Four Roses releases limited-edition single-barrel bourbon

Four Roses Distillery has released a 2013 limited-edition single-barrel bourbon. About 4,000 bottles will be distributed in mid-April to U.S. markets where the brand is currently available.

The suggested price is $80 to $100, depending on the market.

Bottled at barrel strength with a proof of 100.6 and 114.4, the bourbon is from the "OBSK" recipe from Four Roses' yeast/mash bill recipe.

"Occasionally we come across some really special barrels, and that is what we have found with this limited-edition single-barrel," master distiller Jim Rutledge said. "Upon tasting this bourbon straight from the barrel, I immediately checked the available barrels in hopes we had a sufficient quantity to share this special bourbon with our customers. Even at barrel strength, it's easy to drink on the rocks or neat."

According to the release, it has "an aroma of orange peel and fresh gingerbread, with flavor characteristics of fresh honey, brown sugar and cinnamon along with light mint and wild berries. The palate offers flavors of dark chocolate truffle and spiced cookies encompassing a soft, smooth and mellow finish."