Lexington customers with Insight email must change addresses in June

More than a year after acquiring Insight Communications, Time Warner Cable is beginning to make changes that will affect its customers.

Beginning in mid-June, the company will transition Insight's Internet customers in Kentucky to Time Warner Cable's Internet platform. As part of that change, Insight customers who use Insight email addresses will be required to change their addresses to a Time Warner Cable address with the domain

Customers will be able to move existing messages and address books. New messages to the former Insight email accounts will be forwarded to the Time Warner Cable email addresses until June 2014.

A similar process took place in recent years when Alltel spun off its landline telephone operations into Windstream. email addresses changed to

In communications to customers, Time Warner Cable also has noted that monthly statements will begin arriving under the Time Warner Cable brand in June.

Time Warner Cable spokesman Mike Hogan said no rate changes were planned as part of the transition.

The company has made some additions to the former Insight channel lineup, adding Hallmark Movie Channel, Gospel Music Channel and MLB Network. Others added include NBA TV and Disney Jr.

The company also has added HBO Go and Max Go for HBO and Cinemax customers. Those services allow HBO and Cinemax subscribers to watch past programming online or on mobile devices for no additional cost.

To learn more about the changes, go to

Time Warner Cable completed its $3 billion acquisition of Insight in February 2012. The deal gave Time Warner Cable an additional 760,000 customers in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio, including Lexington, Louisville, Bowling Green and Columbus, Ohio.

Many in the industry had long expected the deal, given that Insight's operations were so close geographically to some of Time Warner Cable's and that Insight's ownership had shopped around the company since 2007.