baird Madden and Charlene Marie Madden, Berea. 13-50055.

Penny L. Cruse, 420 Redding Road, No. 507. 13-50060.

Bobby Rogers and Bonnie Sue Rogers, Richmond. 13-50061.

Shane B. Jenkins, Winchester. 13-50062.

Phyllis A. Dockies, Versailles. 13-50063.

Douglas Mitchell, Richmond. 13-50065.

Curtis Taylor Sizemore, Danville. 13-50068.

Shelia A. Blakely, 465 Cromwell Way. 13-50069.

Timothy R. Bishop. 1152 Red Stone Drive. 13-50071.

Thomas William Eastham and Wyndee Gail Eastham, Nicholasville. 13-50072.

Margaret Jean Morgan, 633 Lombardy Drive. 13-50073.

Bobby Gene Thorpe, Jackson. 13-50074.

Margo Alicia Whitt and Danny Floyd Whitt, Georgetown. 13-50075.

Billie S. Degaris, 3540 Creekwood Drive, No. 4. 13-50076.

Gladys McCarty, Danville. 13-50077.

Rondall G. Kindred, Winchester. 13-50080.

Derek Mason and Flora Mason, 1305 Swoonalong Court. 13-50081.

Carole A. Herzog-Johnston, 125 Preston Avenue. 13-50084.

Nathaniel Christopher Carter and Sylvia Renee Carter, Richmond. 13-50085.

Jason Robert McKnight, Jackson. 13-50086.

William H. McKinney, Winchester. 13-50087.

Gary L. Tussey and Julie C. Tussey, Richmond. 13-50088.

Charles Parker and Patsy Parker, Waco. 13-50092.

Morgan Sexton and Betty Jean Sexton, Clay City. 13-50093.

John Jason Williams, Ravenna. 13-50094.

David T. Lay, Nicholasville. 13-50096.

Debra A. Barenberg, 3085 Prichard Drive. 13-50098.

Joseph C. Bryant, Stanford. 13-50099.

Monroe Cate Barrett and Emily J. Barrett, Richmond. 13-50102.

Jennifer L. Foley, 2826 Hanna Place. 13-50103.

Bunny S. Gambrel, 2860 Ryan Circle, No. 1. 13-50104.

Ralph E. Mullis, 725 Tremont Avenue. 13-50105.

Brittany Cloud, 2921 Blairdon Circle. 13-50108.

Sheri E. Burdine, Nicholasville. 13-50112.

Rosemary Lynn Stull, Kings Mountain. 13-50115.

Cissy L. Rolfs, Georgetown. 13-50116.

Charles Blackman Midkiff Jr. and Sherry Lynn Midkiff, Nicholasville. 13-50117.

Anthony W. Conner, Versailles. 13-50119.

William Shane Whittaker and Rhonda Kay Whittaker, Hustonville. 13-50120.

Katherine Jeannette Lee, Irvine. 13-50122.

London Division

Christopher Burton Peace, Barbourville. 13-60036.

Carlos Lee Wombles and Connie Renee Wombles, Corbin. 13-60038.

Eudella Carmack, Booneville. 13-60039.

Darrell Maynard and Brenda Maynard, Williamsburg. 13-60040.

Joshua Michael Fischer and Kristina Danielle Fischer, Corbin. 13-60041.

Andrew Lawrence Ramirez and Edith Marshella Ramirez, Lily. 13-60043.

Penny Z. Gilliam, Delphia. 13-60044.

David Allen Mink and Becky Ann Mink, Science Hill. 13-60045.

John D. Kirk and Kathy J. Kirk, Cawood. 13-60046.

Ronnie Trammell and Alice Trammell, Pine Knot. 13-60047.

Danny Day Combs, Ary. 13-60048.

Tommie Lee Foster and Helen Kathleen Foster, Corbin. 13-60049.

Lavona Francis Lawson, Barbourville. 13-60050.

Randy Russell and Tammy Lynn Russell, Lejunior. 13-60052.

Elesha Carol Combs, Vicco. 13-60053.

Jon-Marc Wiggins and Cassandra Jane Wiggins, Wallins Creek. 13-60054.

Billy Gene Middleton Jr. and Tina Louise Middleton, Evarts. 13-60055.

Kermit Smallwood, Manchester. 13-60056.

Sheryl D. Hubble, Somerset. 13-60057.

Laura Beth Meadors, Williamsburg. 13-60058.

Devin Dylan Johnson and Regina Ann Johnson, Baxter. 13-60061.

Dewey W. Morrow and Shelby C. Morrow, Monticello. 13-60064.

Adam T. Klys, Burnside. 13-60065.

Michael Ard, Science Hill. 13-60066.

Jason A. Petitt, Somerset. 13-60068.

Oakley Gregory Jr. and Josephine Gregory, Manchester. 13-60069.

LeAnn Danielle Short, Barbourville. 13-60070.

Martin Scruggs, Nancy. 13-60071.

Frankie Dean Horn and Linda Etta Horn, Pineville. 13-60072.

Virginia Lefevers, Pineville. 13-60076.

Jonathan Scott Welch and Misty Dawn Welch, Eubank. 13-60077.

Jerry Lee Poynter and Verla M. Poynter, East Bernstadt. 13-60078.

Pikeville Division

Christopher K. Horne and Betty Jewel Horne, Staffordsville. 13-70013.

Ranzel Alexander Rosensteel and Carol Jean Rosensteel, Debord. 13-70015.

James Philas Vanschoyck, Fisty. 13-70018.

Langley Todd Smith, 9998 US Highway 23 South. 13-70019.

Chris Allen Anderson, Elkhorn City. 13-70021.

James Leo Easterling and Margaret Mae Easterling, Jenkins. 13-70025.

Elster Darrell Ratliff and Shari S. Ratliff, Ashcamp. 13-70026.

Chapter 12

Lexington Division

Dan Crawford, Waco. 13-50114.

Chapter 13

Ashland Division

Brandi Lynn Murriell, Louisa. 13-10014.

Frankfort Division

James W. McClanahan and Patricia L. McClanahan, Shelbyville. 13-30013.

Paul J. Johnson and Colleen M. Johnson, Lawrenceburg. 13-30014.

Lexington Division

Jonathan Evans Jackson and Jenelle Renee Jackson, 703 Whitney Wood Place. 13-50051.

William J. Rafter, 369 West Vine Street, No. 1801. 13-50056.

Paul Louis Corio Jr., 4228 Southmoor Park. 13-50057.

Kari L. Marrs, Winchester. 13-50058.

Douglas W. McDonald and Desire' R. McDonald, Berea. 13-50059.

Donald R. Neal and Jackie Farris Neal, 2201 Leestown Road. 13-50064.

Jacqueline Michele Nomsule, 410 Darby Creek Drive, Unit D. 13-50066.

David Mathew Compton, Georgetown. 13-50067.

Evan Hunter Tisheuar, Georgetown. 13-50070.

Donald David Osborne II, Sadieville. 13-50078.

Kenneth Slade Sizemore and Tanya Lynn Sizemore, Jackson. 13-50079.

Octavia Wilson, Versailles. 13-50082.

Jerry T. Eckler II and Lisa Faye Eckler, Wilmore. 13-50083.

Paul Gross, Jackson. 13-50089.

Leon David Collins, Lancaster. 13-50090.

Shawn O. Martin, Richmond. 13-50091.

Johnny H. Bryant and Tara Nicole Bryant, Crab Orchard. 13-50095.

Kevin Dewayne Blankenship, Berea. 13-50097.

Andrew Morgan and Sarah Morgan, Nichoasville. 13-50100.

Leon T. Prater and Linda N. Prater, 3660 Green Park Court. 13-50101.

Joseph Stephen Johnson and Rebecca Lynn Johnson, Winchester. 13-50106.

Clarence Jamie Ray Clay and Juanita Renee Clay, 3624 Humphrey Lane. 13-50107.

Helen M. Land, Nicholasville. 13-50109.

Kay L. Canter, Nicholasville. 13-50110.

Michael Harold Skidmore and Freda Faye Skidmore, Lost Creek. 13-50111.

Charlotte W. Baker, 548 Bulrush Trace. 13-50113.

Denise Torres, 1195 Mt. Rushmore Way. 13-50118.

Kitty Sue Reams, Richmond. 13-50121.

London Division

James E. Mullins and Tammy R. Mullins, 935 Bargo Street. 13-60037.

Alicia N. Whitaker, Somerset. 13-60042.

Steve N. Bruner and Sherry F. Bruner, 1859 Matt Baker Road. 13-60059.

Donnie Wade Causey and Patty Causey, Wooton. 13-60060.

Ethel Rose Campbell, Jeff. 13-60062.

Lisa F. Leach, Corbin. 13-60063.

Billy C. Pollard and Margaret Pollard, Bulan. 13-60067.

Dicie Marie Mullins, Mount Vernon. 13-60073.

Gary Wayne Joseph and Betty Joe Joseph, Wooton. 13-60074.

Essie Hood, Berea. 13-60075.

Pikeville Division

Michael Jacobs, Prestonsburg. 13-70012.

Melinda Carol Mullins, Dorton. 13-70014.

Connie Ritchie, Fisty. 13-70016.

Tammy Ritchie, Fisty. 13-70017.

Terry Jones and Nancy Jones, Melvin. 13-70020.

Victoria LeSegullion, 235 Little Creek Road. 13-70022.

Anna Marie Gibson, Pine Top. 13-70023.

James B. Case and Theresa L. Case, 1149 Hopkins Fork Road. 13-70024.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo